Tesserent engages IRM’s market-leading Newsroom

IRM teamed up with Tesserent (ASX:TNT) to integrate the IRM Newsroom in the cyber security company’s website. Tesserent offers businesses world-class perimeter protection, internal monitoring and alerts, secure internet connectivity and co-location.

Tesserent website

With the IRM Newsroom incorporated in Tesserent’s site, the company will be able to quickly communicate ASX announcements, share prices and reports to investors throughout Australia and around the globe.

IRM Newsroom functions with HQi, IRM’s proprietary content management system. Through these tools, Tesserent can view all the company’s news and manage its subscriber database, among other capabilities. The company can also select which announcements to post on their website or social media accounts and email to stakeholders, all at the same time.

Kudos to Tesserent on their Newsroom functionality! Explore their website here.

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Investment opportunities in the mining industry

In today’s IRMatters post, Morgans Financial director
Roger Leaning discusses investment opportunities the wealth management firm evaluates in a mining company when advising clients.

Roger Leaning

Are you eyeing a potential investment in a mining company? Some experts say risks are high but the gains can be sizable. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the industry’s nature and related risks before jumping in.

When giving investment advice to clients, Morgans weighs a mining company’s people and structure, opportunity and investment proposition. Never underestimate the power of a well-made decision. Read on to learn more about the three main aspects for consideration.

Open pit mining

People and structure

Morgans makes an overview of the mining company, its board and management as well as key shareholders. The miner’s capital structure is gauged, such as its financial resources, liquidity and pre- and post-raising. Its track record in exploration, development or fiscal discipline is also taken into account.


Morgans determines the commodity being obtained, its resource and quality. The parameters of the exploration or mining endeavour is also identified.

For the project’s location, the kind of infrastructure, services and sovereign risks related are sought out. The mining activity’s current and proposed work programs are checked, as well as any milestones.

Morgans examines the capital expenditures and operational expenses connected with the undertaking. The project timetable is assessed to ensure the stages necessary to move the venture to a successful conclusion have been identified and are being managed.

Moreover, the objectives of the project and the strategy towards executing it are clear. Morgans notes that this in-depth analysis of the people, company and project allows it to obtain a clear understanding of the competitive advantage of the opportunity, if it exists.

In relation to the commodity market outlook, Morgans verifies the supply and demand for the commodity as well as its price trends.

Investment proposition

When it comes to the miner’s investment proposition, Morgans essentially looks to answer the following question… Why do I need to invest now? This mainly refers to the urgency to invest before the opportunity disappears and considers the timing, likely outcomes and activity needed to achieve. It will also need an assessment of the offer structure and proposed value. Morgans notes that it will likewise attempt to overlay an ever-changing intangible market sentiment to the investment proposition. This may consider things such as fund flows into the resources sector, recent activity and general levels of investor support, alternative or competing investments and potential gate keepers.

Gold mine

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Important Information: The material contained in this article is for general information only. It does not take into consideration any specific needs, situations or objectives. Before making any financial decision, you should make sure you are comfortable that the strategy suits your needs and objectives, and your risk profile. If necessary, you should seek professional advice.

IRM kicks off investor-friendly website for Tap Oil

IRM launched a state-of-the-art web page of Tap Oil Limited (ASX:TAP), an independent oil and gas exploration and production company. TAP is based in Perth and has interests in South East Asia and Australia.

IRM implemented its scalable HQi content management system to develop and power the site based on TAP’s desired layout and colour theme. Though the web page is now live, HQi still gives TAP the option to modify the site’s content, images and navigation as needed.

Tap Oil website

IRM equiped TAP with hands-on training on how to revise the website content and structure. Likewise, IRM’s support staff members are available to assist should the company need any help with the pages.

TAP’s website also highlights a unique investor centre, which includes ASX announcements, company reports and share prices. This distinctive section enables TAP to distribute news and communicate to stakeholders with ease. You see, HQi integrates with IRM’s ASX announcement platform, called IRM Newsroom, to instantly email shareholders or update a company’s social media channels.

Tap Oil website in mobile

Congratulations to TAP on their new website! View the new website here and access the company’s investor centre through this link.

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IRM enhances Atlas Iron site to boost investor relations

IRM recently updated Atlas Iron Limited’s website to help strengthen the iron-ore company’s investor relations. Atlas (ASX:AGO) mines and exports direct shipping ore from its operations in the Northern Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Atlas Iron website

Atlas is one of IRM’s many ASX-listed clients that use HQi, IRM’s proprietary content management system. The companies worked on upgrading Atlas’ online investor presence through a new custom design and a range of other features.

Atlas’ website now includes full share prices and charts in its investor centre to provide stakeholders easier access of the data. An interactive map of the company’s projects in Western Australia is highlighted in the site as well. The webpage also contains a historical timeline of Atlas’ achievements through the years, beginning with its ASX listing in 2004.

In addition, Atlas’ website showcases animation on its home page and an image gallery of its projects. The company will soon provide a Google earth fly-over video, which IRM will include in the home page.

Way to go, Atlas! Browse through the company’s upgraded site here.

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IRM HQi Release Notes 5.0

Seen the new design of our upgraded HQi content management system? How about the advanced features we’ve added to help you more easily manage your webpage?

Read on to get details of several enhancements we’ve made. Or email support@irmau.com if you’d like more information or would like to request a demo on these new features.

A New Look for HQi

We’ve revamped HQi’s design to give it a more contemporary yet corporate look. Click here to see the latest features that allow you to view your up-to-the-minute announcements, number of subscribers and users, among other upgrades.


Easier Manual Upload in Newsroom

You can now choose exactly where you’d like to publish your company news direct from the Manual Upload input screen. You can then publish from the Pending section after you’ve uploaded your announcement.
Manual upload

YouTube and Shopify Integration

Talk about expanding your market reach! Newsroom now allows you to share your YouTube videos to your subscriber groups. You can also update them on new products or blog posts in Shopify.

YouTube logo

Smoother Social Media Links

A preview of your post is now available when you share news in Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media channels. No need to double check how the update would appear in your selected channel.

Downloadable Showcase List

You can now export your Showcase entries from HQi. This helps facilitate a trouble-free way of sharing or managing your data.

Showcase list

Data Specifics in Showcase Addresses

Sometimes false results come up when you include addresses through longitude and latitude details. No worries! You can now use the free text method for clarity of data.

Spell Check in Editor

Did you know you can now spell check your posts in Editor? You’ll know you have a misspelling when the red line appears under incorrect words. Less stressful writing!

Spell check

Trackable Links on List Pages

All external links on list pages are now trackable, not just PDF links.

Smarter Custom Mail Section

We cleaned up the Custom Mail section to give you a more efficient method of handling your company announcements.

Desktop screenshot

Job Summary on Career Page

The Career Page now has a summary section where you can give a brief introduction of your specific job posting. This field can include a sentence or two of primary details about the vacancy.


Support Request Upgrades

You can now approve and edit proposed tasks from our Support team. It’s a great way to have us get started on the suggestions that will improve your website.

IRM revamps HQi with advanced features

Generated excellent financial results during the last quarter? Perhaps you’re expanding your business to a new area or strengthening your team with experts?

Investors want to be promptly informed about your company’s latest news. And what better way to keep them in the loop than through an updated website showcasing your growth!

IRM understands enhancing your website is vital to that growth process. That’s why we continually upgrade our HQi content management system to fully support your advancements and help you easily manage your web page.

IRM’s innovative HQi content management system features a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to control content, without the help of a web developer. The latest upgrade allows you to view your up-to-the-minute announcements, number of subscribers and users, among other features.

The redesigned HQi also highlights new lists that indicate most recent updates on your website. There are more quick links now too so you can briefly find content you need to modify.

The enhanced HQi includes the IRM Newsroom, the leading software that helps ASX-listed companies communicate with investors. Newsroom is equipped with social media enabling, mail reporting as well as email alerts management.

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