Introducing… Aconex’s new investor centre

The challenge

In late 2014, provider of a leading cloud collaboration platform for the global construction industry, Aconex (ASX: ACX) successfully closed their Initial Public Offering (IPO) and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The company required an investor centre that would go live on the same day and time that the new stock code was hitting the listings board at the ASX.


The strategy

Since the Aconex corporate website at was messaged for more of a customer audience, the company decided to keep the Investor Centre fairly separate, with messaging designed specifically for the investor group. While the content on the two sites is quite different, they still fit together well.

The objective of the project was to develop an IR site that would meet investor information requirements. It needed to fit well with the corporate website (at The investor centre was specifically messaged for the investor audience, adding to the content focused more on general corporate information and the customer audience on the corporate site.

Tod Bottari, Senior Director, Global Communications and Investor Relations at Aconex commented, “We worked closely with Danny, Ben and their team on multiple design iterations that were intended to map the IR site closely to the corporate site, while giving it a distinct look and feel.”

Like the corporate website, and many newer websites, the Aconex Investor Centre was built to fit the full screen on desktop computers, and included responsive design for mobile smartphone and tablet devices.

Since Aconex works on massive global projects which have impressive imagery, we were able to adapt many of the project images for the Investor Centre. We think it looks very modern and fresh!

Aconex-IR-menu Aconex


The results

On listing day, while the bell was ringing, we worked to integrate the full, listed company Investor Centre into the corporate site, via the inclusion of a drop down within the Company tab, in an unobtrusive location, above the main navigation bar.



Since we had been in close communication during the lead-up, the process occurred without interruption and at the time on which ACX went live on the board at the ASX!

Aconex ringing the bell ceremony
Aconex ringing the bell. Image courtesy of Twitter @mobz

Congratulations to Aconex on a successful listing! We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to work together and hope that investors enjoy using the investor centre on all devices.

If you are considering an IPO or moving through the listing process and would like to discuss your corporate website requirements, please contact Danny Hunt, Client Relations Manager, on T: +61 2 8233 6168 or via

Introducing our new online Help Centre!

We are proud to introduce the new IRM Help Centre which provides helpful guides and how to’s for the various features of the IRM HQi content management system. Here you can read about how to update content on website pages, and how to establish news distribution channels for IRM Newsroom, send emails to subscriber groups and the full set of other features.



Each time we update our software with a new release, we’ll also update the Help Centre to keep you up to date on the latest features and provide support so that you can use these capabilities effectively.

If you’re not already an HQi user, you may wish to browse this to understand the features offered by HQi.

You can also use the contact form to provide feedback on our products and services and let us know of features that you would like to see developed in the future.

Visit the IRM Help Centre here:

For more detail on how you can use IRM HQi to run your investor communications, or on how we can help with your corporate and IR-focused web or print requirements, please contact Danny Hunt, Client Relations Manager, on T: +61 2 8233 6168 or via

IRM implements Gmail for Business

The advent of the Cloud has freed us up from complex, self managed / hosted email solutions.

Here, we pay our respects to our old mail client: Outlook, and welcome with open arms Gmail for Business, which has removed the need for back-ups, lost folders, difficult archiving procedures and nominal mailbox sizes. (It’s also given our CEO the freedom to sleep better at night!)

We farewell Outlook, while we welcome Gmail for Business
We farewell Outlook, while we welcome Gmail for Business

Like many companies, large and small, since we opened the doors to business in 2002, IRM had used Microsoft Exchange on our own SBS server, with Outlook as a mail client. To help escape from the office, there was a web browser version of Outlook, or we could access mailboxes via the VPN.

We suffered all the usual limitations of this environment. Central control of mailboxes, security, file size limitations, archived emails loitering around on individual desktop / C drives in obscure folders, complex backup processes, and heavy demand on IT support people to keep it all running.

The concept of moving email to the cloud meant that we would need to be happy to work in an always connected world, and deal with the functionality supported by web browsers for mail. The outlook die-hards were difficult to persuade.

We looked at cloud solutions, particularly Gmail for Business and Microsoft Exchange 365. After careful consideration, we decided that the more open world of Google and Gmail was better for our business.

Gmail for Business offers small companies virtually the same control over their company email accounts as Microsoft Exchange. When running on Chrome as the browser, it offers a mail experience which has almost all the functionality of Outlook, and in some areas, a better set of features.

Yes there are limits – for example a Gmail mailbox can’t exceed a paltry 30 Gb. Well, for now anyway, but no doubt later for more money this can change.

On the upside, we’ve removed the need for backups, don’t require software upgrades, and don’t need to worry about lost archived folders. Gmail for Business works everywhere without different interfaces. No IT support people. No in-house servers and expensive Microsoft server software.

And in the future – not very far away – we will integrate with more cloud applications right there through Chrome.  We’ve already implemented Collabspot to integrate our Gmail accounts with Sugar CRM, and soon we will be integrating with our Xero accounting system.  It’s a brave new world out there, and we’re glad to be part of it!