Investors are Customers too

Investors are Customers, too.

There’s a whole world of marketing experts focusing on helping businesses acquire new customers.

There’s a whole world of investor relations people focusing on helping businesses acquire new investors.

From the investors’ perspective, perhaps purchasing some shares is not much different to buying shoes, or a car?


The Customer Journey

A basic tool of marketers is a CRM system. A popular CRM system is SugarCRM (also used by IRM). I recently attended the annual SugarCon (Sugar CRM Conference) in San Francisco. It was a big event – about 1000 delegates, from over 20 countries, with about 30 vendors exhibiting.

There was a clear focus running through all the sessions, discussions and vendor showcases. It’s all about looking at the business “Inside Out”:

  • Taking the Customer’s point of view
  • Understanding the customer journey as they progress towards a decision to buy
  • Reacting individually to potential and actual customers’ needs as they progress on their journey.

One generally accepted conclusion is that even with B2B marketing, the end customer in the target company is a person. An individual decision maker or influencer. Companies as such cannot make decisions, only people can decide on behalf of a company.

Investor Relations

Investor Relation

I also recently attended the NIRI (National Investor Relations Institute) annual conference in San Diego. NIRI is the US peak body of investor relations professionals. It was a big event – about 1000 delegates, from over 20 countries, with about 30 vendors exhibiting.


There was a wide range of important issues being addressed in the sessions and by the vendors, including a number of ideas and tools to try to reach potential investor and influencers. But not a clear main focus, as at SugarCon

There was a great deal of focus on institutional investors, analysts, brokers. Institutions, funds, corporations. Much less focus on understanding the individuals within those organisations. No apparent focus on keeping track of individuals in an organised way as they move around.

The Paradox

As far as I can work out I was the only person at both conferences.

At no stage at the NIRI conference, in the sessions, or in the literature or discussion with vendors, did I see or hear either of the phrases “CRM” or “customer journey”.

No-one else has the job of marketing the company’s share to investors, it’s clearly the responsibility of the investor relations people.

What’s going on? Is someone else in companies responsible for marketing the shares to investors? Or do the IR people just not get it?

The Investor Journey

Investor Journey

Investors are customers, too. They go through a process to become shareholders, from identifying their “need” for the investment, through discovery and evaluation phases, to a buy decision and later to hold and sell. We call this the Investor Journey.

At IRM, we think that those investor relations people who can apply the investor journey thinking to their share marketing responsibilities will have a major point in time advantage, until the others catch up.

So what?

We have three white papers for download – on the investor journey, the touchpoints investors use as they progress on their journey, and the online success factors – how to perform best in helping investors progress through their journey.

We also have a range of online tools (beginning with investor websites and news services) to help you help investors through their journey, and to help you monitor and manage the process.

Finally, we have a clear understanding of the process. We are using it to drive the ongoing development of our products and services to continue to enhance the support for listed company clients who want to benefit from a clear understanding of the investor journey.

Use the advantage – ask IRM for help implementing the investor journey, and go on your own investor marketing journey with IRM.

Redbubble Ltd launches Investor Centre with IRM

Redbubble logo

Founded in 2006, Redbubble is a global online marketplace powered by artists. A community of passionate creatives selling uncommon designs on high-quality, everyday products.

Redbubble on desktop and laptop

In May 2016, Redbubble (ASX:RBL) successfully listed on the ASX with an eye-catching IPO that gained lots of attention from the press before closing above the initial issue price.

Redbubble came to IRM after we had worked with one of their staff members previously at Aconex, a large scale project management software company on their investor centre last year.

We worked with the team at Redbubble ahead of their listing to prepare a pre-listing site to include their prospectus and compliance information and the team have been adding more and more information to the site as it has become available.

The team required a site that not only dealt with the compliance of becoming a listed company and provided shareholders with the information in an easy to navigate format, but also let their fun company values and messaging shine through. The use of handwritten fonts, illustrated icons and similar company imagery to their retail site kept their design consistent with existing branding and helped to convey the company story and ethos.

Redbubble Investor Centre on Iphone

Redbubble Investor Centre on Ipad

Redbubble make use of IRM Newsroom which was particularly useful on the day of listing and the days following as ASX announcements were picked up automatically by our software and shared to the website, email subscribers and social media channels seamlessly.

Once the site was installed and live we provided training on the content management system that sits behind the website, which allows the team at Redbubble to update their content. They’ve since been updating pages, images and words across the site simply using the platform.

We’re very happy with the Redbubble Investor Centre and you can view the site here.

Ana Kresina, the Marketing and Programming Manager at Redbubble had this to say about the investor centre project:

IRM have been fantastic, and it’s been very easy and seamless working with them. We would have no problem recommending you to other companies. Also, you were beyond patient, and willing to make quick changes when needed.

Thanks again for all your hard work.
If you’re thinking about a new investor or corporate web site, get in touch with Danny Hunt at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Danny via email: or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see for more detail.

Three Reasons for a Mobile Investor Presence

Is your investor website one of over 500 ASX listed company sites that is not yet mobile friendly?

Investors are mobile these days. We’ve all tried to look at that tiny print of a non-friendly site on our phones. It’s simply easier to look elsewhere. Your investors are mobile, too.

Now Google’s “Mobilegeddon” is punishing non-friendly sites by giving a lower ranking to them when searches are conducted on mobile devices. Smashing magazine talks about the mobilegeddon impact.

IRM research, conducted in May 2016, found 40% of ASX listed companies* with a market cap over $5m do not have websites that are regarded by Google as “Mobile Friendly”.

Overall Results

As At Count Friendly Not Friendly Percent
Nov 15 1176 613 563 52.1%
May 16 1305 772 533 59.2%

The total is down from 48% six months ago. In only six months, 8% of all listed companies have made the move – one sixth of the previously unfriendly companies are now friendly.


It’s time to plan to move now.

Here’s our three reasons to make the move to a mobile friendly site sooner rather than later:

  1. Increasing investor interest. The trend will continue, and within a year or so non friendly sites will be around 25% of companies or less. Investors will have no incentive to struggle with your non-friendly site and will go elsewhere.
  2. Attracting more new investors. Fewer potential investors looking for investment opportunities will find you on Google search.
  3. Showing that you care. If existing investors see you don’t care about their viewing experience, they may assume you don’t care about the rest of their investment experience.

A great mobile online presence is a key Success Factor in online investor communications. You can read more about success factors or download the Success Factors White Paper.

IRM website services cover the full range of mobile website solutions. Here’s two suggestions:

  • A new build. If you are ready for the work and benefits of building a new website, IRM has some suggestions here about how to go about a new build.
  • Migrating the existing. If you’re happy with the current messages and content and prefer to avoid the work of a new site, but you need a technology transplant, IRM has a website migration strategy for you.

Either way, it’s not as difficult or as costly as you probably think. Within two months you can have a mobile friendly website.

Contact us today to discuss the likely cost and effort of moving to friendly. It’s becoming urgent!

* It’s not just the small companies. 32% of companies with a market cap over $500m were not mobile friendly, and 33% over $5b.

We’re proud to introduce the IRM Newsroom Plugin for WordPress

We’re proud to introduce the IRM Newsroom Plugin for WordPress

If you use WordPress as your main corporate site this plugin makes it easy to share your ASX announcements to your WordPress website as well as your email subscribers and social media followers. It’s full integration between IRM Newsroom and WordPress!

IRM Newsroom Plugin


Publish and Distribute ASX Announcements direct from WordPress

You can now use the features of IRM Newsroom to display your ASX Announcements – and any other news – on your wordpress website on multiple web pages of your choice, recruit email subscribers, publish news to social media and much more.

If you have other sources of news, they are welcome as well. Collect and publish them through IRM Newsroom. Distribute to your WordPress website pages of your choice, email alerts, social media. And more.

IRM Distribution Channels


Integrate your WordPress blog

If you are using WordPress as a company blog, this plugin can also be used to feed your WordPress blog into the IRM Newsroom feed of your IRM corporate website or your wordpress corporate site. Blog posts and other news (eg ASX Announcements) can be integrated into one sensible news feed that investors will appreciate..

This will allow you to share your blog posts to your corporate site, email subscribers and social media channels – all from one place.

How does the plugin work?

The plugin is installed on your wordpress instance and a simple setup is required to allow your WordPress site to communicate with Newsroom, and vice versa.

Benefits of IRM Newsroom

  • Automated and immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels.
  • One click to release announcements
  • Simple editing features to change messaging per announcement
  • Flexible options to change distribution channels per announcement
  • Ability to add extra feeds such as Boardroom Media, Proactive Investors etc
  • Powerful and robust platform delivering over 500 ASX announcements and over 300,000 emails per month

But what if I don’t have an IRM or WordPress website? Can I still get the benefits of IRM Newsroom?

Of course. IRM Newsroom can be integrated into any website with a JSON feed that can deliver the benefits of IRM Newsroom to any website.

IRM Newsroom is now available for everybody.

What does this mean? It means that you still get the great benefits of using IRM Newsroom mentioned above including the automated and immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels.

To find out more about how IRM Newsroom can save you time, visit us at or contact Danny Hunt on +61 2 8233 6168 or

For even more information, feel free to view our IRM Newsroom FAQ’s here.