Australian Potash’s new website gears up for investors

Australian Potash Limited (ASX:APC) rolled out a brand-new website to enhance its online investor presence.

The minerals exploration company picked out its colours, content and images for the full website powered by HQi, IRM’s proprietary content management system. Essential info about the company, its board and management team are well presented in the site. Its many projects are detailed, with vibrant photos laid out in an image gallery.

Australian Potash's website
IRM’s HQi content management system runs Australian Potash’s investor-focused website.


Australian Potash used its home page to display a corporate video and management update discussing its latest news. A share price promo box is also on the same page for easy access to the company’s investor audience. To encourage engagement, a contact information form, email alerts facility and Twitter link are available throughout the site.

When investors click on its Investor Centre, a welcome page offers Australian Potash’s ASX announcements, presentations and projects. The company’s share price information and capital structure can also be viewed in this section. These are helpful elements for investors, both current and potential ones!

Meanwhile, its News page highlights reports, researches, videos and media coverages. And with IRM Newsroom integrated in HQi, Australian Potash can easily decide which announcements are sent through its website, email or Twitter account. It’s a trouble-free way of communicating with its stakeholders.

Discover the effortless fluidity of Australian Potash’s website design and Investor Centre through the links.

Australian Potash website on mobile
Australian Potash’s website looks good on desktop and mobile devices.


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Plus Connect Website Finds Perfect Match in IRM HQi

Plus Connect website
Plus Connect used IRM’s proprietary CMS to set up its website with selected colours, images and content, in a bid to support investor relations.


Are you on the hunt for the right content management system for your website? Read on to see how Plus Connect Limited’s site just found its perfect match in IRM’s HQi proprietary CMS.

IRM and Plus Connect (ASX:ACU) worked together to launch the latest webpage of the Australian company that offers online betting and social gaming products. The online gaming company hand-picked its colours, images and content for the website that aims to support investor relations. Through the well-designed site, the company highlighted a wide range of key information about its business, its board of directors, management team and partners, among other things.

What’s more, the practical webpage hosts an Investor Centre, where shareholders are received with a welcome page and given up-to-date share price information. It skilfully features the company’s ASX announcements as well as annual, half-yearly and quarterly reports, which feed automatically onto the website through HQi.

This automatic feed is possible through HQi’s integration with IRM Newsroom, enabling Plus Connect to communicate with investors with ease. Through this news aggregation and delivery tool, the company can conveniently share announcements through its site and simultaneously send them to subscribers via email or LinkedIn. Email alerts sign-ups are also available on the webpage for investors to subscribe to. That way they don’t miss any news from the company.

Click the links to experience the smooth functionality of Plus Connect’s website and Investor Centre.

Plus Connect mobile
Plus Connect’s website is easily accessible on desktop and mobile devices.


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How to Attract Investors to Your Website

(This blog post is part of a series discussing 10 Success Factors for Online Investor Relations. Read the next related post — “How to Appeal to Investors through Your Website” — here.)

So you have your website all set up and running. All the necessary elements are there — design, imagery, style and key messages. All the facts about your company and who’s running it. Your business summary and your investor proposition are in place. Got your latest news and reports. The works.

Attract investors to your website in three easy steps
Setting up your website wisely is key to attracting investors.

Now how to attract investors to visit your site? You’d want them to access all these info, right? That’s the first step. You’d want to draw in the right traffic to your website to get them on board.

Here are three suggestions to become better at attracting investors:

1. Smarten up your overall search

Most investors will search your site by your company name, website URL or ticker code. You’d want to make sure every variation of your name, including your ticker code or domain, get top ranks in Google search. You’d want the names of your senior executives and company projects to rank well too.

Next, review how investors search for your site. Do this regularly. Just think about the words they use when they Google up your company. This way you can update your content to respond to their searches. Then measure your search results and continuously improve.

Also, some investors get to your webpage through a related site. That’s why it’s good practice to publish links in your industry websites or those of your partner or broker. You can even add links in ASX Announcements and shareholder communications.

2. Offer unique and authoritative content

Talk about your company’s expertise in your website. Write in a way that’s unique and authoritative, yet reader-friendly. This will allow you to rank higher in search results. You see, Google search will give higher ranking for content that’s not easily found elsewhere in the internet. As long as its guidelines in form and style are met, of course.

3. Use the right keywords

What are the words or phrases investors use to search for your company on the web? If you put these same keywords in your content, chances are you’ll rank higher in search. So it’s ideal to develop a list of keywords, other than your company name and ticker code. Then use these keywords consistently throughout your site.

Your website setup is important in attracting investors
Investors will likely land on your website if you rank well in search results.

And there you have it! Three effective ways to attract more investors to your website. When you brush up on your overall search, content and keywords, investors are more likely to land on your site. This means more opportunities to get them on your team!

What should you do next?

How about a full website review from us? We regularly help ASX-listed companies with assessing the gaps in their online investor relations strategies.

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IRM Builds Investor-friendly Websites for Seymour Whyte

Seymour Whyte website
IRM used its HQi proprietary content management system to develop three websites for Seymour Whyte group.


IRM unveiled investor-focused websites for Seymour Whyte Limited (ASX:SWL) and its two divisions. The infrastructure, engineering and construction firm holds a group portfolio that consists of Seymour Whyte Constructions and Rob Carr Pty Ltd, its civil and utilities infrastructure divisions, respectively.

IRM developed each of the websites using its proprietary content management system, called HQi. Through HQi, the progressive sites provide details about the company, its divisions as well as its board and executive team. The group’s various projects are also distinctly described and clearly located through interactive maps in the web pages.

In addition, HQi features the IRM Newsroom, allowing the group’s news to be sent out speedily through its websites, email or social media platforms. An Investor Centre is likewise included in the parent company’s site to keep shareholders abreast on ASX Announcements, share price information and financial reports and presentations.


Seymour Whyte mobile website
Seymour Whyte group’s websites are fully functional on mobile devices, such as phones or tablets.


To facilitate a smooth access for investors, the websites are fully functional on mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. Seymour Whyte can also refresh data on the sites effortlessly as HQi enables content and pages to be edited or added, among other capabilities.

Kudos on your innovative websites, Seymour Whyte! Tap the links to visit the sites of Seymour Whyte Limited, Seymour Whyte Constructions and Rob Carr Pty Ltd. Click here to visit the Investor Centre.


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How to Write a Blog Post via IRM Newsroom

When was the last time you connected with your investors? Communicating with shareholders is undeniably a vital element of a well-managed ASX-listed company. And a corporate blog is a simple yet direct channel you can use to meet this communication need.

A company blog is a user-friendly platform that empowers a business to engage with the investor community, including current and potential stockholders. Think of it as a short thoughtful letter that contains timely and relevant information to your stakeholders. It’s also a reliable source of data where venture capitalists and angel investors can consider a prospective investment in your business.

Corporate blog
A corporate blog is a simple yet direct channel you can use to communicate with investors.


In addition, your blog would bring more traffic to your website and more links necessary for SEO, especially if you include social media sharing in your site. This significant traffic will result in an increased awareness amongst your investor audience.

So how do you write a blog post? Here are 3 quick steps on writing one and promptly sharing it hassle-free through the IRM Newsroom.

Step #1: Strategize your blog post

Before you begin writing, understand your target audience, that is, your existing shareholders and possible investors. Intentionally set them in mind as you organise your thoughts and compose your write-up. Imagine speaking to them through your blog post.

Next, select a topic and a working title for your post, then make an outline of what you’ll be talking about. In your outline, don’t forget to give an intro that would grab the reader’s attention and state the purpose of your piece.

Blog post via IRM Newsroom
IRM Newsroom is integrated with popular blog app WordPress to facilitate a smooth blogging experience on your website.


Step #2: Write your blog post

With your outline as a guide, write in a reader-friendly style to ensure investment or industry-specific topics are easy to understand. Include links, photos, videos or presentations to support your subject matter and enhance your article. A call-to-action section at the end of your blog post would be helpful to indicate what you want your audience to do after reading it, such as checking out your company’s products or reaching out to your team. Remember to edit or proofread your article and adjust your formatting. Finalise your title to one your subscribers can’t miss as well.

Newbie at blogging? No worries! WordPress and IRM Newsroom can help. Our proprietary tool is a powerful news and media aggregation and distribution application. It is integrated with popular blog app WordPress to facilitate a smooth blogging experience on your website. This combined capability allows you to simply layout your post, schedule when you want it published, leverage SEO features and distribute to your audience using IRM Newsroom.

Step #3: Share your blog post via IRM Newsroom

Once you’re ready to share your blog post, simply utilise the IRM Newsroom to instantly publish your piece in your website. At the same time, you can use IRM Newsroom to simultaneously send the post via email to subscribers or as a link in your social media channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Such a time-saving means to communicate to stakeholders with ease!

Moreover, if you want your audience to get used to checking your website for new blog posts, regularly schedule your posts; whether it be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Sharing your write-ups through social media helps alert them about your latest news too.

Writing a blog post with IRM Newsroom
IRM Newsroom can instantly share your blog post via website, email and social media channels.


Considering a blog to connect with investors?

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