Redesign ramps up Riversdale Resources website

Riversdale Resources

Well-designed. User-friendly. Responsive.

That’s how clients and investors expect your website to be.

You can’t just have any site if you want the needs of your audience and business to be met.

Your website must be attractive, easily navigable and engaging.

And if a redesign is necessary to address that requirement, why not? The returns of having a fresh new online presence would be worth it.

Among companies attuned to this essential is Riversdale Resources Limited, an Australian incorporated coal development company.

Riversdale recently embarked on a website renovation to ramp up its online presence. The company is focused on hard steelmaking coal projects with the potential to be developed into mines supplying steelmaking coal into the seaborne market.

The makeover for Riversdale’s site resulted in more vivid images throughout the web pages. Showcasing its burgeoning operations and projects.

The new website also features the company’s blog. Sharing real-life stories and photos of how Riversdale is contributing in environmental programs and fundraisers.

More of its company news are found on its Newsletter page within the site. It’s where subscribers could sign up to receive regular updates in an informative and colourful spread.

Riversdale intends to strengthen its communications with stakeholders soon as it becomes listed on the ASX. Its website is equipped with the IRM Newsroom to quickly send out ASX Announcements and other news items to investors. It can also relay messages via email or social media channels.

Riverdale’s latest site also makes it easy for the company to connect with contractors and potential employees. It provides a form in its Contractors page, where contractors can submit information regarding transactions with the company. While its Careers section allows future team members to enlist through an application form.


Riversdale’s website was developed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Riversdale on enhancing their investor communications capability.

You can try Newsroom for free to experience its time-saving features. Just tap this link for more info.

Check out our web designs for other ASX-listed clients in this page.

To speak to one of our account managers, call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

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Incremental Oil and Gas reinvents as Eon NRG



Many companies will do it at some point. For various reasons.

Particularly when its vision has expanded beyond its initial goals.

Perhaps you’re considering one too for your company?

Take a look at how Incremental Oil and Gas Limited (IOG) changed its name to carefully realign its new strategy. A progressive move forward to strengthen engagement with clients and investors.

IOG is now known as Eon NRG Limited (ASX:E2E), an energy company focused on identifying and profitably developing resources in North America.

The company announced the rebrand establishes a more aggressive approach to value accretion through more drilling. And it supports its aim of developing a broader range of opportunities in the energy sector.

Accordingly, Eon partnered with IRM to refresh its website in relation to the move. So its new company name, logo and ticker code were all updated in the site.

Colours and fonts were also modified in the web pages to match Eon’s latest corporate palette and style guide. Of course, content was amended to correspond with the rebrand as well.

You’ll see adjustments evident in Eon’s home page and projects overview. Even its email alert templates were attuned to the fresh look and game plan.

Eon’s investor section is gaining traction with its new ticker code reflected in ASX announcements and a preliminary final report. As the business advances, more information will be available in these pages, such as its annual reports.


Eon’s website was designed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Eon on reinforcing their investor communications capability.

Want to try Newsroom for free? Click this link to get more details.

Discover our designs for other ASX-listed clients in this page.

You can also speak to one of our account managers on +61 2 8705 5444 or

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Blogging made even easier with IRM HQi

Blogging made even easier with IRM HQi

No fuss. No hassle.

Yup! No need for other blogging programs.

Say hello HQi Blog, the new blogging feature within IRM’s HQi proprietary content management system.

HQi is a user-friendly platform that gives you control over your website content, images and navigation. It also allows you to distribute news and communicate with investors.

With its latest blogging feature, you now have a simple way of putting your thoughts down and sharing it across your investor audience. What a convenient way to connect with stakeholders!

You’ll be using the same technology that runs your website. No more jumping from one platform to another.

It’s for blogging newbies and veteran bloggers that don’t need the hassle.

All you need to do is login to your HQi account and look for “Blog” on the dashboard’s left-hand menu. This section will enable you to organise your blog settings, such as your blog’s banner image, heading and description. It’s where you determine your maximum number of recent posts or archives as well as other elements.

Once you’re ready with your settings, you can easily create a new post, with its title, author and featured image. HQi will even give you the number of words you’ve brought into each post.

And managing your posts is a walk in the park. As you’ll see a list of all your posts, drafts or published, in HQi Blog. You can also assign the categories you’d like for your posts, for easy reference.

If you’re an HQi user with a WordPress blog – no worries! You can continue using WordPress and there won’t be any issues with its integration. Speak to us if you’d like to try out HQi Blog though.


Want to learn more about HQi?

Perhaps we can help you switch to a more user-friendly platform. Read more about how HQi works in this FAQs page. Or tap this link to consider plans and prices that would best suit your business.

If you’d like to discuss your options, call our IRM Client Relations Team at +61 2 8705 5444 or email us at

Discover more about the benefits of blogging for business here. And brush up on how to write a blog on this page.

Visit for more details.


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LPE secures innovative website


Is your corporate website secure?

Most often, your website is your initial contact with customers and investors. And these critical business relationships can be compromised if your site isn’t safe.

A safe website provides a sense of security for your audience when they go through your pages. As your site becomes trusted, they won’t worry about signing up in forms or engaging in other activities there.

Take a look at the website of Locality Planning Energy Holdings Limited (ASX:LPE), an electricity supplier supporting strata communities. Discover how LPE took measures to secure its web pages.

LPE teamed up with IRM to install an SSL certificate in its site. This SSL certificate gives secure, encrypted communications between its website and its audience’s internet browsers. Providing privacy and data integrity for the site and its users’ personal information. Quite useful for LPE website’s bill payment function and other online forms.

This protective capability likewise boosts LPE website’s ranking in search engines. That’s because Google considers website security as a ranking factor. So, it gives LPE an advantage over competitors in search engines.

But LPE’s website is not just about security or Google ranking.

Check out its sleek design with eye-catching images of its target market, the strata communities. The website also showcases the company’s introductory video on its home page and other videos in its internal page.

Indeed, LPE puts a premium on connecting with its clients and stakeholders. That’s why its website utilises the IRM Newsroom, a unique news aggregation and distribution service. Newsroom allows LPE to publish a news item immediately, or after an approval, in one or more of chosen distribution channels. Whether it’s through website, email alerts or social media accounts.

And LPE isn’t shy about communicating its share price to investors through its web pages. With its share price and chart on its home page, investors can easily spot the company’s recent performance. This home page feature also leads to its Investor Centre where more investor info can be found.

Moreover, LPE website’s big footer contains quick links for easy navigation within the site. It gives access to the company’s online forms too. And directs followers to its Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

Its services pages highlights logos of communities LPE now works with. While its customer pages feature testimonials describing clients’ good feedback on the company.


LPE’s website was designed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with LPE on advancing their investor communications capability.

Would you like to get the Newsroom free trial? Please click this link for more information.

If you’d like to check out IRM’s work for other ASX-listed clients, feel free to go this page.

We’d love to hear from you too! You can chat with one of our account managers on +61 2 8705 5444 or

You can also visit our website here for more details.


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Kasbah Resources asserts online presence


A corporate website is vital in today’s digital business age.

Not having a site means losing business and investors to your competitors that have such online presence.

An online presence will not only enable customers to quickly find your products or services. It will also help potential investors, business partners and employees to easily learn about your company.

But it’s not enough to just have a website. If you want to be taken seriously, you must have a professional-looking site. It’s your best shot at making a good impression on your audience.

Look at how Kasbah Resources Limited (ASX:KAS) showed its audience and competitors that it meant business. Check out this mineral exploration and development company’s website. And see how it’s advancing its Achmmach Tin Project in the Kingdom of Morocco.

To showcase Kasbah’s performance, the site’s many features include its share prices and charts. Giving an indication of the company’s health. And reflecting investor perception of its capacity to generate profits.

Kasbah’s newly launched website has a videos page and image gallery to give investors a visually appealing presentation of its projects and operations. A brilliant way to grab its audience’s attention and provide great engagement.

And to further connect with its stakeholders, Kasbah’s site is geared with the IRM Newsroom. This investor communication service gathers news from different sources, such as ASX Announcements. Then it publishes them to various distribution channels, like its website and email alerts. What a time-saving way to keep investors in the loop!

Speaking of staying connected, Kasbah’s audience can follow its social media account easily through the LinkedIn button on its website. Now, followers won’t miss any updates from the company.

Also, a careers page was included in Kasbah’s site to reach out to potential team members. Another indication of the company’s growth as it expands and makes additions to its organisation.


Kasbah’s website was designed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Kasbah on enhancing their investor communications capability.

If you’re interested about the Newsroom free trial, please click this link.

To browse through IRM’s actual work for other ASX-listed clients, feel free to go this page.

If you’d like to chat with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

You can also visit our website here for more info.


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Golden Rim momentum spurs website’s transformation


A website redesign can be burdensome.

Or not.

Depending on your content management system (CMS).

It’s actually not as complicated if your CMS can step up to the challenge.

And it can be very advantageous. Especially when your redesign aims to reflect your company’s growth and to strengthen your online presence.

Just like the CMS that runs the website of Golden Rim Resources Ltd.

With its clever CMS, Golden Rim (ASX:GMR) was able to implement functional modifications to help its website work better in reaching its investor audience. The public exploration company is focused on developing its project portfolio through exploration and strategic acquisition.

Golden Rim’s website now highlights its share prices and charts, among other enhancements. This feature gives up-to-the-minute figures that indicate the company’s performance. It includes in depth price data with buy/sell depth, last sale, volume, peer information, indices and historical information.

The new website hyped up its audio-visual capabilities with a featured video on its home page and an image gallery of its projects in Burkina Faso and Chile. It also has a video multimedia page where investors can catch all videos on its projects and strategies.

Golden Rim’s website now maximises IRM Newsroom to strengthen connections with investors. It helps the company decide which news items are published to its website, sent to email subscribers and posted on social media.

And to amplify its audience reach, social media buttons were added to the updated site. These give immediate access to the Twitter and LinkedIn accounts of Golden Rim and help the company grow its following.


Golden Rim’s website was designed using the HQi content management system and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Golden Rim on boosting their investor communications capability.

If you’d like to get the Newsroom free trial, please this link.

To browse through IRM’s actual work for other ASX-listed clients, feel free to go this page.

If you’d like to chat with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

You can also visit our website here for more info.


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Accelerate Resources goes full speed ahead


It’s never too late to switch. Especially if it’s for the better.

Accelerate Resources Limited (ASX: AX8) didn’t shy away from moving to a more suitable website when it realised its former one was outdated.

Accelerate pursues investment opportunities in Australian cobalt copper and gold exploration projects. Being a recently listed company, its efforts were focused on fully engaging with investors.

That’s why the company initially tapped IRM’s Newsroom to have a better handle on communications with stakeholders. With Newsroom, Accelerate could decide which news items would be published to its website. The tool could also enable the company to send announcements to email subscribers and posted on social media.

But Accelerate’s previous website was too clunky and couldn’t set up its news feeds. It wasn’t up to par with what it wanted to achieve in terms of connecting with its audience.

So Accelerate teamed up with IRM to redesign its site with enhanced capabilities for reaching investors. The company’s data feeds were finally set up in Newsroom and now ready for relaying messages to stakeholders.

More noteworthy changes were made in Accelerate’s website too. For instance, the home page offers the company’s latest news for easy access. An email alerts section allows investors to subscribe to its latest updates as well.

An Investor Welcome page was included in the site where stakeholders can find quick links to pertinent data, such as presentations and projects.

Since it’s newly listed, the pages for annual, quarterly and half-yearly reports remain hidden at the moment. However, these pages are ready to go live as content becomes available.


Accelerate’s website was designed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Accelerate on reinforcing their investor communications capability.

If you want to get the Newsroom free trial, just go to this page.

For a sample of IRM’s actual work for other ASX-listed clients, please click here.

If you wish to talk with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

Please visit our website through this link for more info.


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All systems go for newly-listed Carawine Resources

Carawine website

The bell has rung. And you’re no longer an unlisted company.

Will your investors see you as an amateur new IPO or a full scale ASX-listed company from Day 1?

Carawine Resources Limited (ASX:CWX) was able to manage that transition with a professional online investor presence throughout the process. The exploration company has settled into being a listed company with a primary focus to explore for, and ultimately develop mineral deposits within Australia.

Carawine now confidently communicates with investors through its website, with a little help from IRM.

To start off, a quick review of the entire site’s content was done to fine tune any words that were more relevant to the IPO process than to a listed company. Content updates were also conducted on certain sections, such as the corporate governance and announcements page.

Carawine’s home page was modified to de-emphasise its prospectus and listing process. The company’s latest ASX Announcements are now highlighted in the page as well as its share price, which was set up in internal pages too.

An investor welcome page was designed and built to address Carawine’s investor community – people who have invested or might invest or might influence other investors. Its pages for annual, quarterly and half yearly reports remain hidden for now but are ready for use soon as information would become available.

The company’s website is fully equipped to keep stakeholders informed with its activities by regularly distributing news. Plus, its footer was upgraded with new helpful links and a search bar.


Carawine’s website was designed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Carawine on establishing their investor communications capability.

If you’re a pre-listing company, this page can give you an idea on how your website can look like. And you can learn more about our special pricing for you in this section.

You can also get a no-obligation confidential roadmap to great investor communication for your upcoming IPO. Tap this link to get a quote.

See the recent IPOs supported by IRM on this page. Or check out our other ASX-listed clients here.

If you wish to talk with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

Please visit our website through this link for more info.


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BWP website perks up with newest enhancements

BWP website

There’s always room for improvement. Especially in a corporate website.

That’s not only because your company is growing. It’s also because you want to keep delivering a great user experience for your audience through your site.

And wouldn’t it be neat if these enhancements were more manageable to implement? Without a long wait for the upgrades to be carried out?

BWP Trust was able to pull off its website update with a little help from IRM. Here’s a quick recap on the newest features of the real estate investment trust’s site.

BWP invests in and manages commercial properties throughout Australia. So some of the tweaks the company made on its website were related to its property showcase.

To make it easier for the site’s audience, the property portfolio page was given a better-looking layout with details and snapshots of each property’s map. Once a property is clicked, a new page would open leading to more information on the selected real estate.

And going through the property list is not at all complicated. Because a search filter tool enables the properties to be grouped according to state. Cool, eh?

Plus, the complete property portfolio can be downloaded from the site for easy reference offline. The portfolio can be shared via email or printed as well.

BWP likewise shaped up its ASX announcements list to accommodate more releases on the page. It’s a brilliant move to make more messages visible to its audience, particularly investors and stakeholders.

Finally, a clean-up of URLs was done to reinforce BWP website’s usability and accessibility for its audience. Helping users move from one web page to another. Making the site immediately and intuitively meaningful for them.


BWP’s website was revamped using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with BWP on this improvement on their investor communications capability.

To view IRM’s actual work for other ASX-listed clients, please click here.

If you wish to talk with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

Please visit our website through this link for more info.


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Step into Navigator’s brand-new website

Navigator website on desktop
Discover the latest features in Navigator’s investor-focused website.


That feeling when you walk into an impressive corporate headquarters.

It’s not just the minimalist or no-nonsense look of the office. It’s the professional vibe that makes you want to do business with the company.

Much like how a well-designed website works. Once you enter its home page, you’d want to explore the rest of the site to see how you can engage with the establishment.

That’s the idea behind the new website of Navigator Global Investments Limited. Navigator (ASX:NGI) is the listed Australian holding company for US-based asset manager Lighthouse Investment Partners LLC.

Navigator teamed up with IRM to transform its old website into a fully-equipped modern platform that best represents its organisation. The company was able to use certain content from its former site with valuable enhancements added.

Starting with the design, Navigator picked out new colours and images to suit the site’s contemporary style. Then extra features were built in to boost the functionality of the web pages.

Quick links on the site’s home page include Navigator’s share prices and charts for easy access to stakeholders. Clicking the share prices box will direct you to the company’s Shareholder Centre where more investor information can be located.

Navigator’s latest news are also within reach from the home page. Selecting that quick link will lead you to the company’s Newsroom, offering other updates and financial reports.

What’s more, Navigator can immediately distribute ASX announcements and news items to investors through the site’s content management system (CMS). This user-friendly CMS enables the company to choose which messages to send and where to forward them – via website, email or social media channels. In just one click.

Navigator website on mobile
Navigator’s responsive website operates smoothly on various devices.


The Navigator website was developed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Navigator on this inspiring design of their investor communications capability.

If you’d like to see IRM’s list of ASX-listed clients, please click here.

Our account managers are also available to chat with you, if you’d prefer to discuss options with them. Please call us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

For more information, please visit our website through this link.


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Alkane bolsters online presence with new website

Nowadays, more investors research the Web for businesses they’re looking into.

That’s why companies have websites that not only cater to consumers or clients. They also create webpages that address investor needs. Where their company can provide information and gain the credibility investors seek.

Alkane website on laptop
Alkane’s custom website design showcases vivid colours and images that go with relevant content.


To strengthen its online presence, Alkane Resources Ltd recently launched a website with the help of IRM. Alkane is an ASX and OTCQX (US) listed multi-commodity mining and exploration company. Its projects and operations are located in the Central West of New South Wales, eastern Australia.

Alkane gave directions on the colours, images and content for its custom website design. The site details the company’s essential facts and figures spread over 120 pages. And these pages can simply be modified using a WordPress integration within its content management system. What a convenient way to update the website and provide current info for stakeholders.

In fact, the site’s features include sections for Alkane’s ASX announcements and latest news that are easily spotted from the home page. It’s a quick way to keep investors in the loop regarding the company’s projects and developments.

Other ways of staying connected with investors are Alkane’s social media buttons highlighted at the top of the website. These make certain the company is able to communicate with followers through Twitter or LinkedIn.

Alkane’s site also delivers a large footer, offering all its sections as a handy reference. An email subscription form can be found in this section as well. So investors can receive updates from the company directly to their inboxes.

Moreover, the site is equipped with Google analytics and SEO capability. Allowing it to respond well to Alkane’s nominated keywords. This function helps ensure the company ranks highly in search engines and is easy to find online.

Alkane website on mobile
Alkane’s website looks good and functions smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices.


The Alkane website was created using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Alkane on this inspiring design of their investor communications capability.

If you’d like to see IRM’s list of ASX-listed clients, please click here.

Prefer to chat with one of our account managers? Please call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

For more information, please visit our website through this link.


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New year, new features – IRM HQi Release Notes 5.1

New year, new features for HQi.

HQi is the main technology behind your website. It’s your content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily edit or add content on your pages.

HQi continually improves to stay innovative, keeping your website maintenance above par. Get ready to discover upgrades for a more user-friendly HQi experience.


Handy PDF file icons

Managing the display of PDF files in HQi just got easier. You can now use the first page of your PDF file as an icon on your list page item. Or you can opt to keep using a standard icon. Whatever your choice, you’ll only have to set this once to automatically apply this function in all your files.

PDF icon


Sleeker email functionality

Want to see how your email looks before sending to a batch of subscribers? A new HQi feature now enables you to test an email template by forwarding the message to a specific email address. This way you can double check for any revisions needed before transmitting your message to your subscriber group.

Test email


Subscriber organisation is a breeze

Adding an individual subscriber directly to a subscriber group is now possible in HQi. Just click the “Add” button and fill in the necessary details of your subscriber to include him/her in a group.

Uploading a large number of subscribers in HQi? We’ll ensure the list loads correctly on our end and send you a notification after the task is completed.

Also, you can select which subscriber groups to display in your registration page. If you have a certain group you don’t want to be available to all your HQi users, just choose to not display the group in the registration page. Tick the “Don’t Display in Public Registration Page” box and you’re good to go.

Registration page


Featured images on your list pages

Your list pages can now display your choice of featured image for each news item. Just click your news item, then hit the “Choose File” button and you’ll be directed to upload an image file for the item.

Feautured image


Blogging made easy

There’s a new blog system in HQi. Now you can create blog posts and view a list of all your work, whether drafts or published ones. You can also determine your categories and different settings, such as meta tags and banners, through this new function. Speak to IRM to help you get started with your blog.



Social media just got savvier

For social media users, you can now find information about token expiration of your social media accounts on your HQi dashboard. This helps you manage the expiration of tokens in your profiles to keep links between Newsroom and your accounts. It’s also easier to renew these tokens now too.

Also, your tweets and posts now have improved integration for images.

Social media


Clever filter tool for news items search

You can now use a filter tool to find ASX announcements or messages you sent via your website, email or social media channels. You only need to input the date range of the release or its title or source. Then click on the “Filter” button and voila! Your search results will come into view.

Released filter


Simpler editing for released announcements in Newsroom

You can now modify the title, effective date, content file, PDF or link for any of your news or announcements in Newsroom.

Update item


Newsroom WordPress plugin updates

If you’re using our WordPress plugin, you will now be able to add your events or key dates through the plugin. You can also add unsubscribe options using the new shortcode, as part of the plugin too. If you have any further suggestions for the plugin, please let us know – we’re always happy to receive feedback or new ideas.


Notification on distribution channel errors

You’ll get a notification if there’s an error on your selected distribution channel. For instance, you want to send an ASX Announcement through Twitter and LinkedIn and selected those channels in HQi. If there’s any issue with your registration on such platforms, an error message will pop up when you release the news item. This allows you to attend to the matter immediately.

Warning notice


Let’s talk

Would you like more information on these new features or a demo on them? Please call our IRM Support team on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

You can also check out our new Help Centre for more support options and quick links to have a live chat with us.

More details are available at


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Ausgold sharpens website with key facets

Your company website is essential.

It’s where your investor community establishes their first impression on you. And it’s a way to keep in touch with them too.

Understandably, investors would most likely consider a company with a well-designed and easy-to-use site. For it assures them that the business is growing. Abreast with latest trends and technologies.

That’s why it’s strategic for your website to have the capacity to expand with your business. It should be able to have additional features and functionalities without the need to rebuild the whole site.

It’s possible with a supportive content management system running your web pages. Just take a look at how Ausgold Limited (ASX: AUC) was able to enhance its site.

Ausgold website on desktop
Ausgold’s enhanced website reflects the company’s growing business.


Ausgold is a Perth-based gold exploration and development company with a suite of projects in some of Australia’s most prospective mineral provinces. The company recently updated its website with brand-new images and content to reflect its current business strategy and projects.

Ausgold’s redesigned website puts forward its top priority – developing its Katanning Gold Project outside the South West Yilgarn region. Information and maps of this venture are efficiently provided in the site where you can also find the company’s other exploration projects in Western Australia and Queensland.

Ausgold’s latest website also reflects how the company prioritises its communications with investors. Its share prices and charts as well as gold prices are now more visible in the site, among other enhancements.

Through the website, Ausgold has full control of which news items are immediately published on the site, sent to email subscribers and posted on social media. Enabling the company to easily connect with stakeholders through multiple online touchpoints.

A LinkedIn button leading to its corporate profile is prominently located at the top of the site too. Another way to widen its audience reach as it adds followers to its company page.

Ausgold website on tablet
The improved site makes it easy for Ausgold to quickly relay news to investors.


The Ausgold website is delivered using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Ausgold on this exciting update of their investor communications capability.

If you’d like to see a list of our ASX-listed clients, please click this link.

If you’d like to talk with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

For more information, please visit our IRM website here.


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IRM Help Centre: Out with the old, in with the new

You’ve been there before.

You searched a website and found yourself time-warped. How disappointing to land on an outdated webpage!

It’s not just about the look and feel of the site. Its content and navigation should also be up-to-date and user-friendly. Agree?

This is crucial. Especially if you’re looking up a support site or help centre for your website. Would be a hassle to access a self-service support option that’s old-looking and clunky.

You prefer a do-it-yourself approach to resolving issues and answering your own questions. That’s why having a help centre that’s very convenient to use is such an advantage.

IRM Help Centre home page
Helpful features go with the new look of IRM’s Help Centre.


At IRM, we’re always trying to improve what we do. And what better way to start the year than with a new look and features for our IRM Help Centre!

Check out the fresh new layout of our Help Centre. Its modern design is easy on the eyes and effortless to navigate. Its features have also been upgraded to assist you in moving around more quickly. Here are some of the latest functions added for you.

1. An easy-to-spot search bar.

Is there a particular topic you need a hand on? Like the steps to upload a PDF? Or how to add a page?

Just use the search bar at the top of the Help Centre page to find what you need. Type in your key words and hit enter. You’ll get a list of useful links to choose from.

Search bar
A screen shot of the new search bar in Help Centre.


2. A handy list of HQi and Newsroom user topics.

The most common HQi and Newsroom user topics are now within your reach. Like how to use Newsroom or how to edit content. Just select the subject you want more detail on and you’ll be led to the page you need.

Common topics
This list will help you find practical topics HQi and Newsroom users access.


3. A tutorial video on social media accounts registration.

Sometimes watching how something’s done is easier than reading how to get it done. For those handling social media channels, our Help Centre home page currently has a tutorial on “How to Unregister and Re-register your Social Media Accounts.” This video helps you manage links of social media profiles in Newsroom, enabling you to tweet and post simultaneously with just one click.

Tutorial video
Here’s how the tutorial video section appears on Help Centre’s home page.


4. A Newsroom free trial section

Want to try IRM Newsroom? Here’s your chance to try it out. You can now get a free 30-day Newsroom trial from the Help Centre.

Newsroom is a powerful news and media aggregation and distribution tool for ASX-listed companies like yours. It allows you to easily communicate to investors and other stakeholders across multiple online touchpoints, immediately. Learn more about it here.

In Help Centre, you can click on the orange button to start your free Newsroom trial.


5. Quick links to contact IRM Support.

It’s even more convenient to reach us with these quick links. Feel free to use “Open Chat” for a live chat with one of our IRM support team members.

If you’d rather shoot us an email, click on the “Send an Email” box. We’ll do our best to respond to your email within 24 hours.

Or tap the “Give Us a Call” button, if you’d prefer to discuss your concerns with us. We’d be happy to listen to your queries and provide assistance.

Contact support
Help Centre now offers you 3 quick ways to reach IRM Support.


6. An IR ideas section with supportive IRM blogs.

Improving your website and investor communications is a continuous endeavour. You’ll need to constantly be in step with ideas and techniques to remain relevant to your audience. So we added links to valuable blog posts that can support you with that.

Popular topics
This new ideas section will give you tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your investor relations efforts.


There you have it.

If you haven’t explored our new Help Centre, now is a good time to have a go at it. Let us know what you think. Email or click on the Help Centre quick links we noted above in #5.

Visit for more details.


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Phoslock website gets up to speed with latest design

Phoslock website on tablet
Phoslock’s website provides new features that go with its new style.


It’s not just getting a new look.

A website redesign is about directing more visitors to your site. Expanding your reach. Tweaking your audience interactions. So they’ll engage more in your business.

As your business grows, so refreshing your site is inevitable. You’d have to bring it up to date with your current goals and milestones achieved, right? You’d need to showcase how your company continues to progress since you first launched or last updated your website.

A site revamp is a great way to shift your site into a more powerful online tool that drives your business forward. And this is how Phoslock Water Solutions Limited (ASX: PHK) was able to do it with ease.

Phoslock provides innovative water technologies and engineering solutions to manage nutrients and other water pollutants. The company recently teamed up with IRM to introduce a new look and features to its site.

To start off the redesign process, a design and styling discussion took place where the Phoslock team expressed their thoughts on how they wished their site to be restructured. This design discussion was turned into a brief for the IRM design team.

Phoslock chose an option from the designs presented and once the new colours, images and layouts were approved the IRM team began building the test link for the new site.

Phoslock’s updated site now offers more promo boxes for quick access to specific sections, such as its company overview and environmental certifications. The company’s share prices and charts are also highlighted on its home page. A handy reference for investors.

The website currently hosts a large footer with a site map that lists all sections, like as its Investor Centre and Media page. Speaking of communicating with investors, the website enables Phoslock to easily reach stakeholders across multiple online touchpoints. The company can decide which news items are immediately published to the website, sent to email subscribers and posted on social media.

Phoslock website on desktop
Phoslock’s highlighted share prices and charts are just some of the features in the latest site.


The Phoslock website is delivered using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Phoslock on this exciting refreshing of their investor communications capability.

Please visit our IRM website for more information by clicking here.

If you would like to check out some of our other ASX-listed clients, please tap this link.

If you would like to chat with one of our account managers, please call +61 2 8705 5444 or email


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Magnum Mining Website Focuses on Investor Audience

Investors and other stakeholders usually check out websites of companies they want to investment in. After all, corporate sites are expected to be a company’s best source of information.

Imagine when a website isn’t adequately designed or isn’t functioning as well as it could. Understandably, investors’ interest in that company would likely diminish.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a well-built site that gives relevant info about your company. It’s also important that your webpage functions properly on desktop and mobile devices for smooth access.

This was the idea behind the latest website of Magnum Mining and Exploration Limited (ASX:MGU). The Australian mineral exploration company collaborated with IRM to develop a site that’s equipped for its investor community.

Magnum website on laptop
Magnum Mining recently launched an investor-friendly website.


Magnum selected the colours, images and content that would best represent the company and its vision in the newly-launched site. You’ll see the website starting to unfold its story with its overview page.

In this section, you’ll note that Magnum is currently focused on the Gravelotte Project in South Africa’s Limpopo province. The company will be conducting a bulk sampling programme related to the emeralds discovered in the area. And the results will provide the platform to formally assess the economics of a potential commercial mining operation within such project.

Another of its key operations is the Cloncurry East Project, which is at an advanced stage of exploration. Magnum explains that this project is highly prospective for iron oxide copper gold +/- cobalt mineralisation and variants of this style of mineralisation.

More details on these efforts are included on its website’s operations page. It’s where vivid maps and photos are found to showcase ongoing developments in each project.

Meanwhile, Magnum introduces its able leadership at the helm of the organisation through the website’s board of directors section. The company also offers additional data in its Investor Centre where it presents its capital structure, top 20 shareholders and share registry.

The site promptly makes ASX announcements and company reports within investors’ reach. These materials feed automatically to Magnum’s website through its efficient content management system (CMS). Through this user-friendly CMS, the company is able to decide which news or messages are sent to its selected distribution channels – via website, emails or social media and all with the click of a button!

Stakeholders can even sign up to receive Magnum’s updates by way of the Email Alerts subscription button in the website. It’s another way of engaging its investor audience as the company grows.

What’s more, Magnum’s site works effortlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. Giving investors quick access to facts and figures at their convenience.

Magnum website on mobile phone
Magnum’s site functions well on desktop and mobile devices.


Magnum’s website is powered by HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with the company on this exciting investor communications capability.

Please visit our IRM website for more information by clicking here.

If you’d like to check out some of our other ASX-listed clients, please tap this link.

If you would like to chat with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email



Noxopharm spin off launches own website

Growth. Expansion. That’s always good news.

You’d want everyone to be updated with these advancements, wouldn’t you? Especially your stakeholders. And what better way to do this than through a supportive website.

Here’s how Australian biotech Noxopharm Ltd. was able to quickly launch a site for its new subsidiary.

Nyrada website on mobile
Noxopharm teamed up with IRM to set up Nyrada’s new website.


Noxopharm recently established Nyrada Inc., a U.S.-based biotechnology spin off. The latest unit is distinct from Noxopharm as it will focus on a different aspect of drug development.

So Noxopharm partnered with IRM to create a separate website for Nyrada. One that is geared towards the investor community.

This unique site defines the relationship of Noxopharm and Nyrada. And it describes how Nyrada will run its specific operations.

Among its features, Nyrada’s website gives an overview of the unit and its management details. It has an Investor Q and A page that addresses important items for stakeholders, such as shareholder benefits and funding.

The site includes Nyrada’s corporate news to keep investors updated as the unit advances. A subscribe button is also highlighted to enable investors to receive company announcements via email.

For now, the microsite still has some basic elements. But as the unit expands, its website is certainly capable of growing with it too.

Nyrada website on tablet
Nyrada’s investor-friendly site has the potential to grow along with the company.


Nyrada’s website is delivered using HQi from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Noxopharm and Nyrada on this exciting investor communications capability.

Please visit our IRM website for more information by clicking here.

If you’d like to check out some of our other ASX-listed clients, please tap this link.

If you’d like to chat with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 or email



AuKing Mining website transforms to new brand

Auking Mining website on tablet
AuKing Mining worked with IRM to update its webpage in line with the development.


Things change. Yes, even business names.

It’s a healthy sign of dynamism as the company heads into a new direction.

That’s why it’s great to have a content management system that’s supportive of your website and company’s progress.

Just like when Chinalco Yunnan Copper Resources Limited recently rebranded as AuKing Mining Limited (ASX:AKN). The resource exploration and development company worked with IRM to update its webpage in line with the development.

AuKing Mining’s new logo, name and ASX ticker is now reflected in the site by simple changes to the CMS, which powers the site. Of course, the new brand came with a redesign of its website. With new images and revised pages, according to the company’s preferences.

Among its features, the investor-focused site provides the company’s business overview and a summary of its board and management. Information on projects with corresponding maps and details are also found in the site.

In its Investor Centre, AuKing Mining stakeholders can quickly access key facts and figures, such as its investor fact sheet, share price information and top 20 shareholders. ASX announcements and annual reports can be viewed there as well. And these news items can be readily sent out to subscribers through the site’s sophisticated distribution capability to subscribers and social media.

Another unique feature of the website is its version in the Chinese language. Stakeholders can just select their language preference at the top right corner of the site. It’s a convenient way of expanding the company’s investor audience, both current and potential ones.

Auking Mining website on mobile phone
Stakeholders can quickly access key facts and figures in AuKing Mining ‘s Investor Centre.


The AuKing Mining website is delivered using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with AuKing Mining on this exciting refreshing of their investor communications capability.

Please visit our IRM website for more information by clicking here.

If you would like to check out some of our other ASX-listed clients, please tap this link.

If you would like to chat with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 (Sydney) or email



Introducing Incremental Oil and Gas’ Newest Website

Incremental Oil and Gas website on mobile
Incremental website’s new features are geared for its investment community.


Seen the latest website of Incremental Oil and Gas Ltd (ASX: IOG)? It just became more investor-friendly! Here’s how the oil and gas producing company tweaked its site for the better.

As part of efforts to boost investor relations, Incremental got down with IRM to redesign the website with modern colours and style. Advanced functionalities were also added to the site, which runs on HQi, IRM’s proprietary content management system.

Incremental’s home page now unfolds a contemporary look with moving images. The page brings forward various features, such as a company video and several projects in onshore USA. An investor fact sheet and portfolio of producing assets are emphasised in the home page, as well as selected ASX Announcements. Not to forget, there’s an email alerts form where current or potential investors can subscribe for company news.

For smooth navigation, the website’s internal pages have images and buttons for accessibility and printing. And Incremental can easily modify the site’s internal pages and certain home page features through HQi. Yes, even without the help of a web developer. HQi’s dashboard is very manageable, you know.

The website is fully responsive for different devices, like mobile phones and tablets. It’s equipped with SEO capability and has Google Analytics tracking code in all pages. This helps Incremental to increase its site’s visibility on search engine results. A good move for potentially expanding its investor audience.

In fact, the site is even social media savvy. Connected with the company’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts via IRM Newsroom. IRM’s news aggregation and delivery tool allows Incremental to send communications effortlessly to stakeholders in various ways. Whether it be through its website, email or social media accounts.

Incremental Oil and Gas website
Incremental’s updated site is equipped with social media and SEO capabilities.


Is your website due for a makeover?

Chat with us! We’ve been helping a lot of ASX-listed clients with their online investor tools since 2002. Get in touch with our IRM Client Relations Team today at +61 2 8705 5444 (Sydney) or

You can also request a quote on the site you have in mind. Or select a plan and price that matches your budget.

Visit for more info.



Plus Connect Website Finds Perfect Match in IRM HQi

Plus Connect website
Plus Connect used IRM’s proprietary CMS to set up its website with selected colours, images and content, in a bid to support investor relations.


Are you on the hunt for the right content management system for your website? Read on to see how Plus Connect Limited’s site just found its perfect match in IRM’s HQi proprietary CMS.

IRM and Plus Connect (ASX:ACU) worked together to launch the latest webpage of the Australian company that offers online betting and social gaming products. The online gaming company hand-picked its colours, images and content for the website that aims to support investor relations. Through the well-designed site, the company highlighted a wide range of key information about its business, its board of directors, management team and partners, among other things.

What’s more, the practical webpage hosts an Investor Centre, where shareholders are received with a welcome page and given up-to-date share price information. It skilfully features the company’s ASX announcements as well as annual, half-yearly and quarterly reports, which feed automatically onto the website through HQi.

This automatic feed is possible through HQi’s integration with IRM Newsroom, enabling Plus Connect to communicate with investors with ease. Through this news aggregation and delivery tool, the company can conveniently share announcements through its site and simultaneously send them to subscribers via email or LinkedIn. Email alerts sign-ups are also available on the webpage for investors to subscribe to. That way they don’t miss any news from the company.

Click the links to experience the smooth functionality of Plus Connect’s website and Investor Centre.

Plus Connect mobile
Plus Connect’s website is easily accessible on desktop and mobile devices.


Interested to get a new CMS for your website?

Allow us to assist you today! We’ve created webpages for numerous ASX-listed companies. If you’d like to get a quote on your planned site, tap here. Or pick out a plan and price for your business through this link.

If you’d prefer to chat about your plans, call us at +61 2 8233 6168 (Sydney) or email

Visit for more details.


IRM Builds Investor-friendly Websites for Seymour Whyte

Seymour Whyte website
IRM used its HQi proprietary content management system to develop three websites for Seymour Whyte group.


IRM unveiled investor-focused websites for Seymour Whyte Limited (ASX:SWL) and its two divisions. The infrastructure, engineering and construction firm holds a group portfolio that consists of Seymour Whyte Constructions and Rob Carr Pty Ltd, its civil and utilities infrastructure divisions, respectively.

IRM developed each of the websites using its proprietary content management system, called HQi. Through HQi, the progressive sites provide details about the company, its divisions as well as its board and executive team. The group’s various projects are also distinctly described and clearly located through interactive maps in the web pages.

In addition, HQi features the IRM Newsroom, allowing the group’s news to be sent out speedily through its websites, email or social media platforms. An Investor Centre is likewise included in the parent company’s site to keep shareholders abreast on ASX Announcements, share price information and financial reports and presentations.


Seymour Whyte mobile website
Seymour Whyte group’s websites are fully functional on mobile devices, such as phones or tablets.


To facilitate a smooth access for investors, the websites are fully functional on mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. Seymour Whyte can also refresh data on the sites effortlessly as HQi enables content and pages to be edited or added, among other capabilities.

Kudos on your innovative websites, Seymour Whyte! Tap the links to visit the sites of Seymour Whyte Limited, Seymour Whyte Constructions and Rob Carr Pty Ltd. Click here to visit the Investor Centre.


Time to raise the bar on your corporate webpage?

Allow us to assist you today! You can choose a plan and price that’s best suited for your business. Or enquire for a quote on your intended site here.

Better yet, get in touch with our IRM Client Relations Team at +61 2 8233 6168 (Sydney) or to chat about your proposed webpage.

You can also survey our actual work on satisfied clients here. Or go to for more details.

IRM Activates Pilbara Minerals’ Investor-driven Website

IRM worked in partnership with Pilbara Minerals Limited (ASX:PLS) to develop the latest website of the emerging lithium and tantalum producer. Pilbara is focused on the development of its world-class 100% owned Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project in Western Australia.

Pilbara Minerals website
Pilbara Minerals’ website showcases an Investors & Media page.


IRM deployed its HQi content management system to build and run the cutting-edge webpage, using Pilbara’s selected colours, content and images. Among its many purposeful facets, the website’s home page showcases a share price promo box and interactive 3D animations on projects.

The modern site’s Investor Centre opens with a welcome page laying out Pilbara’s top 20 shareholders, reports and announcements as well as corporate calendar. On the other hand, the Media section exhibits a gallery of photos and videos on the company’s undertakings.

Pilbara’s brand-new webpage is equipped with the IRM Newsroom. This ground-breaking tool enables the company to distribute news through its website, email or Twitter and Instagram accounts with the click of a button. It’s a time-saving way for the company to promptly stay in touch with stakeholders.

Though the webpage is up and running, Pilbara can update content and modify the site any time through HQi and without the need for a web developer. However, IRM support is likewise ensured should the company need any assistance on handling the site.

Pilbara Minerals website on mobile phone
The purposeful website is accessible on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.


Cheers on your new site, Pilbara Minerals! Tap the links to browse through the company’s website and Investors and Media page.

Seeking a corporate website that connects with investors?

Have a look at some of the webpages we’ve set up for our numerous satisfied clients. You can choose a plan and price for your business here or enquire for a quote on your planned site through this link.

Get in touch with our IRM Client Relations Team today at +61 2 8233 6168 (Sydney) or to start the ball rolling on your new website. Or go to for more details.

IRM HQi Release Notes 5.0

Seen the new design of our upgraded HQi content management system? How about the advanced features we’ve added to help you more easily manage your webpage?

Read on to get details of several enhancements we’ve made. Or email if you’d like more information or would like to request a demo on these new features.

A New Look for HQi

We’ve revamped HQi’s design to give it a more contemporary yet corporate look. Click here to see the latest features that allow you to view your up-to-the-minute announcements, number of subscribers and users, among other upgrades.


Easier Manual Upload in Newsroom

You can now choose exactly where you’d like to publish your company news direct from the Manual Upload input screen. You can then publish from the Pending section after you’ve uploaded your announcement.
Manual upload

YouTube and Shopify Integration

Talk about expanding your market reach! Newsroom now allows you to share your YouTube videos to your subscriber groups. You can also update them on new products or blog posts in Shopify.

YouTube logo

Smoother Social Media Links

A preview of your post is now available when you share news in Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media channels. No need to double check how the update would appear in your selected channel.

Downloadable Showcase List

You can now export your Showcase entries from HQi. This helps facilitate a trouble-free way of sharing or managing your data.

Showcase list

Data Specifics in Showcase Addresses

Sometimes false results come up when you include addresses through longitude and latitude details. No worries! You can now use the free text method for clarity of data.

Spell Check in Editor

Did you know you can now spell check your posts in Editor? You’ll know you have a misspelling when the red line appears under incorrect words. Less stressful writing!

Spell check

Trackable Links on List Pages

All external links on list pages are now trackable, not just PDF links.

Smarter Custom Mail Section

We cleaned up the Custom Mail section to give you a more efficient method of handling your company announcements.

Desktop screenshot

Job Summary on Career Page

The Career Page now has a summary section where you can give a brief introduction of your specific job posting. This field can include a sentence or two of primary details about the vacancy.


Support Request Upgrades

You can now approve and edit proposed tasks from our Support team. It’s a great way to have us get started on the suggestions that will improve your website.

IRM revamps HQi with advanced features

Generated excellent financial results during the last quarter? Perhaps you’re expanding your business to a new area or strengthening your team with experts?

Investors want to be promptly informed about your company’s latest news. And what better way to keep them in the loop than through an updated website showcasing your growth!

IRM understands enhancing your website is vital to that growth process. That’s why we continually upgrade our HQi content management system to fully support your advancements and help you easily manage your web page.

IRM’s innovative HQi content management system features a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to control content, without the help of a web developer. The latest upgrade allows you to view your up-to-the-minute announcements, number of subscribers and users, among other features.

The redesigned HQi also highlights new lists that indicate most recent updates on your website. There are more quick links now too so you can briefly find content you need to modify.

The enhanced HQi includes the IRM Newsroom, the leading software that helps ASX-listed companies communicate with investors. Newsroom is equipped with social media enabling, mail reporting as well as email alerts management.

Want to make your website more relevant to investors?

We’d love to help you to get started on recreating your web page! Email our IRM Client Relations Team today at or call us at +61 2 8233 6168 (Sydney).

Browse through our plans and prices to see what would fit your needs or enquire for a quote on your desired site.

You can also check out our growing list of satisfied clients or visit for more details.

IRM HQi 4.5 Release Notes

We’re happy to announce another new release of our software – HQi 4.5 is here. As usual we’ve been busy behind the scenes adding new features and improving the staples. If you have any questions regarding the new update or would like to arrange a demo, please feel free to get in touch.

Read on to discover what’s new and what’s changed…

Social Media Token Expiration Notifications

IRM Newsroom has the ability to publish your announcements and other news to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

The security and privacy settings at these companies require you to login again every 90 days, which means you’ll have to relink Newsroom to your account at the same time when this security token expires.

If you try to publish news to a social media account where you’ve been logged out, we’ll send you a friendly reminder email to let you know that you’ll just need to hop in and log on again to re-establish the connection.

Simple Form for Email Sign Ups

We now offer the ability for a simple sign up form that can be integrated almost anywhere on your site.

Sometimes visitors will not want to fill in lots of details as part of a sign up so this can allow them to simply add their email address to receive updates. We know that investors go through an investor journey before they decide to invest in your company and signing up for your email alerts is a crucial step – make sure it’s easy for them to do so.

Here’s a nice example from the new Thorn Group website:

email updates

IRM Newsroom Menu Items

We’ve moved some of the dashboard menu items together so that the elements regarding your ASX announcements can be found under the Newsroom module.

What’s changed?

All that has changed is that we’ve moved the Upload Historically and Edit Announcement options from their own section so they now sit within the IRM Newsroom module.

The functionality is the same, it’ just a bit of housekeeping on our side.

historical uploadIRM Newsroom

IRM Newsroom to handle multiple ticker codes

Newsroom can now run multiple ticker feeds and use different distribution channels for each.

Ideal for clients such as property trusts that deal with more than one listed fund. These can now be managed through one content management system, making it easier for the end user to control all of their announcements.

Add http & https dropdown in redirect page setting

On redirect pages, you can now choose from http or https from the dropdowns.


Image galleries – ability to add individual alt tags

Image alt tags are great for SEO. Now you can add and edit these more easily for each individual image via the content management system.

edit image

Ability to view list pages with unapproved content from HQi

When adding items to list pages you can now preview the list page itself with your unpublished item shown.

authorise content

IRM client websites outperform the industry on mobiles and desktops


IRM client websites outperform the industry on mobile websites and desktops

IRM tested 1305 ASX listed company websites (with market cap over $5m) in May 2016.

We are pleased to advise that IRM developed websites outperform the ASX averages in all categories. This is just one more way the IRM assists its clients to stand out from the crowd.

Google Mobile Tests

The measures used here are the Google mobile tests and the Google page speed insight tests. We used the published URL of the website (as provided by the ASX) as input to the tests.

The tests indicate whether tie web page is mobile friendly, the Mobile Speed, Mobile Usability Experience (UX), and the Desktop Speed – the last three expressed by Google as a percentage score.

Mobile Friendly Sites

This data refers to 772 ASX listed mobile friendly websites, compared with IRM’s mobile friendly websites.

  • The average mobile speed of listed company sites is 56.4. IRM clients scored 62.4.
  • The average mobile UX of listed company sites is 96.9. IRM clients scored 97.7.
  • The average desktop speed of listed company sites is 67.4. IRM clients scored 74.3.

The average market cap of the ASX listed company sites tested is $1,391m. The average market cap of IRM clients’ mobile sites is $376m. This shows that you don’t need to be a large company to stand out from the crowd.

All Sites

All IRM clients scored

  • 63.5 on mobile speed vs 58.9 for all companies
  • 89.9 on mobile UX vs 85.0 for all companies, and
  • 74.8 on desktop speed vs 68.8 for all companies.

IRM has an above average number of smaller market cap clients. The average market cap of all IRM clients, both mobile friendly and not mobile friendly, is $296m, vs the average of all ASX listed company sites of $1,235m. IRM’s few remaining non mobile friendly sites (above $5m market cap) average just $75m market cap.

Other issues

These tests, courtesy of Google, apply to the website page tested. However, there’s a lot more to an effective mobile online presence.

Your email alert templates, newsletters, annual reports and all the investor tools need to be responsive as well. At IRM, how else would we do it?

Best news of all?

What do you need to do to have an IRM online presence that is fully responsive and a website that performs well in all these tests?

Do nothing special, just leave it to IRM.

All IRM websites built since 2013 are responsive to all devices.

How to get to Responsive

We understand the redeveloping a full website might be a daunting process. Many companies doing this choose to re-think their messages, images, and content generally across the site. This can be a large and time consuming exercise.

To get to responsive, you don’t need to do all that, though if you do need to, responsive becomes a by-product of the project.

A site migration to IRM’s HQi technology can preserve your existing investment in content and messages. It’s a “technology transplant” of the content to the IRM responsive platform.

Explore a site migration on this page of the IRM website.

When you’re with IRM, we leave you to concentrate on your investor messages, and we look after all the technology.

More information

The details of the IRM May 2016 mobile friendly website research results are in this blog post.

There is more information at about mobile websites an site migrations. There is a blog post about the importance of responsive design here, and the importance of “Mobile” as a Success Factor in online investor communications is explored in our website page on success factors here and in our Success Factors White Paper here.

Would you like to stand out from the crowd? Talk to IRM about a fully responsive online presence. Contact us, call Danny Hunt on +61 2 8233 6168, or email him at

What’s New in IRM HQi 4.4?

Does a feature in HQi look different from the last time you used it? We are constantly working away in the background to add new features and improve the existing ones.

This article provides an overview of the changes that we’ve made along with links to the help centre to explain how they work so you can get the benefits of the new features.

As usual, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the updates or would like to make use of the new features and would like some guidance around setting them up.


WordPress Integration for Newsroom

IRM offers a WordPress plugin that automatically sends new and updated blog posts to IRM Newsroom. The plugin also allows the full blog to appear in the investor website with all the same navigation as the website, without additional or duplicate coding.

The IRM website is an example of integrating a WordPress Blog into an HQi website with IRM Newsroom. You will see that this site has a list of blog posts under a news heading in each section of the navigation. It also has the full blog integrated to the website under the IRMatters top level navigation. IRM can decide to distribute its blog news to different pages of the websites, to the Email Alerts list maintained in this website, or to social media, automatically and instantly, using the power of IRM Newsroom.

Moving Announcements Between Pages

After receiving feedback from one of our users that the current method to move announcements between pages was a little confusing we thought we would improve the procedure.

At the bottom of the list page in the cms, there’s now a Move option next to each article.

What’s new in IRM 4 - Google Docs

Separating Pending and Released Announcements in IRM Newsroom

For ease of use and to save any confusion we’ve split the pending and released announcements into their own pages.

Before this was found under one section named “Authorise”, but we feel it makes a bit more sense to split them into one section for Pending announcements and one for announcements that have already been released.


Ability to Change Homepage Elements

We’ve developed a new and improved way for you to be able to update areas of the homepage of your site. This may be text and smaller images or even the larger images and links that are part of your slider.

For older sites this may need a little bit of tweaking for us to set up, in which case you should speak to your Account Manager or lodge a support request through HQi or here.

Option for Clients to List Their ASX Ticker on Announcement Pages

Along with the additions to show file size or file type on list pages, you can now also choose to show your ticker code.

This will be particularly useful for sites that are showcasing announcements for multiple ticker codes.

Here it is in full swing at the IRM site:


Custom Image Icons on List Pages

Now that you are able to include different file types on list pages, you’re also able to set different icons to use as defaults for those varying file types.


Intranets and Secure Site Improvements

We’ve added new directories to our secure sites to make it easier to maintain important documents.


We’ve also fixed a few bugs and improved the following features:

  • Write privileges bug fixes.
  • User Group roles bug fixes.
  • Role security can now be applied to sub-directories through checkbox settings.

More information about an IRM secure site or intranet can be found here.

Showcase Module Improvements

The showcase module previously allowed you to filter by location where now you are able to also able to filter by categories.

We make use of this great feature on the new IRM website for our Client Showcase.


Newsroom distribution icons now clickable

Within the Newsroom Pending and Distribution Channels pages, the icons are now clickable and will take you through to where you can edit those particular settings.


Even More Flexibility Through the New Customisation Module

Sometimes we’re asked to code custom features for client websites which can involve some complex coding. Another requirement of the custom feature is that the client will need to update the feature too which can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky.

We’ve developed a module named “Customisation” which is useful for when client’s need to amend particular content on features that would usually require a developer to update.

It works by using a more intricate version of find and replace. It means that we can hardcode a value, give you an area where you can set a new value and the find and replace operation takes care of the rest.

A good example is home page image sliders that we mentioned earlier.


Online Reports – upgraded and restyled

Online reports are popular with IRM clients for showcasing important documents – such as annual reports and quarterly activities statements. In today’s IRMatters post, we highlight the upgrades we’ve made to our Silver Online Reports.

Last August we wrote about the value of online reporting and the variety of online annual reports that IRM provides for clients. Today, Matt White and the IRM graphics team are proud to announce an upgrade to the Silver online reports product.

While we all know the annual report is a compliance document, it can also be a critical marketing tool for a company. When properly structured, written and designed, an annual report can work as a resource that informs/reassures existing investors and as one of the tools in your kit to attract new investors.

The new silver report format has been launched in response to demand from our clients.  It now displays reports in an electronic book-reading format.  A table of contents provides navigation and a number of other usability features. When launched, a silver report opens up like a book on the coffee table:

Growthpoint 2015 Interactive Annual Report

The new format of report is fully responsive, and therefore will work on all mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop machines.  It is fast to load and provides an excellent user experience with a high quality page flip animation.

Growthpoint 2015 Interactive Annual Report2

Growthpoint 2015 Interactive Annual Report3

Other new features include:

  • The capability to navigate to a specific section, or page,
  • The ability to turn pages using the corners, or click of left and right arrows.
  • Advanced document searching for particular words or search terms.


An example of a recently released Silver Online Report is available here – with Growthpoint Properties‘ Annual Report for the year ended June 2015.

For more detail on IRM’s online reports, please click here.

Looking for an online reporting solution?

In case you’d like to discuss your reporting requirements, IRM’s Art Director, Matt White can be contacted via: email – or phone: +61 2 8233 6168.


Find a broker with the new NZ brokers website

There are thousands of companies offering insurance brokerage services on the internet.

Finding the right broker can be a strenuous process but in this post we’ll feature the NZ brokers ‘Find a broker’ site that helps make it a little easier.

About NZ brokers

NZ brokers is New Zealand’s third largest insurance broking group, representing over 53 independent businesses across the country with well-respected and well-established member brokers who share the purpose to better serve their clients.

NZ brokers is backed by Austbrokers Holdings Ltd (ASX: AUB), an ASX listed business with 30 years of experience in the industry, locally run by local professionals, for local businesses.


The brief

After leading financial institution, AUB Group Ltd (ASX: AUB) formed NZ brokers, they wanted to offer two key pieces of functionality:

  • The new ‘Find a broker’ feature which would enable NZ customers and potential customers to easily find brokers within their desired location:



  • A new blog section, through which to keep current and potential customers across the company’s latest news:



The solution

In order to deliver consistency across both NZ brokers and AUB Group’s sites, the new NZ brokers website was developed in line with the corporate website framework and structure of AUB Group’s, but using the styles and colours which matched NZ brokers’ style guide.

This website was built in a fully responsive fashion, allowing it to work across all mobile devices. It features the ‘Find a broker’ option where existing and potential customers can search for a broker by location or by name, and then results are shown inside an embedded interactive map with contact information.

ipad-nzbrokers iphone-nzbrokers

NZ brokers also installed a blog through which to keep their audience apprised of their latest news and updates.  The blog was built using WordPress, and was designed to fit in seamlessly with the look and feel of the NZ brokers’ corporate site. It is housed within the news centre and the business has already developed a following through regularly posting news pieces to its audience.  You can check out the blog at or read the top three latest post through the red teaser box on the homepage.

Congratulations NZ brokers!

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you through the development of your corporate website. We particularly like the new ‘Find a broker’ feature.

Are you considering including a blog or interactive map feature in your website?

Setting up with a blog or location finder is easy.  If you’re interested in a discussion about how to get started, please contact Danny Hunt via email:, phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see for more detail.

BWP Trust’s corporate website, featuring Property Finder with interactive map

Last year, we launched the new, custom built, corporate website for Bunnings Warehouse Property Trust (BWP), featuring a Property Finder which utilises one of HQi’s key features – our Showcase software. An overview of how it’s used is featured in today’s IRMatters post.

BWP Trust (ASX: BWP) is a real estate investment trust, that invests in and manages commercial properties throughout Australia.

The majority of BWP’s properties are large format retailing properties, in particular, Bunnings Warehouses, leased to Bunnings Group Limited (“Bunnings”) who is the leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living products in Australia and New Zealand. They are also a major supplier to project builders, commercial trades people, and the housing industry.


The Brief

Along with an increase in traffic to, BWP identified the need to refresh the look and feel of the site and improve its functionality in order to better serve clients and better engage with investors. One feature that was very important to BWP was the ability to showcase their property locations in an effective way, easily navigated by visitors to the site.


The Solution

IRM proposed enhancing the location finder capabilities of its HQi content management system so BWP could use the system to easily maintain details on each of its properties. The system was modified such that it would enable any client that needed a location finder or a way of showcasing activities in different locations, to maintain and control their location finders via a function in the back end of HQi.  (Read more about the modifications and how the system works in HQi 4.2 post, here.)

Visitors to the BWP website are shown an interactive map which features the location of each property.  The interactive map, sourced from Google Maps, enables the use of satellite images and street view where available from Google. Hovering over the location shows property details, and clicking on the location displays a web page with the full property details.

This is an example of how the feature appears on mobile devices:



Thanks BWP!

We are delighted with your new corporate web site and think it’s an excellent resource for your stakeholders.  Thanks for the opportunity to work together on the project!

Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a new investor centre or corporate web site, get in touch with Danny Hunt at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Danny via email: or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see for more detail.

IRM HQi upgraded to Release 4.3

The IRM team is pleased to announce the release of version 4.3 of IRM HQi. The new release includes the third major set of improvements to IRM HQi and Newsroom for 2015. We think this release is our best one for the year!

In each of our releases we enhance our features list with new ways to save you time and help you be more productive when it comes to your IR efforts.

IRM HQi Release 4.3 was rolled out to all client sites for both website and IRM Newsroom clients in early December 2015. Here’s the main summary of what’s new:

There are three new major features, each of which is described in a separate blog post covering that subject:

There are numerous smaller features in the release, many of which are discussed briefly below.

  • Context sensitive help
  • Spell checking using the HQi Editor
  • Adding custom text above list pages (eg ASX Announcements)
  • Individual user uploads
  • Gallery Container pages
  • Uploading multiple images to galleries
  • Changing your internal page image banners through HQi
  • Directories in secure sites (Beta)

Context sensitive help

We have made our help resources more intuitive to enable you to find the detail you need more easily.

Previously in HQi the various help buttons took you to the home page of the IRM help centre at Now they will take you directly to the page that is relevant to the context of the current location – so you will get more quickly to the help for that part of HQi or Newsroom.

Spell check in Content Editor

You’ve made your updates, you’ve approved the changes and you’ve gone back to read through the new changes to your site only to find that you’ve misspelled something. Not any more – it’s now possible to spell-check your content before sending it live using the content editor in HQi.


Adding custom text above list pages

We’ve had requests in the past to add introductory text to our list pages (the ones that show your announcements or releases) and now you have the power to do this through HQi.

Find out how to do this over at our help centre:

Individual user uploads

You could previously add multiple users but there was no clear way to add a single new user to your site. Now it’s easy with the new “Create new user” button underneath the Manage Users module in HQi.


Gallery Container pages

For those who want to show a range of galleries on one web site page we’ve introduced Gallery Container Pages. Previously you could add as many single gallery website pages as you wanted, but there was no way to add a web page to your site that displayed all of your galleries.

When you add a page to the CMS you’ll be asked which type of page you would like to add, now you can simply select a gallery container page as shown below, and the system will step you through the rest of the set up.

For more information on these container pages, visit our help centre article here:

Upload multiple images to a gallery at once

Now, instead of uploading images one by one you can upload multiple images to galleries.

To do this, while uploading images simply select Ctrl on your keyboard and you’ll be able to upload multiple images. Find out more about how to use image galleries here:

Change your internal page image banners through HQi

Up until now, the banner images on the internal pages of your site have been coded by us but we’ve added options in the CMS so that you can now update these images as and when you choose to do so.


To find out how to do this, follow the article on our help centre here:

Directories in secure sites

Confidential file sharing is being increasingly used by businesses to increase productivity and team efficiency. It is important to know that if you’re sharing files, you’re able to keep the sensitive information secure.

This release contains a beta version of support for file directories to our secure sites. These can now include a full directory structure of files, to allow you to create, edit and remove folders as well as upload/edit/move and remove files while controlling the read and write access at the same time. Excellent for Intranet applications, data rooms, Board documentation and internal working groups, where secure access to lists of documents is needed. Its in beta because we have some improvements in mind for a more fulsome roll out in the next release.

You can find more detail on each of the features noted here in the IRM Help Centre at

If you have any ideas for new features that you would like to see or feedback on our existing features library, we would like to hear from you. Feel free to send ideas, feedback, thoughts and comments across to

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Enhanced Support Services for IRM HQi and IRM Newsroom

Enhanced Support Services for IRM HQi and IRM Newsroom

Release 4.3 of IRM HQi – for IRM website and Newsroom clients – was released in December 2015. It provides users of the HQi content management system the ability to request and track support requests through HQi.

cms-logo newsroom_logo_colour

Once logged in to HQi, a user can “Create New Support Request”. It can include a descriptive title, a priority, an optional link to the affected web page, an optional link to a shared Dropbox folder of any attached files, and a free form text description of the request.

The support request is logged in real time to IRM’s support team with a status of “Not Started”. As the request progresses, you will be able to monitor the changing status as evidence of progress.



Also available is a list of all of the previously logged support requests, filtered by currently open /all requests. This is a list of all support requests submitted by any HQi user for this company, so you can see what others have requested if there are multiple people involved.

From the list, the user can select an individual request and see the current status of the request, the expected completion date, and any comments made by IRM support people.


IRM prides itself on its high quality and quick support service. The HQi support request capability is just another way for clients to request support – and naturally we are still available on the phone and by email as usual!

Finally, if you’d like to view previous support requests not submitted through HQi, e.g. your recent phone or email support requests, ask us to attach them to the list.

Find out more about how this works in the IRM Help Centre at:

Please let us know if you have comments or suggestions about this new initiative, we’re always looking to improve!

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IRM Newsroom enhancement for Boardroom.Media clients

IRM Newsroom enhancement for Boardroom.Media clients

Use the power of IRM Newsroom to extend the reach of your Boardroom.Media video and audio articles!

IRM is pleased to announce that in HQi release 4.3 there are enhancements specifically for those IRM clients who are also clients of Boardroom.Media (formerly Boardroom Radio or BRR Media).

Many IRM clients have a web page on their websites displaying the Boardroom.Media articles they have published over the years. There have been various ways of including the data on the company website. Some clients include the relevant full page from Boardroom.Media as an iframe, others post individual articles manually to an IRM list page. These methods are either too labour intensive, not technically elegant of just clunky. And not being fully automated, there’s room for finger trouble!

A new, fully integrated experience

Now you can receive an IRM Newsroom alert immediately as soon as Boardroom.Media publishes an article. Think of it as being much the same as an ASX Announcement. IRM Newsroom will do similar things:

  1. You receive an alert asking how you want to publish the article – to the website on the BRR media page, the headline news page or elsewhere, and optionally to the Email Alert subscriber list and social media channels.
  2. Click on “release” and it’s all published and distributed. Immediately.
IRM Newsroom monitors your
company news. Now as well as
ASX announcements this includes
Boardroom.Media articles.
Newsroom automatically sends you
an alert via email immediately
the article is available.
From the Newsroom email alert
you can reject, edit, or release
the article, giving you total
control. You can also choose auto
publishing without this step.
IRM Newsroom simultaneously
publishes the article to your
chosen channels such as selected
pages on your website, Email
Alerts, or social media.
It’s fast, and easy.

Automatic publishing saves you time

Optionally, configure the settings in IRM Newsroom to do it all automatically. You’ve made the commitment to the Boardroom.Media article, why not have it reach automatically to your website pages, Email Alert subscribers and social media channels? Immediately, and with no effort. How good is that!

Article placement

You can use the power of IRM Newsroom to display the article on multiple web pages. For example, if it’s a webcast of your AGM, it should go on the AGM or Annual Reports pages, intertwined with the ASX Announcements on the same subject. Likewise, it should feature on the Home Page headline news with the latest most important ASX Announcements, and it could even have its own home page headline news category so the recent articles stay around longer on the home page.

Search and analytics

The articles will be available on the website’s site map, through the IRM site search function, and through search engines such as Google, which will draw that traffic direct to your website. You will also be able to track statistics of the views of the Boardroom.Media articles through the IRM website analytics services.

Investors will find the Boardroom.Media articles in more places at more times, and therefore be better informed about your key messages.

An IRM setup fee and a small additional monthly charge applies for this service. Please ask IRM for more details and a quote.

We are ready to go now and can set up the new service on your site within a week.

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Online IRM product catalogue for IRM HQi and IRM Newsroom users

Users of IRM’s HQi content management system and IRM Newsroom can now access an online Product Catalogue of IRM products and services through HQi.

It’s all part of IRM trying to be more informative and more responsive to our clients when they are thinking about  enhancements, changes and ideas that are not yet in the “definite” category (for which the Support Request function is better).

cms-logo newsroom_logo_colour


You can now see descriptions of our products and services, look at online product information, prices, case studies and samples, all directly from HQi. You can browse, explore, enquire, get a quote, or buy, without needing to go through a multi step process with our account and sales people, if that’s the way you prefer to do these things.

Here’s how it looks and works:

Once logged in to HQi, a user can “Request a Service” to look at the list of products and services available in the online catalogue.


Products and services are classified by Manufacturer, and initially there are some Boardroom.Media products and services in the catalogue as well as a number of IRM products and services. We’ll keep building out the catalogue over time.

For each Manufacturer, the products and services are divided into categories and sub-categories. For example, initial IRM product categories are IRM websites, IRM Newsroom, IRM Support and IRM Graphic Design Services. Categories and subcategories are dynamic and will change over time as we refine the online catalogue.

Each product in the IRM Product Catalogue has information which describes the product, including links to online product descriptions, pricing, and samples or case studies of the product or service. There’s a capability to provide additional information, attach dropbox files, and give us a full description of what you are thinking about. You can then enquire, ask for a quote, or buy a product.


A work in progress

The IRM Product Catalogue itself will grow and improve over time. The initial data in it is a long way short of the full information we will in future be seeking to provide about our products and services online.

A swift turn-around and a better serving offering

When you use the facility to request a product or service, you will receive the immediate attention of our account management team!

Of course you can always phone or email (or both, if you like!) It’s our intention through this mechanism to give you a better service!

Once you have requested a service, you can see the list of previously requested services and the status of them, including any notes we may have made about the request. This is a list of all services requested by any HQi user for this company, so you can see what others have requested if there are multiple people involved.

Our responses will normally be by email or phone, so you don’t have to keep running back to HQi to look for an answer.

The request for a service is logged real-time to IRM’s account management team with a status of “Not Started”. As the request progresses, you will be able to monitor the changing status as evidence of progress. Nothing drops through the cracks!


IRM prides itself on its high quality service and quick response to clients’ new ideas and desired improvements. The HQi request a service capability is to try to help clients fully understand the choices available to them, browse though a catalogue and make initial decisions on a much more fully informed basis.

Find out more about how this works in the IRM Help Centre at:

This enhancement was introduced in Release 4.3, rolled out to all client sites in early December 2015.

Please let us know if you have comments or suggestions about this new initiative, we’re always looking to improve!

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Independence Group Careers Section

Attracting good candidates can be a challenging and costly task in highly competitive jobs markets. Recognising this, more and more IRM clients have been investing in their own function-rich careers centres.

In this post, we look at how diversified mining and exploration company, Independence Group (ASX: IGO) has recently released a candidate-rich Careers section on their website, using specialist functionality available through IRM’s recent HQi 4.2 software upgrade.

About Independence Group

Independence Group is an ASX listed diversified mining and exploration company that is currently producing gold, nickel and copper, zinc and silver from three mining operations in Western Australia. Independence Group’s gold production comes from its 30% interest in the Tropicana Gold Mine (AngloGold Ashanti 70% and manager) in Western Australia. Independence produces nickel from its 100% owned Long Operation in Kambalda in Western Australia and produces copper, zinc and silver from its 100% owned Jaguar Operation 60km north of Leonora in Western Australia.

The challenge – setting up a careers centre with advanced functionality

With projects in a range of locations across Australia, and the need to ensure ongoing access to good people, Independence Group determined it needed to make the experience of searching and applying for a job through the corporate website as streamlined and user-friendly as possible. It also needed to ensure potential job seekers had access to a thorough set of resources which highlighted the benefits of working for a company like Independence Group.

While the company already had some pages on its site which provided detail for potential candidates on the benefits of working for Independence Group, the application process needed to be much better streamlined. The HR Manager also needed a strong set of tools behind the website to keep the job application process simple and time efficient.

The solution – information, functionality and reporting

Recognising that the success of the business depends upon the success of its people, Independence Group worked with IRM to upgrade the Careers centre to ensure that it provided the right mix of information, functionality and reporting to satisfy both candidates and the company.


The updated Independence Group Careers centre contains:

  • Detail on the IGO difference – which sets out why working with an Australian mining company with a bigger vision, like Independence Group comes with a great deal of opportunity for employees
  • Working with us – which details the ways in which candidates can find work with IGO, including detail on full time roles and info on their Apprenticeships, Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate programs, comments from IGO alumni as well as a set of FAQs covering the recruitment and selection process
  • An overview of the projects and locations through which job seekers can find roles with IGO
  • A benefits summary – including info on career development opportunities, competitive salaries, access to employee discounts, and more
  • A photo gallery which shows IGO people at work on the job
  • A list of current vacancies, through which job seekers can browse to find jobs of interest. Drop downs allow candidates to filter for jobs in particular locations, and fields of work
  • Register your expression of interest enables potential candidates to submit a cover letter, resume and note their interest in working with IGO across a range of disciplines – from administrative roles through to engineering, geology, IT, safety and a number of other job types


ipad-macbook-iphone ipad-iphone


At the back end, we developed a solution that allowed the HR Manager to easily filter through job applications, and to load new ads up to the website as and when required.

A summary of the features included in the new Careers module is as follows:

  • Simple user-friendly, interface for uploading job listings
  • Ability to edit, hide, duplicate and manage listings
  • Ability to add PDFs or link to alternate hyperlinks to more information
  • Listings are automatically removed from the website after application expiry date (set by you)
  • Visitors can filter opportunities by Location and Career Field (eg. Marketing, Sales, Engineering etc)
  • Customisable online application form with the ability to upload a Cover Letter and CV




Well done, Independence Group

We appreciate the opportunity to have worked with you through the development of your upgraded Careers centre and think it is an excellent resource for new employees.

Considering including a Careers centre in your website

Delivering enriched functionality through your corporate website’s Careers area is easy with IRM’s new Careers module. If you’re interested in a discussion about how to get set up, please contact Danny Hunt via email: or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see for more detail.

IRM HQi 4.2

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing HQi, the support system which runs IRM’s client websites, we are delighted to announce that we’ve just rolled out an update that offers great new functionality and versatility for clients – IRM HQi 4.2.

Some of the changes and enhancements you can expect to see include:

Careers Module

At the request of clients, we’ve informally been developing Careers sections for websites for many years. Over the past couple of months, however, we’ve received an increase in the number of requests for functions that would allow companies to advertise current vacancies through their corporate websites.

IRM is pleased to introduce a new Careers Module that now makes it even easier for clients to list, upload, duplicate and share vacancies, and accept applications from job seekers.

With advanced search capabilities, the feature also makes filtering through job opportunities very simple. A job application function has also been incorporated, making it easy for candidates to apply for jobs through your site.

Features include:

  • Simple user-friendly, interface for uploading job listings
  • Ability to edit, hide, duplicate and manage listings
  • Ability to add PDFs or link to alternate hyperlinks to more information
  • Listings are automatically removed from the website after application expiry date (set by you)
  • Visitors can filter opportunities by Location and Career Field (eg. Marketing, Sales, Engineering etc)
  • Customisable online application form with the ability to upload a Cover Letter and CV

Independence Group are currently using the Careers Module on their site to advertise their available positions to visitors.




To view the careers section, click here or ask your Account Manager for a demonstration.

Showcase Module – (Currently called “Location Finder”)

This new feature is a showcase module that essentially lets you showcase any assets of importance to your business. This module gives you the capability to showcase things like branches, properties, projects, clients and more, and can be displayed on your website as list and/or an interactive map.

Each showcase item also has its own page with customisable fields and the ability to upload images to provide further information on the items that you are showcasing.

Features include:

  • An interactive map to showcase your assets
  • The ability to filter by location, with list pages for easy search
  • A simple and effective upload process, which allows you to easily add new assets
  • The capability to tailor the information displayed with customisable detail fields
  • Customisable look and feel, with the ability to add images to your showcase


In this example, BWP Trust uses the Showcase Module to highlight the locations of their properties.

Use the interactive map to search by location, where visitors can drill down to particular areas:


Each item in the showcase has its own page including details and images:



A simple list can also be used to showcase company assets:



Feature Update: Newsroom Types

Our popular Newsroom product just got even more flexible. Previously, announcements had been grouped together depending on the type of announcement they were, these groups helped to determine which pages and subscriber groups those particular announcements should be published to. For example, the “ASX Periodic” type would include announcements such as annual reports, full and half year accounts etc.

We wanted to make these groups (we call them Types) more flexible so we have opened up the feature to be fully customisable. Now clients can create new Types and select the various announcements that you would like to belong to this Type. We have also added the flexibility to disable Types if they are no longer necessary.

The Types can be viewed and edited through the Distribution Channels page under the IRM Newsroom section of HQi.


Feature update: new ordering options for list pages

We have also updated our list pages to be able to display more details about your announcements and we’ve made the ordering options for list pages much more flexible.

Firstly, users can now manually edit the order in which the announcements appear, rather than strictly using A-Z or chronological order, these can be overridden by using the new “sequence number” options available.

HQi users also have the ability to show the file size when uploading announcements and presentations onto list pages. This is particularly useful for users on mobile phones and tablet devices that may have a restricted data usage.

Amaysim have added a file size to their announcement pages as a simple indication for visitors of how big each file is to download.


Interested in hearing more?

IRM HQi is continually being upgraded and enhanced with new modules. All supported clients receive these upgrades automatically. And we’re interested in your feedback and suggestions on more improvements.

For more detail on how you can use IRM HQi to enhance your investor communications, please contact Danny Hunt, Client Relations Manager, on T: +61 2 8233 6168 or via or visit

IRM Newsroom can streamline your investor communications

There are not enough hours in the day. Here we look at IRM Newsroom, a simple way of streamlining one key part of your investor communications.

Newsroom ensures that your interested investors will find out about your ASX Announcements and be able to read about them on your website – immediately once the announcement is released. With very little (or no) effort by you!


Life as an investor relations person is busy and stressful. There are so many things to achieve in the annual calendar – all the work that goes into planning, then reaching corporate milestones, arranging and delivering investor presentations, creation of ASX announcements and reports, driving media engagement, managing a range of stakeholder groups, and so much more.

For good reason, the investor relations people and company secretaries that we meet find it hard to ensure that everything to do with their communications runs like clockwork and happens at the right time.


It’s a difficult process

One potential client that we spoke with recently described the chain of events she had to go through in order to successfully lodge and then communicate an ASX announcement. The steps were:

  • Log into ASX Online, lodge the announcement;
  • Wait for a confirmation from the Issuers Office;
  • Take the announcement (make sure its the correct version!), and load it onto the corporate website – into the ASX Announcements area, maybe onto the home page, and then upload it again if it’s something like a presentation or Quarterly Report, into another section. If its more difficult, she contacts the web support people and get them to upload it for her -when they can fit it into their schedules.
  • Log into Outlook, write an email using a stored template which needs updating a bit, double check it, ensure the addresses are all in the BCC field (and not the To field!), and then send the email – and waiting while the desktop computer sends them one at a time, and deal with the bouncebacks and unsubscribes;
  • Post the announcement to the company’s social media channels

She was using tools for this process which were mostly all free, but the whole process was so frustratingly time consuming! How free is that? And of course when is the busiest time for an IR person? Just after an Announcement is released. Not the time to be doing all this clumsy admin work.

Accompanying her irritation was a guilty admission that, sometimes investors didn’t get updated for hours, or even a day or more, because other business-critical tasks got in the way. One investor even commented to her (when she thought she’d one well and completed all this within an hour of the announcement being released on ASX) that by the time he got her email the market had moved, and she might as well not have bothered. Frustrating. And of course no-one would ever admit to accidentally sending out a wrong version of the announcement.


Streamlining your comms

The scenario described by our potential (and now, actual!) client was something that IRM cottoned onto years ago, when best practice guidelines were upgraded regarding the timeliness of investor communication.  In response to demand from listed companies, we created IRM Newsroom, which today is loved by well over 100 ASX listed companies.

Here’s how it works

  • IRM Newsroom enables ASX listed companies to manage their website, email alerts and social media news updates with the single click of a button. Set up your standard preferences for new distribution by type of announcement. Define which different types of news go where on the website, which create email alerts, updates to social media – and in future, distribution to other news channels.


  • Immediately an ASX Announcement is approved by the ASX Issuers Office, or when any other news article about your company is released, IRM Newsroom is on the job. It can instantly sends you an automated email alert, prompting you to publish the item to your selected online distribution channels with the simple click of a button. If this one is different, change your defaults and then click. Or for selected types you can have IRM Newsroom do it automatically.


  • One click to approve the news distribution, and everything gets done. Immediately. With IRM Newsroom, it all just happens.  All your pages, all your email subscribers, and your social media channels.  Yes, really!


This post is already too long, so we put together this nifty little video to summarise how Newsroom works:

And… here are some words from a happy client (who has been a happy client for a really long time):

“IRM Newsroom provides an extremely efficient and simple method of loading announcements made to the ASX directly to the company’s investor website. It also allows information to be distributed through Facebook and Twitter feeds if required. We would happily recommend the service to other listed companies.”
Karen Lopreiato, Company Secretary – Vision Eye Institute

Want to buy back some time?

If you’re running a similar process to the one that our potential (now actual) client described, we promise that we can improve your life!  In fact, we’re prepared to promise you that you’ll be able to buy back some valuable minutes in an already busy day, and provide a more immediate service in the process.

IRM Newsroom is great value. To request a demo, please contact Danny Hunt via: or +61 2 8233 6168.

The easy way to upgrade to a smart corporate website

More and more lately, we’re meeting companies that are having trouble keeping their investors updated in a timely manner. They have nice looking websites where something like WordPress is being used for content management. Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor sends ASX Announcements by email. The websites look ok, and have all the generalised tools behind them to keep the content up to date. And they are really cheap. But….

…It’s labour intensive to keep these sites up to date. The investor relations people and company secretaries that we deal with find it hard to keep those websites up to date and keep them looking and sounding right. They often have to rely on third parties or technical people to make changes. They have to be design and content experts themselves, specifying things in minute detail, and checking and correcting them afterwards. And with the immediacy of news from ASX Announcements – investors want and expect the site to be updated immediately – its a time management problem. When there’s corporate activity on, they are just too busy to get to doing those site updates straight away. The website often fails to reflect the very latest position, just when investors want to see it.

They start to realise that all this is just not really good enough for a professional corporate website.

Then things change. They find their software options difficult to manage and, quickly, the corporate website goes from being an active communicator to a management issue.

Site migration

Migrating your website across to IRM is a simple process - you'll end up with a best practice website that can be an active communicator

Image source:

During the past few months, we’ve had a number of clients migrate to IRM after hearing about our HQi content management and IRM Newsroom systems. They’ve been looking for the ease of management and automation that they weren’t able to achieve with their previous approach. They can see that the IRM tools mean that ordinary people can keep the website up to date and fresh, quickly and reliably.

Then they discover that the total cost of managing the site is probably actually less when using IRM. Their time savings and improved quality add more value than the IRM service costs.

Why is life so different?

The IRM product suite has many features that are been specifically designed to support ASX listed (and dual listed) companies with specialist investor relations functions.

Once migrated, your corporate site will be supported by the power of the IRM HQi content management system. You will be able to edit pages, add new pages, restructure the navigation, provide share price data, and news feeds. And much much more. As easily as updating a Word document. And HQi maintains the overall website style with your changes. No more strange looking fonts and colours in the extra content you just added. It also protects you from mistakes, with authorise, review and go back options. With an audit trail of changes, there’s good governance as well.

Included in HQi is the IRM Newsroom product. It automatically updates the site immediately once ASX announcements are released, permits multiple views of selected announcements on the site, and sends an alert to investors through a variety of channels (email, and social media). It all just happens, and our clients love it. And their investors can get an instant reminder and see the very latest news, just as soon as it has happened.

Then there’s the technology proofing. New browsers, new ideas, new tools, faster computers, better investor information tools, better service models. IRM just does all of this for you. Future proofing, part of the service.

IRM can take usually all the content from an existing site and migrate it to HQi. It’s easy stuff.

If you think it worthwhile, we often also recommend a “re-skin” at the same time – freshen up and modernise the look and feel, incorporate some new design techniques, add some IRM investor relations special pages, ensure the site is fully responsive (ie works on all devices), and update the images. But keep the messages and content just the same.

A great advantage of this approach is that the migration project doesn’t need to take much of  your time. When IRM focuses just on a migration, its a low impact sport for you.

“The migration and re-skin project is swift and simple.  When it’s done, you have the power of HQi to future-proof your corporate site for many years to come.

Migrate to an IRM corporate website or investor centre today - it's a breeze
Migrate today – it’s easy

Migrate today

If you make the decision to migrate your site, you’ll end up with a shiny new corporate website or investor centre.

You will have a first class, high functioning, fully responsive website with IRM Newsroom integration and many other features from the IRM portfolio.

One recently migrated site is Wolf Minerals. The site now includes a refreshed look and feel, which works across the full range of mobile devices, and is powered by IRM’s suite of smart investor tools.

Wolf Minerals, fully responsive site migration
Wolf Minerals, fully responsive website

Discuss a migration

To discuss migrating your site and check out IRM’s specialist IR tools, contact Danny Hunt at IRM via +61 2 8233 6168 or We could have you up and running in no time, with an automated, best practice website and set of investor-focused, productivity increasing tools.

Nailing your annual report – tips for IR teams

As year end continues to approach at a rapid rate of knots, Art Director – Matt White covers some more of the common questions that clients have been considering when formulating the best content and structure for their reports.

This is a second post in a special Annual Report planning series – view our first post here.


IRMatters: Annual reports are usually long documents – how can you avoid your key points from getting lost in the detail?

Matt White: To avoid the trap of losing your key messages, it’s good to preface each section with a summary paragraph recapping strategy and outlining results… and language must be kept simple.

Benthan IMF - 2014 printed annual report
Benthan IMF – 2014 printed annual report

IRMatters: How important is including a mission and vision statement?

Matt White: Including these statements up front in an annual report is usually a favourable approach – here’s why:

  • Readers need to understand quickly and simply why you did what you did and the difference you made. Recap your mission, vision and values and allow your achievements to shine.
  • One of the best ways to get your message across is through vision.
  • To go with your vision/mission, a relevant, well captioned, photograph helps depict an outcome and reaffirms achievements. Infographics work well, too, as do pull quotes and eye-catching headings.
LogiCamms - 2013 printed annual report
LogiCamms – 2013 printed annual report

IRMatters: How important is attention to detail?

Matt White: Attention to detail is absolutely vital to the whole annual report process. Here are some basic principles to keep in mind during the proofing process:

  • Ensure you have proof read your document.
  • Remember that when you’ve been looking at the same document for a long period of time, glossing over things becomes easier, so it’s a good idea to have a second (and sometimes third) pair of eyes who can proof read for you.
  • More often than once, companies have made errors with their financial statements due to lack of attention to detail – work to ensure that all figures in the financials add up.
  • Check that names of staff, donors or partner organisations are spelt correctly – and that they are spelt in full in the first instance, before applying acronyms.
Northern Iron - 2014 printed annual report
Northern Iron – 2014 printed annual report

IRMatters: What sort of options are available for companies planning annual reports?

Matt White: These days there are many options available to clients – from less complex annual reports, which incorporate a well-designed, colourful cover alongside a basic print and table structure; through to full colour, image and graphic-rich reports. IRM works with clients across the full spectrum.

It’s also important to note that where we design a print report for a client, we also recommend including an online report, so that investors can read the report in the format that they prefer. See some examples of our online annual reports here.

Ainsworth Gaming - 2014 printed annual report
Ainsworth Gaming – 2014 printed annual report
Acrux - 2014 printed annual report
Acrux – 2014 printed annual report

Special offer available with every annual report ordered before 30 June

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote on your annual report.  All clients that order an annual report prior to 30 June will receive either a discount off the price of the report, or a free Silver online annual report to accompany the printable version.  To request a quote, please fill out your details here.

Alternatively – if you’d prefer to discuss your requirements, please contact Matt White via: email – or phone: +61 2 8233 6168.