Communicate with Investors in 3 Quick Ways

Investors today are more connected and more tech-savvy. They expect you to communicate more company updates regularly. And without delay.

Thankfully, there are many online tools now to meet that need. In fact, with the right tools, communicating with investors can be such a breeze. Here are 3 quick ways to connect with them:

IRM Newsroom will help you communicate with investors
Your website, email and social media channels are some of the key tools in investor communications.

1. Communicate via website

This is a no-brainer. You’re making all your announcements available here, right? Your webpage should be easily updated to include all your current news. It should be mobile friendly too. Remember, your tech-savvy investors are always on their phones and tablets. If you’re having trouble with this, we can help you with a framework that can be managed conveniently. Even without the help of a web developer.

However, you can’t be too sure all your shareholders go to your site regularly, can you?

2. Communicate via email

So send your announcements via email too. How many subscribers do you have? Hundreds? Thousands? This way you’ll get your news to all their inboxes. Hopefully, you’re able to manage your subscribers list well so you don’t miss anyone.

Just to make sure all your bases are covered, do the next step.

3. Communicate via social media

Why not? The number of businesses using social media is on the rise nowadays. You see, more companies are seeing a great potential in these channels when they’re used in the right way. Tweeting or posting your updates in LinkedIn or Facebook will expand your investor audience too. We’ve mentioned this before when we’ve spoken about touchpoints! Make sure you’re communicating with investors where they are, more on that here.

IRM Newsroom helps you easily communicate with investors
The IRM Newsroom can help you do all 3 methods in a click of a button.


So there you have it.

You must leverage your website, email and social media channels to immediately connect with investors. Pretty simple when you think about it.

Wait. What if there’s a way to do all 3 in one easy step?

Consider IRM Newsroom. It’s a powerful news and media aggregation and distribution tool for any company wishing to effectively communicate with its investor community. With this system, you can control which news items are published to your investor website, sent to email subscribers and posted on social media.

A free trial version of IRM Newsroom is available now. How about giving it a go? See how it will help you more easily communicate with investors.


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5 Ways to Build Your Digital Media for Investors

(This blog post was inspired by insights Peita Diamantidis shared at “Amplify Your News: Using Digital Media to Grow Your Investor Following,” a recent IR event presented by IRM and Computershare.)


Digital media can help you engage with your investor community and advance your business. Particularly if you’re an ASX-listed small cap company. This means of communication will provide you a unique opportunity for personal connection with your investor audience.

As previously discussed, websites, emails and social media platforms are just some examples of digital media. These tools can deliver the access and connectivity every long-term investor seeks from small caps.

The key is finding the right balance of digital media tools and putting them together. Following are 5 ways to set up your digital media to reach investors.

Digital media tools
Having the right balance of digital media tools is key to connecting with investors.


1. Review your website language

Have a look at your website. Try to see it from a third-person’s perspective. How are you telling your story?

Are you using industry jargon to talk about your company? Just because you’re communicating to investors, doesn’t mean they’ll figure out all your acronyms or terminologies. Keep it simple.

Get some help from your staff and go through each of your web pages. Identify terms that can still be clarified to get your message across.

You can also ask a copywriter or editor to help express what your company is all about. Words that are relatable and easy to understand are best.

Easy to understand website content
Make your website content easy to understand.


2. Enhance your website content

A great way to build your website content is through a corporate blog. This will get the conversation going with your audience. It will allow you to get feedback from them too.

Don’t know what to write in your blog? Provide a basic definition of your business. Talk about your vision. Share how your executives or operations team started working in your company. Or post recent interviews of them. These are just ideas of great content to feature. They’ll make your audience want to explore your site and know more about you.

Then optimise your site for Google with SEO techniques. It will improve your site’s ability to stand out in search engines and increase visits to your web pages.

Corporate blog
Start a corporate blog to enrich your website content.


3. Maximize your ASX Announcements

Turn this compliance need into a way to connect with your investor community. How?

Start by including links from your ASX Announcements to relevant content in your website. This way your audience will be reverted to your site where they can find more info about you.

You can also group key messages in your ASX Announcements and create blog posts on each topic. It’s part of strengthening your content, as we’ve covered on the second point.

Don’t forget to add a subscribe link in your ASX Announcements too. This will enable your audience to be added to your email subscribers list. More on that in the next step.

kaboompics_Woman working on the laptop
Adding links in your ASX Announcements can direct your audience to your website.


4. Build your email list

Begin with your share registry list. Download this list from your registry and update it a few times each year. Your goal is to keep adding to this email list, and remember, do not take anyone off your email list unless they ask. They may be a very satisfied shareholder who has sold. So add entries on old lists to new lists if they no longer appear.

Don’t be shy to put subscribe options in your website or ASX Announcements. Remember, your audience includes current investors, potential ones, as well as analysts and financial advisers. Offer opportunities for them to receive email updates from you. You can use services like Newsroom to segment your subscribers into various subscriber groups too, so you can send each group the info that’s relevant to them.

Keep them interested with your updates so they’ll want to stay informed through your emails. A way to do this is by presenting your messages in different ways. Perhaps through an infographic of financial results, a video of your projects or a Q&A with your management. This will enhance your content and increase traffic towards your website.

Speaking of traffic, social media is another way to help draw your audience into your site. Just make sure your tweets or posts have links that lead them there.

Grow your email subscribers
Your share registry list is a great foundation for your email subscribers list.


5. Keep investors engaged with your creative content

You don’t have to be stuck with basic facts and figures on your website or ASX Announcements. Give your audience a fresh perspective about your business. It will help them be engaged.

Get a GoPro or drone to capture how you do things in your exploration sites or offices. Share photos of your efforts to help out a social issues group or environmental organisation. Or dig up some uncommon history about your sector or industry. You’ll come up with a lot of other ideas for sure.

Give a fresh perspective
A fresh perspective about your business will keep your investors engaged.



Small caps have a unique opportunity of leveraging digital media to connect with investors. It’s essential to review and develop your website content to communicate well with stakeholders. And make use of ASX Announcements to build your email list. Then keep your audience engaged through your creative posts and shares.

Where to go from here

If you’re a newbie or consider yourself to be a bit “technologically-challenged,” take heart. There is a stress-free way to go about this.

We can help you with ideas on basic digital media strategies. And facilitate setting up your social media accounts and company pages.

We also have tools to easily send news to your email subscribers and via social media. IRM Newsroom makes it easy for ASX-listed companies to have a basic presence on Twitter around their ASX Announcements and other news. Click here to get a free trial.

If you’d rather chat with us, please call +61 2 8705 5444 or email You can also visit for more details.



How to Appeal to Investors through Your Website

(This blog post is part of a series discussing 10 Success Factors for Online Investor Relations. Read the previous post — “How to Attract Investors to Your Website” — here.)

kaboompics_Young Entrepreneur Working from a Modern Cafe
Learn about three elements that could help make your website more appealing to investors.


When was the last time you bought a mobile phone or laptop? Remember going through a decision-making process before buying it?

Like most consumers, you didn’t immediately buy the first thing you saw, right? You must’ve Googled the product several times to study its features. Compared it to peers. Or maybe checked reviews. What were others saying about it?

In the same way, investors go through different stages before making an investment decision. Maybe not exactly as you would buy an iPhone. But in some ways similar.

Before becoming committed shareholders, investors first identify their “need” for the investment. They move through discovery and evaluation phases. On to a buy decision. And later to hold and sell.

This engagement process — what we call the investor journey — is personal and each is different.

In fact, a considerable part of investor decisions to move forward in their journey are based on emotions and impressions. Not based on facts and logic. That’s why the emotional appeal of your website must be just as good as the information you provide there.

Here are three elements that could help make your website more appealing to investors:


1. Appeal through your site design

How does your website look? Outdated? Amateurish? This won’t give a favourable impression to your audience.

Your home page should reflect a modern corporate design. And this fresh clean look on the introductory page of your site should flow through all your other web pages.


2. Appeal through your hero images and tag lines

Hero images provide an instant impression of your company’s values, products and services. Images like these on your home page would sure catch the eye of investors.

To support these images, add tag lines or simple statements that are relevant. These would make your home page more engaging and informative.

Then carry through your theme of hero images and tag lines to the banner images in each section of your website to make it cohesive.


3. Appeal through your home page features

An attractive home page layout would invite investors to click on more of your web pages. Include promotional boxes that offer company info. And don’t forget navigation or links to key parts of your site.

You might also want to promote your latest news or corporate video on your home page to make it up-to-date and interesting.

kaboompics_Businesswoman uses her mobile phone at her desk
IRM can assist you with a full website review to help your site become more appealing.


To sum things up, we’ve discussed three important website elements that would add appeal to investors. Now it’s time to review your site design, hero images and tag lines, as well as home page features. With these elements fine-tuned, you’ll have more engagement with your investor audience. A potential expansion of your investor team!


Where to go from here

Perhaps we can assist you with a full website review? We’ve been able to help out numerous ASX-listed companies with their online investor relations strategies.

Chat with us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email for more details.



Grow Your Investor Audience with Digital Media

Digital media tools
Used in the proper way, digital media will help expand your investment community and grow your business faster.


What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning? Checked your email? Twitter or Facebook?

Digital media, a combination of technology and content, is so much a part of our daily lives. Whether or not we choose to tap into it first thing in the morning, we turn to it one way or another at some point during the day.

Websites, emails and social media platforms are just a few digital media channels we often work with. These easy-to-use tools are engaging and produce results. Yes, even for businesses. Used in the proper way, these mediums would help expand your investor audience and grow your business faster.

In light of this potential, IRM and Computershare teamed up for “Amplify Your News: Using Digital Media to Grow Your Investor Following,” an IR event with selected participants on 14 November 2017. Held at Computershare offices in Sydney, the session aimed to take investor communications thinking to a new level.

Guest speaker Peita Diamantidis
Guest speaker Peita Diamantidis, Managing Director of Caboodle Financial Services, shared pointers on how ASX-listed small cap companies can engage with investors through digital media. Photo credit IR Department.


Peita Diamantidis, managing director of Caboodle Financial Services, led discussions as guest speaker. She is the winner of the Association of Financial Advisers Female Excellence in Advice Award for 2016. Just recently, she was named among Australia’s 50 most influential financial advisers in Financial Standard’s FS Power50 guide.

Peita presented an enlightening financial adviser feedback on potential investors in ASX-listed small cap companies. She noted that small caps have a unique opportunity to build a deep and personal connection to their investor following. And digital media can deliver the access and connectivity every long-term investor seeks from these businesses.

“What’s our aim with digital media? It’s to build a community. Start building an investor community. They’re going to resonate with your business. They’re going to resonate with your content. And then they’re going to want to share it.”

Moreover, Peita mentioned that finding the right balance of digital media tools and putting them together is important. This enables investors to receive news and relate at a time and digital place of their choosing.

She then worked through a step-by-step guide for building the storytelling gene into the DNA of a small cap company. Ultimately, the underlying goal of this process was to constantly add to an engaged list of current and potential investors.

“Storytelling is a great way to connect, it’s a great way to build that relationship with the public. And that opportunity is something that exists only in digital media…”

Q&A panel discussion
Jane Lowe, managing director of IR Department, joined Peita as one of the panelists during the event’s Q&A segment. Photo credit IR Department.


The challenging yet entertaining session concluded with a Q&A panel discussion. Peita was joined by Martin Spry, CEO of IRM; Simon Carson, general manager of CIS NSW at Computershare; and Jane Lowe, managing director of IR Department.

Our special thanks to Peita, as well as panelists Martin, Simon and Jane, for their time and great insights shared with us. Thanks also to Computershare for partnering with us for this maiden event. And not to forget, all those who joined us for this networking session over morning tea. Here’s to more IR get-togethers like this!

Guest speaker and panelists
Kudos to our guest speaker, Peita, and panelists Jane, IRM CEO Martin Spry and CIS NSW General Manager Simon Carson. Photo credit IR Department.


Need some help on your digital media tools?

IRM has been assisting various ASX-listed clients with online investor communications tools since 2002. Perhaps we can be of help to you too.

Chat with us today on +61 2 8705 5444 (Sydney) or You can also visit for more details.



Introducing Incremental Oil and Gas’ Newest Website

Incremental Oil and Gas website on mobile
Incremental website’s new features are geared for its investment community.


Seen the latest website of Incremental Oil and Gas Ltd (ASX: IOG)? It just became more investor-friendly! Here’s how the oil and gas producing company tweaked its site for the better.

As part of efforts to boost investor relations, Incremental got down with IRM to redesign the website with modern colours and style. Advanced functionalities were also added to the site, which runs on HQi, IRM’s proprietary content management system.

Incremental’s home page now unfolds a contemporary look with moving images. The page brings forward various features, such as a company video and several projects in onshore USA. An investor fact sheet and portfolio of producing assets are emphasised in the home page, as well as selected ASX Announcements. Not to forget, there’s an email alerts form where current or potential investors can subscribe for company news.

For smooth navigation, the website’s internal pages have images and buttons for accessibility and printing. And Incremental can easily modify the site’s internal pages and certain home page features through HQi. Yes, even without the help of a web developer. HQi’s dashboard is very manageable, you know.

The website is fully responsive for different devices, like mobile phones and tablets. It’s equipped with SEO capability and has Google Analytics tracking code in all pages. This helps Incremental to increase its site’s visibility on search engine results. A good move for potentially expanding its investor audience.

In fact, the site is even social media savvy. Connected with the company’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts via IRM Newsroom. IRM’s news aggregation and delivery tool allows Incremental to send communications effortlessly to stakeholders in various ways. Whether it be through its website, email or social media accounts.

Incremental Oil and Gas website
Incremental’s updated site is equipped with social media and SEO capabilities.


Is your website due for a makeover?

Chat with us! We’ve been helping a lot of ASX-listed clients with their online investor tools since 2002. Get in touch with our IRM Client Relations Team today at +61 2 8705 5444 (Sydney) or

You can also request a quote on the site you have in mind. Or select a plan and price that matches your budget.

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Upgrade your Online IR Presence without the hassle: IRM Online IR Suggestions

We guess you’re as passionate about your online investor relations presence as we are. Reaching investors online, at the touchpoints of their choosing and at the time they choose, is the main challenge of online IR activities. We’re happy to help with our suggestions, specifically tailored for you.

Perhaps your email strategies need a lift, or your social media presence needs to work harder for you. Does your home page help people like you, get the key messages through, and “Sell” the first click?

Maybe your Investor Centre could use more pages? You’d want your current dividends or capital structure to stand out, right?

IRM’s Online IR Suggestions
Boosting your online investor relations presence is easy with IRM’s Online IR Suggestions.


These ideas are just a few examples of how your online IR presence can be upgraded. We promise you at least five ideas you will be able to implement.

All you need to do is ask for our Online IR Suggestions. The result is a chatty helpful discussion, no long formal report, and it’s free. For IRM clients, the results of it can be recorded in HQi for you to look through and choose from when you are ready.

IRM’s Online IR Suggestions are recommended improvements to your online IR presence — email, social media, website and more — following a look at your company’s most recent announcements and developments. These varied recommendations aim to strengthen your online presence, capture excitement and highlight key business messages.

How to tap into this help?

Step 1: Request the Online IR Consulting Service

Clients on our HQi or IRM Newsroom Enterprise Website plans may request this service at any time as part of their plan’s 3 free consulting services per year.

Not on such plan, or not an IRM client? We can still help! Just ask us.

We’ll provide the results of the review, normally in an email which is designed to be approachable, informal and readable. It’s not a formal piece of professional advice, just at least five helpful suggestions.

Step 2: Consider the recommendations

If you’re an HQi or IRM Newsroom user, your online IR suggestions will be accessible from your HQi’s “Support Request History” tab, under “Support.” From there you’ll view a list of any proposed improvements that IRM can assist to implement. Each task will contain specific details on the intended work to be done.

Here you can edit the suggestion description to expand or add your own flavour to it.

If you’re not an IRM client, please let us know if there’s any way we can help with implementation.

Step 3: Approve the upgrades you want

If you’re an IRM client, implementing many of the suggestions is actually quick and easy.

In HQi, choose the suggestions you want actioned. All you have to do is approve (or decline!) each one. The IRM Support service will swing into action to get the job done.

Or just leave the ideas there for later.

IRM’s Online IR Suggestions
IRM’s Online IR Suggestions are recommended improvements to your online IR presence — email, social media, website and more.


Now wasn’t that simple?

Why not ask IRM for your tailored Online IR Suggestions? Then consider the ideas, choose your favourites, and before you know it things will start getting much better.

If you’d like more info on this new service, please call us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email We hope to hear from you soon!