Online Investor Presence

From Investor Website to Online Investor Presence

Everyone has a website, right? But does everyone have a consider online presence for investors?

Whats the difference?

A website is a place where you put stuff. Brochureware, directory information, news, reports, contact details. So that when people turn up at the site they might be able to find what they want.

An online investor presence understands the online touchpoints used by investors in various stages of their investor journey. It presents different messages in different places, and pulls traffic to the website, where their information needs at that stage of the journey are fulfilled quickly, easily and on time.

It then encourages them to take the next step on their journey, to become a committed shareholder.

Investor Journey

Here’s some theoretical examples of the difference:

1. Let’s say an investor knows nothing about the company – not even that it exists – but is interested in say oil and gas in the Philippines. A website might have the information there if the investor can find the company, find the web site, and then successfully navigate to the page containing the information. A strong online presence has arranged the SEO (search engine optimisation) on the website to make sure that the projects page about Philippines oil and gas responds well to the keywords most likely to be used in searches this type of person uses.

2. Someone on Twitter sees a negative tweet. A corporate website might have the answer on it if the Twitter member bothers to look there and can navigate easily to the news. An online investor presence will have a timely earlier tweet with a link to the particular new announcement on the website, so there are facts to start the conversation, instead of the uninformed opinion of the critic.

3. A shareholder wants to change their address. A website might have the name of the share registry, or the shareholder might have to call the company to find out. An online investor presence will provide a great link directly to the registry’s online services, and maybe some downloadable forms.

4. A shareholder wants to know where and when the AGM will be this year. A website might have the ASX announcement of the date of the AGM somewhere in the announcement list. An online presence will have a calendar entry the responds to a google search of ticker-code + “AGM” and give a downloadable diary entry with date time and place of the meeting, or even a whole dedicated page about the AGM highlighted with a tile on the home page.


We can’t anticipate every possible need of every investor at every touchpoint at every stage of their journey. But we can seek to address the main ones first and then keep adding to the online presence as funds and technology permits. It becomes a journey in itself.

Or we can put up a few pages of brochureware on a website, guess, and hope.

And remember, investors don’t know whether they are supposed to behave differently because they are “retail” or fund managers – they are just people, almost certainly with a web connected device in their hands.

At IRM we have a deep understanding of the investor journey. We know which pages investors want, and why sometimes they don’t find them, and what companies have done in the past to make it better. We also understand budgets are limited, and can provide best value for any size budget.

We help listed companies deliver an online investor presence that reaches investors at the online touchpoints they use. We understand the success factors involved in making it work.

Contact us today to upgrade your investor website from “just a website” to an effective investor relations tool fitting with a whole online investor presence.


IRM HQi 4.5 Release Notes

We’re happy to announce another new release of our software – HQi 4.5 is here. As usual we’ve been busy behind the scenes adding new features and improving the staples. If you have any questions regarding the new update or would like to arrange a demo, please feel free to get in touch.

Read on to discover what’s new and what’s changed…

Social Media Token Expiration Notifications

IRM Newsroom has the ability to publish your announcements and other news to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

The security and privacy settings at these companies require you to login again every 90 days, which means you’ll have to relink Newsroom to your account at the same time when this security token expires.

If you try to publish news to a social media account where you’ve been logged out, we’ll send you a friendly reminder email to let you know that you’ll just need to hop in and log on again to re-establish the connection.

Simple Form for Email Sign Ups

We now offer the ability for a simple sign up form that can be integrated almost anywhere on your site.

Sometimes visitors will not want to fill in lots of details as part of a sign up so this can allow them to simply add their email address to receive updates. We know that investors go through an investor journey before they decide to invest in your company and signing up for your email alerts is a crucial step – make sure it’s easy for them to do so.

Here’s a nice example from the new Thorn Group website:

email updates

IRM Newsroom Menu Items

We’ve moved some of the dashboard menu items together so that the elements regarding your ASX announcements can be found under the Newsroom module.

What’s changed?

All that has changed is that we’ve moved the Upload Historically and Edit Announcement options from their own section so they now sit within the IRM Newsroom module.

The functionality is the same, it’ just a bit of housekeeping on our side.

historical uploadIRM Newsroom

IRM Newsroom to handle multiple ticker codes

Newsroom can now run multiple ticker feeds and use different distribution channels for each.

Ideal for clients such as property trusts that deal with more than one listed fund. These can now be managed through one content management system, making it easier for the end user to control all of their announcements.

Add http & https dropdown in redirect page setting

On redirect pages, you can now choose from http or https from the dropdowns.


Image galleries – ability to add individual alt tags

Image alt tags are great for SEO. Now you can add and edit these more easily for each individual image via the content management system.

edit image

Ability to view list pages with unapproved content from HQi

When adding items to list pages you can now preview the list page itself with your unpublished item shown.

authorise content

Republic Capital engages IRM for their new pre-listing corporate website

Republic Capital was introduced to IRM though one of our long-standing and valued clients James Moses at Mandate Corporate. They required a brand new website to match their new logo and branding as well as having the site ready within a short time-frame before moving towards an IPO.

Republic Capital is an automated wealth company focused on changing the way people invest. Their mission is to enable both individual and corporate clients to invest and growth their wealth in the most friction-free way possible. Republic’s technology and business systems are designed to offer new and efficient value-creating interactions.


The Brief

With Republic armed with a fresh new brand and new marketing team, they were ready for a brand new corporate website to match! At the time of approaching IRM, Republic Capital only had a simple landing page as their website. Wanting to undertake a complete redesign from scratch, they wanted a contemporary, well-designed yet simple, and effective website that was easily modified to suit their ongoing needs.

The Solution

Some of the key features included in the site are a fresh new modern design, a WordPress blog that can be regularly updated by the client and will assist with SEO, IRM Newsroom, a focus on fresh new imagery and clear links to their two sub companies including Republic Wealth and Republic Institutional.

IRM also provided the client with detailed hands-on training on how to amend the website content and structure through our HQi Content Management system so they can update the site accordingly when the company lists on the ASX. Of course IRM, are always on hand to help if there are questions along the way!

Congratulations to Republic Capital on their new website! We invite you to have a look here.


Kind words from the developer Tyler Evans, Republic Wealth

IRM went the extra mile with helping us achieve our corporate website in a short time frame. Their staff were professional and responsive to the custom work we requested. Whilst there were one or two features that weren’t immediately available in IRM’s portal, the team did well to provide solutions as placeholders. I look forward to expanding our corporate website’s functionality working alongside IRM in the future. Tyler Evans.