NVOI goes live with a New Fresh Look

IRM is pleased to showcase the new website for NVOI. NVOI provides an on-demand skills exchange that directly connects skilled professionals with the hiring managers who need their skills. The company reduces the search process time down to hours with a platform that is easy to use and eliminates the pain of the recruitment process.


The website was built quickly to meet a short deadline, to help us meet this turnaround NVOI provided a new clear site map for the site navigation, their colour palette and their graphics for us to use, as well as their content.

Now that it is built the NVOI site features many of IRM’s specialised investor tools including integration of IRM’s Newsroom to keep shareholders and potential investors up to date on the companies news and ASX announcements. The new investor centre also uses responsive design so that it formats to mobile or tablet depending on the device used to view. NVOI also has the ability to access our HQi Content Management System which they can update the site accordingly if required.

Congratulations to the NVOI group on their new website, we are extremely excited with your new investor presence and hope that it helps you communicate with your investors in an effective way.

NVOI Group’s new website can be viewed here.

Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a refresher, new investor centre or corporate web site, get in touch with Nikki Harris at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Nikki via email: nikki.harris@irmau.com or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see www.irmau.com for more detail.


IRM HQI 4.7 Release Notes

New improved features have now been released to your HQi content management system. If you would like more information about these features or would like to request a demo please contact support@irmau.com.

As well as the below we’ve also got some exciting news regarding a Newsroom App for iOS and Android. If you are interested in testing the app, please feel free to get in touch via support@irmau.com.

Keywords for Newsroom

We’ve introduced Keywords for Newsroom so now you can set specific keywords and then tailor how announcements that use that keyword in their title will be released.

For example, you may wish to set a keyword named “Presentation”, and send any announcements that use the keyword to go directly to the presentations page of your website, a specific subscriber group and social media channels.


Homepage Customisation

Homepage customisation is where you can make text and image changes to the home page of your site. We have now moved the link to the content management section in HQi and you’ll now see the link appear under this module.

Please note this may not appear on older website builds. To request this feature please contact support@irmau.com.


Cleaner URLS

Our new clear URL’s are much more easily read and do not contain any query strings or URL parameters unless completely necessary. Clean URLs are preferred by people, and it just so happens that search engines prefer them as well. Keywords in URLs are, often, used to identify the relevance of a page when a search for a particular keyword is performed. However, it is not generally recommended to stuff keywords in your URLs for SEO purposes.

Cleaner URL

Links to PDF documents on Social Media

Some pdf links were showing errors when shared on social media. We now have additional settings in place to change how these links are generated which will help resolve the issue. If you see that your announcements are not sharing nicely on social media please email support@irmau.com with the details.

Improved Foreign Language Sites

We have improved behind the scene features which now makes our foreign language sites even more effective and user friendly. Please see the following samples:

– Australian domain: http://www.aqcltd.com/IRM/content/default.aspx
– Japanese domain: http://japanese.aqcltd.com/IRM/content/default.aspx
– China: http://chinese.aqcltd.com/IRM/content/default.aspx

Option to make PDF Icons clickable

On Listed Pages, you will find it’s now simpler by opening PDF files by clicking on PDF Icons, if enabled in your content management system.

Clickable PDF

Improved Showcase Feature design/layouts and functionality

Displaying Showcase list pages now uses an improved view and provides you with the flexibility to sort these either in alphanumeric, alphabetic or showcase name order. It makes it easier for viewers to locate what they are after, check out the options in HQI as an example below:


Previous / Next links in list page archives

There is now a setting in the list page properties to determine whether to display “previous”, “next” link in page navigation. Previously we have only ever included pagination.


Newsroom WordPress Feeds can now use the featured image

WordPress blog posts can now use the featured image from the WordPress article. In the WordPress post this is typically added in the bottom left of the post editor, but this can now be displayed in an IRM list page, although please note the list page will need to use display type “E”.

Improved Boardroom.Media feed

The ability to display extra information such as images from Boardroom.media API integration in Newsroom. Please note the list page type must use type “E” in the list page settings.

Display type E

Mustang’s New Website

A gemstone developer and producer, Mustang Resources Limited recently made the decision to improve its corporate website.  IRM was pleased to help the Mustang team through the process, which has resulted to a great looking site.

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, Mustang Resources Limited (ASX:MUS) is an emerging gemstone developer and producer focused on the near-term development of the highly prospective Montepuez Ruby Project in northern Mozambique. The Company is currently fast-tracking its work program on the Montepuez Ruby Project with high priority targets being identified and low-cost bulk sampling having commenced.

Mustang required combining information from their existing site and the Montepuez Ruby Project. They also wanted to be able to use the benefits of IRM Newsroom.

When this project started, Mustang website used the standard IRM template which allows stages of the project to be fast tracked. IRM performed the migration and combined content from the Mustang old website and up-to-date website information. The website adapted the latest modern look and feel with IRM HQi tools and services. Once the site was completed and live we provided training on the content management system also known as IRM HQI.

We’re very happy with the Mustang Resources corporate website and you can view the site here.

Congratulations Mustang!

We are delighted with your new website and we think it’s an excellent resource for your investors. Thanks for the opportunity to work together on the project!

Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a new investor centre or corporate web site, get in touch with Nikki Harris at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Nikki via email: nikki.harris@irmau.com or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see www.irmau.com for more detail.