Online annual reports – three ideas for listed companies

Here we look at the value in online reporting and the variety of online annual reports that IRM clients provide for their investors.

Its that time again

In our previous annual reporting posts, we provided some tips on how to best plan for the annual report process, and the important checks and balances to consider when creating reports.

In today’s post, we consider the value of online reporting, and the different sorts of reports IRM clients are choosing to adopt.

Reporting trends

Since ASIC changed the rules on annual reporting several years ago, more companies have chosen to publish their annual reports online.

For listed entities, as a PDF copy of the report needs to be lodged with ASX, an electronic copy is generated for that process, but the question is – with more and more shareholders reading reports online, does just providing the flat PDF file, with no other viewing options, provide shareholders with a good experience?

In our view, the answer is no.  Here is why.

There are two major reasons:

  • Increasing use of mobile devices means that many investors are still short of both the bandwidth gobbled by large PDF’s and the time the download takes on slower connection, and
  • Once the PDF is downloaded, it’s still tedious to page through it to find the information sought.

Most investors know what they want to read about in the Annual Report – whether it’s the financial highlights, the Chairman’s report, or just the remuneration report. They like to go straight to the right section.

IRM can assist you to provide a better Online Annual Report viewing experience, whether you are an IRM website customer or not.

Here are three ways that IRM clients provide investors a better experience through the online annual reports process:

The Bronze Online Annual Report

A simple, but important revision to the flat PDF file.  With our bronze online annual report package:

  • IRM breaks out each section of the annual report into a separate, smaller PDF file, with a table of contents, and
  • The report is highlighted on the Annual Reports page of the corporate website.

The benefit for investors is that they don’t need to browse through a long, heavy PDF file online.

Bronze annual reports are a great option for companies that want to provide shareholders with a good usability experience at a minimum cost, but don’t need the bells and whistles that come with the silver and gold packages below.

See examples of bronze reports at Cue Energy and Cape Lambert corporate websites.


The Silver Online Annual Report

With the IRM Silver Online Annual Report package we provide a PDF page turning option:

  • Annual reports are displayed in a PDF page viewer for a book-like usability experience
  • Investors can use a range of interactive facilities, such as page turning, zoom, full screen mode, advanced search and text selection tools
  • Contents are broken out down the left of the reading pane, and the reader can choose to view as text or thumbnails
  • A bookmarking facility is also available, and reports are easily downloaded as individual pages, sections or full PDFs
  • Sharing buttons are integrated into the viewer, allowing investors to easily share parts of, or the whole report with peers, and
  • These reports are created in responsive design, allowing them to be viewed across mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. 

See examples of silver online annual reports at Treasury Group and Northern Iron websites.


The Gold Online Annual Report

The Gold Online Annual Report package is an excellent option for companies that want to bring their reports to life. Featuring the Annual Report in a mini-website, this annual reporting option:

  • Is a fully customised, user-friendly, micro site, which works across all devices
  • Allows companies to customise key highlights and financial messages, showcase images and case studies so that investors and analysts can digest the report with key messages in mind
  • Can incorporate video, audio, webcasts, AGM data and a range of other assets, such as image galleries and downloads of financial data
  • Includes search, sharing, download, print, and full accessibility, and
  • Is mobile friendly and comes with full tracking statistics, allowing clients to evaluate how important each section of the report is to investors.

View an example of a gold annual report at the AWE website.


Integration into the corporate site

To ensure that online annual reports are well noticed and used by shareholders, IRM works with clients to ensure they are well integrated into the corporate website.  We often suggest:

  • Promotional buttons for the corporate site’s home page
  • Buttons directing investors to the report from the investor centre landing page or other parts of the site, and
  • Special purpose email alerts which are sent seamlessly on lodgement day, and other promotional tactics.

Selected the best option for you?

We appreciate your choices early so that we can make sure we schedule the high quality result you need at the same time as the release of the PDF document. Just let us know which option you prefer and leave the rest to us. Contact Danny Hunt via: email – or phone: +61 2 8233 6168.

Need support with your printed annual report?

Along with online annual reporting, the IRM team develops engaging, printable annual reports at competitive prices.  To speak with us regarding print, online reports or both, please contact Matt White via: email – or phone: +61 2 8233 6168.

LWP Technologies new website moves up from Coretrack

Oil and gas technology company, LWP Technologies Ltd, recently released a new website to time with the launch of its new brand.  Specialising in light weight proppants for the oil and gas industry, and previously known as Coretrack, the company has been through a transformation process. It has changed all aspects of its brand and the ASX ticker code (now LWP) following the acquisition of Ecopropp. The revamp of its corporate website is to better  communicate with investors and other stakeholders.

About LWP Technolgies

LWP Technologies Limited is an Australian oil and gas technology company, focused on developing a next generation, fly-ash based, proppant for use in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of oil and gas wells globally.
LWP Technologies (ASX:LWP) was formerly listed on the ASX as Coretrack Ltd (ASX: CKK) which agreed to acquire Ecopropp in May 2014. The investment in Ecopropp provides exposure for LWP Technologies shareholders to the booming hydraulic fracturing market which has quadrupled in size in the last decade.


The challenge
Within a tight, two week timeframe, LWP and IRM worked together swiftly to develop a new corporate site that would espouse the character of the new LWP brand, allow the company to provide an overview of its unique oil and gas proppant technology, and communicate to its investor audience.

During the timeframe, we needed to:

  • Produce a clean corporate look and feel for the new website, including the colour palatte and styling that had been created for the new brand
  • Review, rebrand, reword, and update all available content for the clients and investors across the whole website
  • Upgrade the technology used behind the site. Pages could then be customised using the whole new backend system supported by HQ1
  • Add more informative links and tools
  • Better present images and presentations
  • Set up investor-focused areas, which housed announcements, news, media, reports, capital structure details, share price data, investor FAQs, and other special features
  • Create a fully responsive website that’s accessible via all mobile devices with Google Analytics tracking code embedded within all pages


The solution

As soon as we received the briefing documents, files, images, and other content from the LWP team, IRM’s web development and design team started on the design and build of the site. Given the tight timeframe, we created both the front and back end components in parallel.

This website met the brief, and now reflects LWP’s focus and commitment to developing a next generation, fly-ash based, proppant globally, and it was developed quickly and efficiently.

We invite you to view the new site, which is supported by IRM’s specialist HQi software for content management functionality, specialised tools for investor relations people and IRM Newsroom.

iphone-macbook ipad

Congratulations LWP Technologies!

We are delighted with your new corporate web site and we believe it has become a valuable resource for investors and potential customers. Thanks for the opportunity to work together on the project!

Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a new investor centre or corporate web site, get in touch with Danny Hunt at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Danny via email: or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see for more detail.

Primary breathes new life into corporate web site

In late June, Primary Healthcare released a brand new corporate web site.  We’ve been privileged to work with Primary for many years on successive improvements to the investor-focused site, and we’re delighted to see how it’s evolved.

About Primary Healthcare

Primary Healthcare (ASX: PRY) is one of Australia’s leading listed healthcare companies.

Primary is a service company to medical and allied health professionals. A broad range of medical and health related services are offered in Primary’s network of medical centres and pathology centres across Australia. Primary is also a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions to medical practitioners, medical practices and hospitals, and has recently moved into private heath insurance.


The brief

The previous Primary Healthcare website had been running for some years, and the company decided it was time to review it. The purpose of the review was to:

  • Bring the look and feel into line with the company’s other current assets, making use of its terrific library of corporate imagery and providing visitors with insight into the quality of the Primary network
  • Review the content that was available to investors and other stakeholders, improving presentation throughout, including new pages within the Investors area, and the addition of information on important parts of the Primary business, such as the recently announced IVF services
  • Upgrade the technology used behind the site, making it fully responsive and adopting a whole-of-screen approach

investor centre

The solution

IRM and Primary worked together to create a new corporate website that:

  • Presents a stronger, more modern and more attractive look and feel to the site throughout
  • Better highlights the Primary story – Brands, Strategy, Values and History sections explore Primary in more depth
  • Gives an interactive view of Primary’s history with highlights from the past, year by year
  • Includes specialist investor data – such as share price charts with downloadable price and volume performance history
  • Houses all the reports, ASX announcements and corporate detail necessary for its investor audience, set out in a well-structured manner,
  • Allows the IR team to showcase particular messages on the investor centre home page,
  • Highlights the latest Annual Report using an IRM Online Annual Report
  • Gives investors a clear view on the topic of “Why Invest in Primary” and a summary of financial results in a Results Centre, and
  • Is fully responsive, displaying well on all mobile devices and on desktop machines.

It also includes important tools, such as Email Alerts and Newsroom – which work together to keep investors updated by email and social media channels, and is supported by IRM’s specialist HQi software which delivers content and stakeholder management functionality.


Congratulations Primary Healthcare!

We are thrilled with your new corporate web site and think it’s an invaluable resource for your stakeholders. Thanks for the opportunity to work together on the project!

Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a new investor centre or corporate web site, get in touch with Danny Hunt at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Danny via email: or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see for more detail.


Listed Entities Enhance their Online Presence to Improve Investor Communications, according to AIRA

Earlier this year, the Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) released the findings of a major survey it had conducted into online investor communications. Here, we cover some the survey highlights, with thanks to AIRA.

AIRA CEO, Ian Matheson
AIRA CEO, Ian Matheson

The biennial AIRA Benchmarking Survey has revealed that 72% of companies are now either using social media or may do so in future.

Core social media delivery channels

LinkedIn is the favoured site companies are using to communicate with investors, with numbers growing fivefold compared with the 2010 survey.

Facebook and Twitter are the second and third most favoured services. Companies revealed that they also monitor what is said about them on social media, with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and HotCopper ranking as the services most mentioned.

Another highlight of the survey was the rapid expansion in the use of IR apps, which allow investors to receive company information on their mobile devices. Some 30% of respondents said that they either had developed an app or were looking to provide one in the future, in a sevenfold increase since the last survey was published in 2012.

AIRA’s CEO, Mr Ian Matheson, said:

“Leading Australian and NZ listed companies are embracing technology because it is a very effective way of engaging with investors. People want to receive timely information, and online communication channels are the effective way of achieving that. Clearly, we have reached a tipping point and I would expect that many more listed entities will upgrade their communications.”

Choice is important

Choice is important
Choice is important

Apart from giving investors greater access to information, the survey also highlighted the importance of giving investors a number of choices in how they are communicated with.

While email is still the primary means of shareholder communications for 87% of respondents, most companies have optimised the investor information on their websites for Apple devices and nearly half make webcasts available on mobile devices.

The trend shows up also in the delivery of annual reports. Some 83% of respondents said that fewer than 20% of shareholders were now opting for printed annual reports.

Other key findings

Other key findings
Other key findings

Other significant findings from the survey include:

  • On the sensitive issue of earnings forecasts, 66% of companies derive and maintain their own version of consensus and update it monthly, but most use it only for internal purposes. Sixteen percent are considering publishing consensus estimates or lists of broker forecasts over the next 12 months
  • Forty percent of CEOs and CFOs are spending more than 15% of their time meeting on IR matters. Most boards spend 1-10% of time on IR
  • Boards are also engaging more with IROs, with 63% of Australian respondents regularly attending board meetings and 23% of NZ respondents
  • The primary responsibilities for IR are shareholder and analyst meetings, shareholder communications and share register analysis
  • Investor Relations Officers now assume more responsibility for crisis communications, transactional and M&A communications and site tours
  • Almost 75% of respondents engage with the Australian Shareholders’ Association
  • More than 75% of respondents have a black-out policy for meeting with analysts and fund managers, and most have aligned that policy with their share trading policy
  • The most popular time for releasing major periodic reports to the securities exchange was 8.00am – 8.30am.

Read the full version of this article

This summary came from an original article written for AIRA members – our sincere thanks to the AIRA team for allowing IRM to republish it.

To access the full article, as well as a range of other resources, please visit or contact Melissa Wheeler at AIRA, via or +61 2 9872 9100.

New IRM investor centre for ASX listing of

IRM is pleased to have assisted in their recent ASX listing by providing a corporate website / investor centre. The site was live on the bell, and fits seamlessly with the main retail website.




About is the only national web portal in Australia that focuses solely on the property rental market and includes listings from both property agents and non-agent private landlords. It is now a top ten national property website.

Since inception, has developed a strong presence in the online rental market, including:

  • 58,000 active property listings;
  • 6,200 nation-wide rental agencies actively listing properties;
  • 300,000 monthly unique visitors to;
  • An established, robust and scalable web and mobile platform;
  • A developed suite of products and services; and
  • Natural strength in its domain name.

The challenge contacted IRM in the lead up to conducting a back door listing on the ASX. The company required a corporate website that could work in with its large rental property portal, and needed to have seamless timing around the site launch, so that the new site was live and available to investors and media on listing day.

The solution

IRM proposed a site which was modeled from the rental portal. Initially developed in a test environment, it was made accessible from listing day via a large button at the bottom of the home page, and via the site’s main navigation system.

blog-screencap now have an investor centre that includes the following features and tools:

Congratulations on a great result!

We were delighted to work with through their listing process, and are excited to formally introduce the fully responsive corporate website. It is now accessible through a range of mobile devices. We’ve included some screenshots below.

Congratulations to the team on a successful listing!

Here’s how it looks when viewed on a range of devices:

ipad-iphone imac-ipad


Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a new investor centre or corporate web site, get in touch with Danny Hunt at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Danny via email: or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see for more detail.

IRM HQi 4.2

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing HQi, the support system which runs IRM’s client websites, we are delighted to announce that we’ve just rolled out an update that offers great new functionality and versatility for clients – IRM HQi 4.2.

Some of the changes and enhancements you can expect to see include:

Careers Module

At the request of clients, we’ve informally been developing Careers sections for websites for many years. Over the past couple of months, however, we’ve received an increase in the number of requests for functions that would allow companies to advertise current vacancies through their corporate websites.

IRM is pleased to introduce a new Careers Module that now makes it even easier for clients to list, upload, duplicate and share vacancies, and accept applications from job seekers.

With advanced search capabilities, the feature also makes filtering through job opportunities very simple. A job application function has also been incorporated, making it easy for candidates to apply for jobs through your site.

Features include:

  • Simple user-friendly, interface for uploading job listings
  • Ability to edit, hide, duplicate and manage listings
  • Ability to add PDFs or link to alternate hyperlinks to more information
  • Listings are automatically removed from the website after application expiry date (set by you)
  • Visitors can filter opportunities by Location and Career Field (eg. Marketing, Sales, Engineering etc)
  • Customisable online application form with the ability to upload a Cover Letter and CV

Independence Group are currently using the Careers Module on their site to advertise their available positions to visitors.




To view the careers section, click here or ask your Account Manager for a demonstration.

Showcase Module – (Currently called “Location Finder”)

This new feature is a showcase module that essentially lets you showcase any assets of importance to your business. This module gives you the capability to showcase things like branches, properties, projects, clients and more, and can be displayed on your website as list and/or an interactive map.

Each showcase item also has its own page with customisable fields and the ability to upload images to provide further information on the items that you are showcasing.

Features include:

  • An interactive map to showcase your assets
  • The ability to filter by location, with list pages for easy search
  • A simple and effective upload process, which allows you to easily add new assets
  • The capability to tailor the information displayed with customisable detail fields
  • Customisable look and feel, with the ability to add images to your showcase


In this example, BWP Trust uses the Showcase Module to highlight the locations of their properties.

Use the interactive map to search by location, where visitors can drill down to particular areas:


Each item in the showcase has its own page including details and images:



A simple list can also be used to showcase company assets:



Feature Update: Newsroom Types

Our popular Newsroom product just got even more flexible. Previously, announcements had been grouped together depending on the type of announcement they were, these groups helped to determine which pages and subscriber groups those particular announcements should be published to. For example, the “ASX Periodic” type would include announcements such as annual reports, full and half year accounts etc.

We wanted to make these groups (we call them Types) more flexible so we have opened up the feature to be fully customisable. Now clients can create new Types and select the various announcements that you would like to belong to this Type. We have also added the flexibility to disable Types if they are no longer necessary.

The Types can be viewed and edited through the Distribution Channels page under the IRM Newsroom section of HQi.


Feature update: new ordering options for list pages

We have also updated our list pages to be able to display more details about your announcements and we’ve made the ordering options for list pages much more flexible.

Firstly, users can now manually edit the order in which the announcements appear, rather than strictly using A-Z or chronological order, these can be overridden by using the new “sequence number” options available.

HQi users also have the ability to show the file size when uploading announcements and presentations onto list pages. This is particularly useful for users on mobile phones and tablet devices that may have a restricted data usage.

Amaysim have added a file size to their announcement pages as a simple indication for visitors of how big each file is to download.


Interested in hearing more?

IRM HQi is continually being upgraded and enhanced with new modules. All supported clients receive these upgrades automatically. And we’re interested in your feedback and suggestions on more improvements.

For more detail on how you can use IRM HQi to enhance your investor communications, please contact Danny Hunt, Client Relations Manager, on T: +61 2 8233 6168 or via or visit