New year, new features – IRM HQi Release Notes 5.1

New year, new features for HQi.

HQi is the main technology behind your website. It’s your content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily edit or add content on your pages.

HQi continually improves to stay innovative, keeping your website maintenance above par. Get ready to discover upgrades for a more user-friendly HQi experience.


Handy PDF file icons

Managing the display of PDF files in HQi just got easier. You can now use the first page of your PDF file as an icon on your list page item. Or you can opt to keep using a standard icon. Whatever your choice, you’ll only have to set this once to automatically apply this function in all your files.

PDF icon


Sleeker email functionality

Want to see how your email looks before sending to a batch of subscribers? A new HQi feature now enables you to test an email template by forwarding the message to a specific email address. This way you can double check for any revisions needed before transmitting your message to your subscriber group.

Test email


Subscriber organisation is a breeze

Adding an individual subscriber directly to a subscriber group is now possible in HQi. Just click the “Add” button and fill in the necessary details of your subscriber to include him/her in a group.

Uploading a large number of subscribers in HQi? We’ll ensure the list loads correctly on our end and send you a notification after the task is completed.

Also, you can select which subscriber groups to display in your registration page. If you have a certain group you don’t want to be available to all your HQi users, just choose to not display the group in the registration page. Tick the “Don’t Display in Public Registration Page” box and you’re good to go.

Registration page


Featured images on your list pages

Your list pages can now display your choice of featured image for each news item. Just click your news item, then hit the “Choose File” button and you’ll be directed to upload an image file for the item.

Feautured image


Blogging made easy

There’s a new blog system in HQi. Now you can create blog posts and view a list of all your work, whether drafts or published ones. You can also determine your categories and different settings, such as meta tags and banners, through this new function. Speak to IRM to help you get started with your blog.



Social media just got savvier

For social media users, you can now find information about token expiration of your social media accounts on your HQi dashboard. This helps you manage the expiration of tokens in your profiles to keep links between Newsroom and your accounts. It’s also easier to renew these tokens now too.

Also, your tweets and posts now have improved integration for images.

Social media


Clever filter tool for news items search

You can now use a filter tool to find ASX announcements or messages you sent via your website, email or social media channels. You only need to input the date range of the release or its title or source. Then click on the “Filter” button and voila! Your search results will come into view.

Released filter


Simpler editing for released announcements in Newsroom

You can now modify the title, effective date, content file, PDF or link for any of your news or announcements in Newsroom.

Update item


Newsroom WordPress plugin updates

If you’re using our WordPress plugin, you will now be able to add your events or key dates through the plugin. You can also add unsubscribe options using the new shortcode, as part of the plugin too. If you have any further suggestions for the plugin, please let us know – we’re always happy to receive feedback or new ideas.


Notification on distribution channel errors

You’ll get a notification if there’s an error on your selected distribution channel. For instance, you want to send an ASX Announcement through Twitter and LinkedIn and selected those channels in HQi. If there’s any issue with your registration on such platforms, an error message will pop up when you release the news item. This allows you to attend to the matter immediately.

Warning notice


Let’s talk

Would you like more information on these new features or a demo on them? Please call our IRM Support team on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

You can also check out our new Help Centre for more support options and quick links to have a live chat with us.

More details are available at


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How to Have Quality Website Content for Investors

(This blog post is part of a series discussing 10 Success Factors for Online Investor Relations. Read the previous related post — “How to Improve Your Website Navigation for Investors” — here.)

Quality content is important
Quality content will help stakeholders stay informed as they make decisions about your company.


Here’s the truth.

Your website is nothing without quality content.

You can have awesome images, great videos and a responsive design. But if your investor audience can’t find the info they want from your website, what’s the point?

Content is king. As it’s often been said.

Wait. Make that, QUALITY content is king.

Quality content is as important – if not more important – than an impressive website layout or configuration. It essentially defines your website’s success. While other elements provide support to it.

Quality content is your way of maintaining communications with stakeholders while you’re busy expanding your business. It’s what will help them stay informed as they make decisions about your company.

Investors want to see that blog post about your new project or exploration site. Or the latest copy of your annual report.

They want to monitor how your share price is fairing in the market. They want to learn from your CEO’s video interview about your company’s plans for the coming year.

Here are 3 ideas to make sure you have quality content:

1. Be up-to-date

Make sure your site is always current. If you stop updating your website after its launch, your audience will lose interest. Any one piece of out-of-date information creates doubt about everything else on your site.

You’ll also fall in search engine rankings if you don’t have updated content. This means your audience won’t find you when they Google your company, or anything related to your business.

A simple way to keep updated is to immediately post your ASX Announcements in your website. This way you’re hitting two birds with one stone. Using compliance measures to instantly relay news.

Show your headline news on your home page so investors can easily find your latest messages. Create fresh content, like blog posts or videos on your operations. This will prove you’re actively pursuing your goals. It will showcase your business expertise too.

2. Be authoritative

You are the authority on your business and your industry. So, share your industry knowledge, experience and expertise.

If you make your site rich with quality content, you’ll become an authority in your niche. And your audience would want to learn from you.

Just make sure your content is easy to understand. Skip the jargons and highfalutin terminologies. Keep it simple and relatable.

3. Be comprehensive

Make sure all key information about your company is available on your website. You wouldn’t want investors to be wondering where to find specific information and going back to a Google search.

A way to do this is to archive your historical ASX announcements so they can be easily found. You can even provide a download option for certain data. This enables your messages or reports to be accessed offline or shared with other interested parties.

Be up-to-date with your info
Being up-to-date with your website info is just one of the ways you can provide quality content.



Quality content means being up-to-date with information within your website. It also means being authoritative and comprehensive in terms of the data you provide there. Once you’ve got those covered, you’re on your way to stronger communications efforts with your audience.

What now

Ever considered a full website review? Just to make sure all areas in your site are running smoothly.

If you’d like some assistance, just let us know how we can give you a hand.

IRM has been helping ASX-listed companies with their online investor relations strategies since 2002. Feel free to browse through our client list here.

You can also check out our website through this link.

If you’d rather chat with one of our account managers, please call +61 2 8705 5444 or email Let’s talk soon!


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Are you the part-time Client Relations Executive we’re looking for?

IRM is seeking an energetic and motivated Part-Time Client Relations Executive (Account Manager) based in Perth.

The position is available now. It involves flexible 20-32 hours per week, at agreed times. It can include working from our West Perth office or from home.

client relations executive
IRM is looking for an energetic and motivated part-time Client Relations Executive, based in Perth.


IRM is Australia’s market leader in providing investor focused websites and communication tools for ASX-listed companies. We work with about 170 clients in total including about 50 through our local office in Perth. Client service work is done through our head office in Sydney.

We’re looking to expand our operations in Perth with the addition of a Client Relations Executive.

What will the work entail?

The successful candidate will use his/her account management and client-facing experience to ensure that client expectations are managed effectively by the whole IRM team. You will work with our project teams to make certain that client projects and support work are scoped and delivered to client expectations.

The candidate will also identify opportunities for organic growth of client relationships through a strong understanding of client business needs, among other things. Identifying and assisting with new business opportunities will also be part of the role.

Since the position will be the only one located in Perth, a strong capability for self-management will be required. We have great internal systems and are very familiar with remote support, so you won’t be alone.

What qualifications / experience are needed?

The successful candidate might have previous experience within an account management, client services or consulting role in digital, public relations or investor relations. Alternatively, previous roles might be in a listed company working as an executive assistant or office manager. Key is an outgoing personality with the ability to relate well to senior people in listed companies.

If you have previous experience with IRM’s HQi or Newsroom products that will be favourably regarded.

You must have a proven track record in building and retaining strong client relationships. It would be advantageous if you have experience with CRM systems (Sugar, Salesforce, etc). Previous experience working with an ASX-listed company in investor relations or online marketing would also be favourable.

How to apply?

Click this link to learn more about the job details and other qualifications. The same link will enable you to apply for the role as well.

You can also email for any questions or additional info needed.

Visit for more information.


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Ausgold sharpens website with key facets

Your company website is essential.

It’s where your investor community establishes their first impression on you. And it’s a way to keep in touch with them too.

Understandably, investors would most likely consider a company with a well-designed and easy-to-use site. For it assures them that the business is growing. Abreast with latest trends and technologies.

That’s why it’s strategic for your website to have the capacity to expand with your business. It should be able to have additional features and functionalities without the need to rebuild the whole site.

It’s possible with a supportive content management system running your web pages. Just take a look at how Ausgold Limited (ASX: AUC) was able to enhance its site.

Ausgold website on desktop
Ausgold’s enhanced website reflects the company’s growing business.


Ausgold is a Perth-based gold exploration and development company with a suite of projects in some of Australia’s most prospective mineral provinces. The company recently updated its website with brand-new images and content to reflect its current business strategy and projects.

Ausgold’s redesigned website puts forward its top priority – developing its Katanning Gold Project outside the South West Yilgarn region. Information and maps of this venture are efficiently provided in the site where you can also find the company’s other exploration projects in Western Australia and Queensland.

Ausgold’s latest website also reflects how the company prioritises its communications with investors. Its share prices and charts as well as gold prices are now more visible in the site, among other enhancements.

Through the website, Ausgold has full control of which news items are immediately published on the site, sent to email subscribers and posted on social media. Enabling the company to easily connect with stakeholders through multiple online touchpoints.

A LinkedIn button leading to its corporate profile is prominently located at the top of the site too. Another way to widen its audience reach as it adds followers to its company page.

Ausgold website on tablet
The improved site makes it easy for Ausgold to quickly relay news to investors.


The Ausgold website is delivered using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Ausgold on this exciting update of their investor communications capability.

If you’d like to see a list of our ASX-listed clients, please click this link.

If you’d like to talk with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

For more information, please visit our IRM website here.


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IRM Help Centre: Out with the old, in with the new

You’ve been there before.

You searched a website and found yourself time-warped. How disappointing to land on an outdated webpage!

It’s not just about the look and feel of the site. Its content and navigation should also be up-to-date and user-friendly. Agree?

This is crucial. Especially if you’re looking up a support site or help centre for your website. Would be a hassle to access a self-service support option that’s old-looking and clunky.

You prefer a do-it-yourself approach to resolving issues and answering your own questions. That’s why having a help centre that’s very convenient to use is such an advantage.

IRM Help Centre home page
Helpful features go with the new look of IRM’s Help Centre.


At IRM, we’re always trying to improve what we do. And what better way to start the year than with a new look and features for our IRM Help Centre!

Check out the fresh new layout of our Help Centre. Its modern design is easy on the eyes and effortless to navigate. Its features have also been upgraded to assist you in moving around more quickly. Here are some of the latest functions added for you.

1. An easy-to-spot search bar.

Is there a particular topic you need a hand on? Like the steps to upload a PDF? Or how to add a page?

Just use the search bar at the top of the Help Centre page to find what you need. Type in your key words and hit enter. You’ll get a list of useful links to choose from.

Search bar
A screen shot of the new search bar in Help Centre.


2. A handy list of HQi and Newsroom user topics.

The most common HQi and Newsroom user topics are now within your reach. Like how to use Newsroom or how to edit content. Just select the subject you want more detail on and you’ll be led to the page you need.

Common topics
This list will help you find practical topics HQi and Newsroom users access.


3. A tutorial video on social media accounts registration.

Sometimes watching how something’s done is easier than reading how to get it done. For those handling social media channels, our Help Centre home page currently has a tutorial on “How to Unregister and Re-register your Social Media Accounts.” This video helps you manage links of social media profiles in Newsroom, enabling you to tweet and post simultaneously with just one click.

Tutorial video
Here’s how the tutorial video section appears on Help Centre’s home page.


4. A Newsroom free trial section

Want to try IRM Newsroom? Here’s your chance to try it out. You can now get a free 30-day Newsroom trial from the Help Centre.

Newsroom is a powerful news and media aggregation and distribution tool for ASX-listed companies like yours. It allows you to easily communicate to investors and other stakeholders across multiple online touchpoints, immediately. Learn more about it here.

In Help Centre, you can click on the orange button to start your free Newsroom trial.


5. Quick links to contact IRM Support.

It’s even more convenient to reach us with these quick links. Feel free to use “Open Chat” for a live chat with one of our IRM support team members.

If you’d rather shoot us an email, click on the “Send an Email” box. We’ll do our best to respond to your email within 24 hours.

Or tap the “Give Us a Call” button, if you’d prefer to discuss your concerns with us. We’d be happy to listen to your queries and provide assistance.

Contact support
Help Centre now offers you 3 quick ways to reach IRM Support.


6. An IR ideas section with supportive IRM blogs.

Improving your website and investor communications is a continuous endeavour. You’ll need to constantly be in step with ideas and techniques to remain relevant to your audience. So we added links to valuable blog posts that can support you with that.

Popular topics
This new ideas section will give you tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your investor relations efforts.


There you have it.

If you haven’t explored our new Help Centre, now is a good time to have a go at it. Let us know what you think. Email or click on the Help Centre quick links we noted above in #5.

Visit for more details.


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Phoslock website gets up to speed with latest design

Phoslock website on tablet
Phoslock’s website provides new features that go with its new style.


It’s not just getting a new look.

A website redesign is about directing more visitors to your site. Expanding your reach. Tweaking your audience interactions. So they’ll engage more in your business.

As your business grows, so refreshing your site is inevitable. You’d have to bring it up to date with your current goals and milestones achieved, right? You’d need to showcase how your company continues to progress since you first launched or last updated your website.

A site revamp is a great way to shift your site into a more powerful online tool that drives your business forward. And this is how Phoslock Water Solutions Limited (ASX: PHK) was able to do it with ease.

Phoslock provides innovative water technologies and engineering solutions to manage nutrients and other water pollutants. The company recently teamed up with IRM to introduce a new look and features to its site.

To start off the redesign process, a design and styling discussion took place where the Phoslock team expressed their thoughts on how they wished their site to be restructured. This design discussion was turned into a brief for the IRM design team.

Phoslock chose an option from the designs presented and once the new colours, images and layouts were approved the IRM team began building the test link for the new site.

Phoslock’s updated site now offers more promo boxes for quick access to specific sections, such as its company overview and environmental certifications. The company’s share prices and charts are also highlighted on its home page. A handy reference for investors.

The website currently hosts a large footer with a site map that lists all sections, like as its Investor Centre and Media page. Speaking of communicating with investors, the website enables Phoslock to easily reach stakeholders across multiple online touchpoints. The company can decide which news items are immediately published to the website, sent to email subscribers and posted on social media.

Phoslock website on desktop
Phoslock’s highlighted share prices and charts are just some of the features in the latest site.


The Phoslock website is delivered using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Phoslock on this exciting refreshing of their investor communications capability.

Please visit our IRM website for more information by clicking here.

If you would like to check out some of our other ASX-listed clients, please tap this link.

If you would like to chat with one of our account managers, please call +61 2 8705 5444 or email


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3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Social Media Accounts

It’s all about engaging your investor audience with valuable content. You probably already know this or have heard it a few times before.

That’s why you’ve made your debut into social media, just like other socially savvy businesses. You’ve started your company’s Twitter account or LinkedIn page. Maybe even Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Social media channels
Promoting your social media channels can help expand your investor audience.


Whatever platforms you’ve selected, you’ve determined they’re the right ones to best communicate with your investor community.

You understand being on social media can boost your investor relations. You see how it can amplify your efforts to reach a wider audience and grow your business.

You value how social media can push your brand as well as your products and services. You recognise how it can attract new investors and build stronger relationships with existing ones.

Now, how to promote your social media accounts so that investors know you are active on these channels? How to have stakeholders follow you so you can keep them connected and informed?

In this article, you’ll discover 3 simple ways to promote your social media accounts to your following.

1. Add your social media icons to your home page.

Place your social media buttons in the header or footer of your website. Those areas will surely be seen by your audience. And they’ll enable your social media icons to stand out so they’re quickly accessible.

Once readers are led to your profiles, following your accounts will be a cinch. They won’t have to search for your official social media channels because the links have taken them there.

Plus, linking your website and social media platforms may increase traffic to your site. It can help to generate brand exposure and awareness of your business.

2. Include links to your social media accounts in your email alerts.

When you send emails to your subscribers, don’t forget to put links to your social media profiles or build these into all email templates that you use. These will direct subscribers to your company pages or accounts where they’ll find more info about your business.

Use your tweets or posts to offer facts and figures usually given in other formats, such as formal reporting and press releases. As your audience follows your accounts, they’ll be able to interact with you, ask questions and engage in your business.

3. Set links of your social media profiles in your other accounts.

Having different social media platforms to serve varying purposes is brilliant! Just make sure your followers will be able to identify all your accounts. This makes your brand cohesive and strengthens its visibility.

For instance, if you have a YouTube account, you can insert links to your other social media channels in your descriptions. See our example below. As mentioned in the previous step, this will allow your audience access to more details about your business.

IRM social media accounts

That’s a wrap

Social media can enlarge your audience reach. And it can potentially help investors shape their investment decisions on your company. A way to promote your profiles is by adding your social media icons to your home page. It would also be advantageous to include links of your accounts in your email alerts and in your other social media platforms.

Next stop

Have you just ventured into social media and still making your way around it? We can help.

IRM can provide you with ideas on basic digital media strategies. And we can facilitate setting up your social media accounts and company pages.

We also have tools to instantly send news to your email subscribers and via social media. IRM Newsroom makes it easy for ASX-listed companies to have a basic presence on Twitter around their ASX Announcements and other news. Click here to get a free trial.

Prefer to chat? Please call us at +61 2 8705 5444 or email You can also visit for more details.


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Effective Online Presence for Your Business

Your website gives information about your company, like your products and services, corporate news and contact details, right?

But what if your site can upgrade to an effective investor relations tool too? One that would provide you a whole online investor presence.

Your online investor presence would focus on stakeholders and attract them to your website. This would then encourage them to move to the next steps. To potentially become a committed shareholder.

Website for investor relations
Your website can upgrade to an effective investor relations tool.


At IRM, we believe there are 5 steps to lead with a great online presence for investors. Here’s a brief run through on these essential components.

1. Create a good impression with your investor website.

You should be able to do this just at a glance. We’re talking about creative design, rich content and a solid content management system to support your site. These elements need to work together to deliver the goods.

2. Provide online tools for investors.

News is important to investors. Tools that instantly send news to stakeholders are some of the great online tools that can help them be informed when making decisions. You need to be able to relay information when it happens and to wherever they are online. Fast.

3. Deliver well-designed and effective annual reports and corporate collateral

Did you know annual reports are one of the main sources investors use to research about a company? And these reports need to be in engaging formats. They should be easy to browse, have search capabilities, and be downloadable. Boring PDF files just don’t cut it anymore.

4. Look good on all devices.

More and more investors are on mobile devices for quick access to information. That’s why your website should not only look good. It’s also expected to work well on both desktop or mobile platforms.

5. Build a presence on social media

Australian companies are now using social media to reach investors and other stakeholders, according to a recent study. Companies are catching the attention of stakeholders through Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms in this digital space. And as investors are engaged, companies are able to direct them to making positive investment decisions.

Online presence for investors
These 5 steps will help you lead with a great online presence for investors.


Why not take a minute to explore these other related ideas on the IRM website? Just click the links below to learn more:

The Investor Journey

Touchpoints used by investors

Success Factors for best online investor communication


Since 2002, we’ve been helping ASX listed companies better communicate with investors online. We can help you the whole way through the investor journey – from idea generation through to engagement. You’d be in great company, with our 170 current IRM clients.

Perhaps you’d like to chat with us today? Call us on +61 2 8705 5444 (Sydney) or email

You can also visit for more details.


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