Phoenix Eagle’s versatile website now live

IRM kicked off a new website for Phoenix Eagle, a biopharmaceutical research and development company headquartered in Australia.

IRM utilised its HQi content management system to build and run the site in collaboration with Phoenix Eagle. The biopharmaceutical company selected the content, colours and images to come up with its preferred look for the web pages. IRM’s adaptable template also facilitated a larger footer for the site to make way for quick links and contact information.

Phoenix Eagle website

Aside from updating content, HQi enables Phoenix Eagle to create new sections or rename pages within its website navigation. The new site can also be easily accessed through any device, such as PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Take a look at Phoenix Eagle’s latest website here.

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Bioxyne’s new website designed for consumers, investors

Bioxyne Limited (ASX:BXN) engaged IRM to launch a consumer-focused website for the Australian life sciences and health products company.

IRM created the webpage with bright images and colours to connect with Bioxyne’s wide base of global clients. A Shopify store was also integrated in the site to facilitate online purchases for customers.

Bioxyne website

In addition, Bioxyne’s website has a unique feature intended for stakeholders — its corporate investor centre. IRM’s HQi content management system enables Bioxyne to communicate to shareholders via email or selected social media through the IRM Newsroom, among other capabilities.

Tap the links to check out Bioxyne’s new website and Shopify store. The company’s investor centre can be found here.

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Metminco teams up with IRM to upgrade website

IRM developed a new design with added functionality for the website of Metminco (ASX:MNC), an exploration and mining company incorporated in Australia.

MNC is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. The company’s strong portfolio of exploration projects in Colombia, Peru and Chile is primarily focused on gold.

Metminco website

IRM created a fresh look with structural changes for MNC’s home page and internal pages to make the site fully responsive. The upgrade aims to result in lower future maintenance costs and an improvement in the auto site map and Google search results for MNC, among other advancements.

IRM’s proprietary content management system, HQi, powers MNC’s website and allows the company to easily control content, images and navigation. HQi also integrates with IRM Newsroom, IRM’s ASX announcement platform, helping MNC to simultaneously post or send out news to selected channels — website, email or social media — in real time.

Discover MNC’s enhanced new website here.

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IRM unveils Ferrum Crescent’s investor-focused website

IRM is pleased to announce the latest webpage of Ferrum Crescent Limited, a European lead-zinc exploration company based out of Australia. More commonly known as FCR, the company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Ferrum Crescent website

FCR partnered with IRM to utilize IRM’s HQi content management system for the interactive website that details FCR’s most recent company information and current exploration work. The user-friendly site also contains investor-focused data, such as share registry and capital structure, to address its global shareholders.

Among various elements, IRM’s HQi features the IRM Newsroom, which enables ASX listed companies to manage their website, email and social media. This tool allows prompt and trouble-free communications with investors and stakeholders with just a click of a button — no web developers needed! And though FCR can control the web page content on their own, IRM’s continued assistance will still be available for the company whenever necessary.

Explore FCR’s new web page here.

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