What’s New in IRM HQi 4.4?

Does a feature in HQi look different from the last time you used it? We are constantly working away in the background to add new features and improve the existing ones.

This article provides an overview of the changes that we’ve made along with links to the help centre to explain how they work so you can get the benefits of the new features.

As usual, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the updates or would like to make use of the new features and would like some guidance around setting them up.


WordPress Integration for Newsroom

IRM offers a WordPress plugin that automatically sends new and updated blog posts to IRM Newsroom. The plugin also allows the full blog to appear in the investor website with all the same navigation as the website, without additional or duplicate coding.

The IRM website is an example of integrating a WordPress Blog into an HQi website with IRM Newsroom. You will see that this site has a list of blog posts under a news heading in each section of the navigation. It also has the full blog integrated to the website under the IRMatters top level navigation. IRM can decide to distribute its blog news to different pages of the websites, to the Email Alerts list maintained in this website, or to social media, automatically and instantly, using the power of IRM Newsroom.

Moving Announcements Between Pages

After receiving feedback from one of our users that the current method to move announcements between pages was a little confusing we thought we would improve the procedure.

At the bottom of the list page in the cms, there’s now a Move option next to each article.

What’s new in IRM 4 - Google Docs

Separating Pending and Released Announcements in IRM Newsroom

For ease of use and to save any confusion we’ve split the pending and released announcements into their own pages.

Before this was found under one section named “Authorise”, but we feel it makes a bit more sense to split them into one section for Pending announcements and one for announcements that have already been released.


Ability to Change Homepage Elements

We’ve developed a new and improved way for you to be able to update areas of the homepage of your site. This may be text and smaller images or even the larger images and links that are part of your slider.

For older sites this may need a little bit of tweaking for us to set up, in which case you should speak to your Account Manager or lodge a support request through HQi or here.

Option for Clients to List Their ASX Ticker on Announcement Pages

Along with the additions to show file size or file type on list pages, you can now also choose to show your ticker code.

This will be particularly useful for sites that are showcasing announcements for multiple ticker codes.

Here it is in full swing at the IRM site:


Custom Image Icons on List Pages

Now that you are able to include different file types on list pages, you’re also able to set different icons to use as defaults for those varying file types.


Intranets and Secure Site Improvements

We’ve added new directories to our secure sites to make it easier to maintain important documents.


We’ve also fixed a few bugs and improved the following features:

  • Write privileges bug fixes.
  • User Group roles bug fixes.
  • Role security can now be applied to sub-directories through checkbox settings.

More information about an IRM secure site or intranet can be found here.

Showcase Module Improvements

The showcase module previously allowed you to filter by location where now you are able to also able to filter by categories.

We make use of this great feature on the new IRM website for our Client Showcase.


Newsroom distribution icons now clickable

Within the Newsroom Pending and Distribution Channels pages, the icons are now clickable and will take you through to where you can edit those particular settings.


Even More Flexibility Through the New Customisation Module

Sometimes we’re asked to code custom features for client websites which can involve some complex coding. Another requirement of the custom feature is that the client will need to update the feature too which can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky.

We’ve developed a module named “Customisation” which is useful for when client’s need to amend particular content on features that would usually require a developer to update.

It works by using a more intricate version of find and replace. It means that we can hardcode a value, give you an area where you can set a new value and the find and replace operation takes care of the rest.

A good example is home page image sliders that we mentioned earlier.


Explaurum Ltd launches new company website with IRM

Explaurum became a new IRM client because they needed to quickly and cost effectively migrate their website to new technology, merging data from their old site with that from a newly acquired company, and installing IRM’s specialist online investor relations tools.

About Explaurum Ltd

Explaurum Ltd (ASX:EXU) is a Brisbane-based exploration company focused on the discovery of significant gold and base metal deposits. Explaurum’s flagship Tampia Gold Project, located 200km northeast of Boddington and 100km south of Edna May in Western Australia, hosts the shallow, high-grade Gault deposit.


The brief

Explaurum Ltd needed to combine information from their existing site, the newly acquired Auzex company website, the Tampia project, and information about the company board. With this, they wanted to have a website made that has a clean and modern feel and follow the latest features and trends while keeping the cost down as well. They also particularly wanted to be able to use the benefits of IRM Newsroom, which had been successfully used by one of the Directors in other companies.

placeit (3)

The solution

When this project started, Explaurum chose a standard IRM template for them to use to keep costs to a minimum. This early decision also allowed stages of the project to be fast tracked.

IRM performed the migration and combined content from the Explaurum old website and the previous Auzex site to provide the company’s current and up-to-date website information. The website adapted the latest modern look and feel with IRM HQi tools and services.

The Result

Kristen Rowe from Explaurum summed up the Project:

“The implementation project went very smoothly, and the IRM people on the project were very fast in responding, easy to deal with and got things done quickly. I’ve worked with three other CMS systems on earlier websites and IRM’s HQi is easily the most user friendly of them all.”

Kristin went on to add: “I really like the way IRM Newsroom sends out the Email Alerts and updates the website automatically. This means investors get the news straight away.”

Congratulations Explaurum!

We are pleased with your transformed corporate web site and we believe it has become a valuable resource for investors. Thanks for the opportunity to work together on the project!

Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a new investor or corporate web site, get in touch with Danny Hunt at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Danny via email: danny.hunt@irmau.com or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see www.irmau.com for more detail.