Introducing the Newsroom App – Manage your investor communications while on the go

Newsroom App

You won’t be needing a desktop for this.

Nope. Not even a laptop.

Because you can now send investors ASX announcements or company news from your phone or tablet through the IRM Newsroom App.

Newsroom App enables you to instantly tap into Newsroom from your mobile devices. Perfect for staying connected with investors even when you’re on the move.

It’s a much quicker alternative than mobile web browsing for Newsroom. Since it only takes a second to launch this app. No need to launch a web browser, type in a URL and wait for the site to load.

Once you’ve accessed your Newsroom account, you’ll be able to update your website with latest news for stakeholders. You can even transmit emails to your subscribers and tweet or post in LinkedIn with the click of a button.

You’ll have control over which messages are relayed in the channels you choose – website, email or social media. You can decide by type of news or an individual news item.

This application is free with the Newsroom Premium plans under the Newsroom Corporate or Enterprise Plan. The plans’ features include:

  • Email Alerts service, such as on-site registration, uploading distribution lists and more
  • Use of any number of separate web pages for the website, automatically updated by Newsroom Distribution channels
  • Provision of custom mailshots, email subscriber groups, auto publishing on social media accounts
  • Integration with WordPress blogs as well as third-party news sources, such as Boardroom Media, Proactive Investors, ABN Newswire and FNN

Newsroom App is available on both iOS and Android. For iOS, just go to the App Store on your mobile and search for “IRM Newsroom.” You can also use this link to download the app. For Android, look for “IRM Newsroom” in the Play Store or click here to download it.


If you’re new to Newsroom, you can get a free trial through this page.

You can also click here to check out our ASX-listed clients using Newsroom.

If you wish to discuss how to get the Newsroom App, our account managers would love to hear from you. Call us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

Please visit our website through this link for more details.


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Online Reports – upgraded and restyled

Online reports are popular with IRM clients for showcasing important documents – such as annual reports and quarterly activities statements. In today’s IRMatters post, we highlight the upgrades we’ve made to our Silver Online Reports.

Last August we wrote about the value of online reporting and the variety of online annual reports that IRM provides for clients. Today, Matt White and the IRM graphics team are proud to announce an upgrade to the Silver online reports product.

While we all know the annual report is a compliance document, it can also be a critical marketing tool for a company. When properly structured, written and designed, an annual report can work as a resource that informs/reassures existing investors and as one of the tools in your kit to attract new investors.

The new silver report format has been launched in response to demand from our clients.  It now displays reports in an electronic book-reading format.  A table of contents provides navigation and a number of other usability features. When launched, a silver report opens up like a book on the coffee table:

Growthpoint 2015 Interactive Annual Report

The new format of report is fully responsive, and therefore will work on all mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop machines.  It is fast to load and provides an excellent user experience with a high quality page flip animation.

Growthpoint 2015 Interactive Annual Report2

Growthpoint 2015 Interactive Annual Report3

Other new features include:

  • The capability to navigate to a specific section, or page,
  • The ability to turn pages using the corners, or click of left and right arrows.
  • Advanced document searching for particular words or search terms.


An example of a recently released Silver Online Report is available here – with Growthpoint Properties‘ Annual Report for the year ended June 2015.

For more detail on IRM’s online reports, please click here.

Looking for an online reporting solution?

In case you’d like to discuss your reporting requirements, IRM’s Art Director, Matt White can be contacted via: email – or phone: +61 2 8233 6168.


Online annual reports – three ideas for listed companies

Here we look at the value in online reporting and the variety of online annual reports that IRM clients provide for their investors.

Its that time again

In our previous annual reporting posts, we provided some tips on how to best plan for the annual report process, and the important checks and balances to consider when creating reports.

In today’s post, we consider the value of online reporting, and the different sorts of reports IRM clients are choosing to adopt.

Reporting trends

Since ASIC changed the rules on annual reporting several years ago, more companies have chosen to publish their annual reports online.

For listed entities, as a PDF copy of the report needs to be lodged with ASX, an electronic copy is generated for that process, but the question is – with more and more shareholders reading reports online, does just providing the flat PDF file, with no other viewing options, provide shareholders with a good experience?

In our view, the answer is no.  Here is why.

There are two major reasons:

  • Increasing use of mobile devices means that many investors are still short of both the bandwidth gobbled by large PDF’s and the time the download takes on slower connection, and
  • Once the PDF is downloaded, it’s still tedious to page through it to find the information sought.

Most investors know what they want to read about in the Annual Report – whether it’s the financial highlights, the Chairman’s report, or just the remuneration report. They like to go straight to the right section.

IRM can assist you to provide a better Online Annual Report viewing experience, whether you are an IRM website customer or not.

Here are three ways that IRM clients provide investors a better experience through the online annual reports process:

The Bronze Online Annual Report

A simple, but important revision to the flat PDF file.  With our bronze online annual report package:

  • IRM breaks out each section of the annual report into a separate, smaller PDF file, with a table of contents, and
  • The report is highlighted on the Annual Reports page of the corporate website.

The benefit for investors is that they don’t need to browse through a long, heavy PDF file online.

Bronze annual reports are a great option for companies that want to provide shareholders with a good usability experience at a minimum cost, but don’t need the bells and whistles that come with the silver and gold packages below.

See examples of bronze reports at Cue Energy and Cape Lambert corporate websites.


The Silver Online Annual Report

With the IRM Silver Online Annual Report package we provide a PDF page turning option:

  • Annual reports are displayed in a PDF page viewer for a book-like usability experience
  • Investors can use a range of interactive facilities, such as page turning, zoom, full screen mode, advanced search and text selection tools
  • Contents are broken out down the left of the reading pane, and the reader can choose to view as text or thumbnails
  • A bookmarking facility is also available, and reports are easily downloaded as individual pages, sections or full PDFs
  • Sharing buttons are integrated into the viewer, allowing investors to easily share parts of, or the whole report with peers, and
  • These reports are created in responsive design, allowing them to be viewed across mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. 

See examples of silver online annual reports at Treasury Group and Northern Iron websites.


The Gold Online Annual Report

The Gold Online Annual Report package is an excellent option for companies that want to bring their reports to life. Featuring the Annual Report in a mini-website, this annual reporting option:

  • Is a fully customised, user-friendly, micro site, which works across all devices
  • Allows companies to customise key highlights and financial messages, showcase images and case studies so that investors and analysts can digest the report with key messages in mind
  • Can incorporate video, audio, webcasts, AGM data and a range of other assets, such as image galleries and downloads of financial data
  • Includes search, sharing, download, print, and full accessibility, and
  • Is mobile friendly and comes with full tracking statistics, allowing clients to evaluate how important each section of the report is to investors.

View an example of a gold annual report at the AWE website.


Integration into the corporate site

To ensure that online annual reports are well noticed and used by shareholders, IRM works with clients to ensure they are well integrated into the corporate website.  We often suggest:

  • Promotional buttons for the corporate site’s home page
  • Buttons directing investors to the report from the investor centre landing page or other parts of the site, and
  • Special purpose email alerts which are sent seamlessly on lodgement day, and other promotional tactics.

Selected the best option for you?

We appreciate your choices early so that we can make sure we schedule the high quality result you need at the same time as the release of the PDF document. Just let us know which option you prefer and leave the rest to us. Contact Danny Hunt via: email – or phone: +61 2 8233 6168.

Need support with your printed annual report?

Along with online annual reporting, the IRM team develops engaging, printable annual reports at competitive prices.  To speak with us regarding print, online reports or both, please contact Matt White via: email – or phone: +61 2 8233 6168.

Making your AGM webcast count – six tips from Boardroom.Media

In today’s post, Will Canty, Director of Boardroom.Media discusses the use of webcasting at AGMs. Which companies need AGM webcasting? What would trigger the decision to webcast? And what is best practice? Also included below is a new offer that IRM clients can access – special discounts when corporate video is combined with AGM webcasting.

Listed companies with year end approaching are starting to think about their end of year toolkit. The annual report is in sight, the AGM will be just around the corner – there’s a lot to achieve between now and then! Most companies will, at some stage, consider the value of using webcasting – what is it? Why is it important? How much will it cost me? And is a live webcast really necessary for my audience? Let’s run through some of these questions, starting with the fundamentals:

1. What is a webcast?
When referring to the AGM, a webcast is usually either:

A) A live broadcast version of your presentation – which is made available to your stakeholders and streamed in real time, or

B) A video-recorded version of your presentation, which is made available to people after the AGM has concluded – we call this an On Demand webcast.

Both kinds of webcast can be timed with slides or overlaid with special graphics. Both are made available to investors via a link (lodged as an ASX announcement) which they click on to watch the webcast.


Fairfax AGM Webcast with embedded video and imagery
Fairfax AGM Webcast with embedded video and imagery

2. What goes into planning for the webcast?
Of course you want your webcast to run as smoothly as possible. Prior to the event date, BRR would work with you and / or your IR person or agency to ensure we understand your brief. We will ask you about:

  • Date, time, venue, speaker/s and what kind of webcast (live, on demand, video or audio only) you need, also who we can speak with at the venue to ensure we bring the correct setup along with us
  • Whether you’d like a registration page so that you know who is watching the webcast (BRR would always recommend this)
  • How you want the webcasting player window to look – we can customise it to look like your corporate site, annual report or other assets
  • Whether there are any special images or overlays that we need to integrate into the presentation while it’s in progress
  • If you want your presentation timed to slides, we’ll discuss cues with you to ensure we get them right, and will request a copy of your presentation to load up on the day

We recognise that AGM planning is a busy time, so we do all of the above as quickly as possible to get the detail we need, but preserve your time.


Freelancer FY results webcast - timed to slides
Freelancer FY results webcast – timed to slides

3. Company communications – how do we make best use of our webcast?
In the lead up to the AGM, we’d recommend companies promote the webcast. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

For live webcasts
In the documentation that goes out with your Notice of Meeting:

Let your investors know that they will be able to watch the AGM via a live webcast, and provide the registration link.

Two to four weeks ahead of the AGM:

A) Lodge an ASX announcement which notes the time, date and registration page for the webcast
B) Use your corporate website to reinforce the message – load a button onto your home page, investor centre landing page or AGM page, promoting the date and time of the AGM and pointing people to the registration page and
C) Send an email alert (using something like IRM’s Newsroom product) with the details of the event

On the day of the AGM

D) Send a reminder to all those who have registered to remind them that your webcast will commence at the specified time later that day

After the AGM is wrapped up, Boardroom.Media will provide clients with a link to an On Demand version of the webcast that investors can use to watch the presentation if they missed it live. We recommend:

E) Lodging this link along with your AGM wrap-up materials
F) Changing the buttons on your website to reflect the update that investors can now download the On Demand version

For on demand webcasts

In the documentation that goes out with your Notice of Meeting:

Let your investors know that they will be able to watch the AGM via an On Demand webcast, and provide the registration link.

Two to four weeks ahead of the AGM:

Use your corporate website to remind people that an On Demand version of the webcast will be available after the AGM. Load a button onto your home page, investor centre landing page or AGM page pointing people to the registration page

After the event

Boardroom.Media will work with the client to ensure the webcast is edited appropriately, then provide clients with a link to an On Demand version of the webcast that investors can use to watch the presentation if they missed it live. We recommend:

A) Lodging this link along with your AGM wrap-up materials
B) Including buttons on your website to promote that investors can now download the On Demand version
C) Pushing out the link via your social media channels

“Webcasting your investor presentations, results and general meetings expands your global investor reach and provides investors with the opportunity to see your presentation in their own time.”


Graincorp AGM webcast with video and presentation
Graincorp AGM webcast with video and presentation

4. How do I know whether I need a live webcast or if an On Demand version will suffice?

While live webcasting is the best practice approach, due to the infrastructure and resourcing required to deliver the live webcast, it is more expensive, and also brings an additional element of pressure to the speaker. It won’t be relevant in all cases for all companies.

We find that as a general rule of thumb, most of the ASX100 companies want to webcast live. They have (for the most part) large share registers and often actively engaged investors, who want a seat at the meeting, so a live webcast is a good idea.

For any company that is considering announcing something material at a meeting, a live webcast or conference call, to which the link has been provided prior, is crucial.

The On Demand webcast will suit those companies which want to enable shareholders to watch the AGM proceedings, but don’t need the timeliness of a live version.

How do I know
5. Can my shareholders ask questions during a webcast?

You make the decision as to whether to allow shareholders to ask questions during the webcast. There are a couple of ways to do this:

A) You can allow people to submit questions in advance of the event – either during the registration portal, or via an email address that you promote via your market communications, which you can collate and then respond to on the day, or
B) The Boardroom.Media webcasting platform can accept questions, live, during the presentation. You would then have someone in the room who can deliver the questions to the presenter for response


6. How much does a webcast cost these days?

While the early webcasting products were very expensive, with improvements to technology and infrastructure, webcasting is now very cost effective.

Webcasting your investor presentations, results and general meetings expands your global investor reach and provides investors with the opportunity to see your presentation in their own time.

Up until one month after your year end, Boardroom.Media is offering any IRM client who requests a combination of a corporate video and an On Demand AGM webcast a 20% discount off the total quote.

For more information, please mention the IRM offer when you contact Will Canty at Boardroom.Media: via email: or phone: +612 9339 6526 or visit

Nailing your annual report – tips for IR teams

As year end continues to approach at a rapid rate of knots, Art Director – Matt White covers some more of the common questions that clients have been considering when formulating the best content and structure for their reports.

This is a second post in a special Annual Report planning series – view our first post here.


IRMatters: Annual reports are usually long documents – how can you avoid your key points from getting lost in the detail?

Matt White: To avoid the trap of losing your key messages, it’s good to preface each section with a summary paragraph recapping strategy and outlining results… and language must be kept simple.

Benthan IMF - 2014 printed annual report
Benthan IMF – 2014 printed annual report

IRMatters: How important is including a mission and vision statement?

Matt White: Including these statements up front in an annual report is usually a favourable approach – here’s why:

  • Readers need to understand quickly and simply why you did what you did and the difference you made. Recap your mission, vision and values and allow your achievements to shine.
  • One of the best ways to get your message across is through vision.
  • To go with your vision/mission, a relevant, well captioned, photograph helps depict an outcome and reaffirms achievements. Infographics work well, too, as do pull quotes and eye-catching headings.
LogiCamms - 2013 printed annual report
LogiCamms – 2013 printed annual report

IRMatters: How important is attention to detail?

Matt White: Attention to detail is absolutely vital to the whole annual report process. Here are some basic principles to keep in mind during the proofing process:

  • Ensure you have proof read your document.
  • Remember that when you’ve been looking at the same document for a long period of time, glossing over things becomes easier, so it’s a good idea to have a second (and sometimes third) pair of eyes who can proof read for you.
  • More often than once, companies have made errors with their financial statements due to lack of attention to detail – work to ensure that all figures in the financials add up.
  • Check that names of staff, donors or partner organisations are spelt correctly – and that they are spelt in full in the first instance, before applying acronyms.
Northern Iron - 2014 printed annual report
Northern Iron – 2014 printed annual report

IRMatters: What sort of options are available for companies planning annual reports?

Matt White: These days there are many options available to clients – from less complex annual reports, which incorporate a well-designed, colourful cover alongside a basic print and table structure; through to full colour, image and graphic-rich reports. IRM works with clients across the full spectrum.

It’s also important to note that where we design a print report for a client, we also recommend including an online report, so that investors can read the report in the format that they prefer. See some examples of our online annual reports here.

Ainsworth Gaming - 2014 printed annual report
Ainsworth Gaming – 2014 printed annual report
Acrux - 2014 printed annual report
Acrux – 2014 printed annual report

Special offer available with every annual report ordered before 30 June

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote on your annual report.  All clients that order an annual report prior to 30 June will receive either a discount off the price of the report, or a free Silver online annual report to accompany the printable version.  To request a quote, please fill out your details here.

Alternatively – if you’d prefer to discuss your requirements, please contact Matt White via: email – or phone: +61 2 8233 6168.

Have you met… Matt?

As year end approaches, IRMatters caught up with Matt White, who heads IRM’s graphic design team, for some tips on how to take the pain out of annual report planning.

Matt White, Art Director at IRM

Matthew White (you can call him, Matt) is the Art Director at IRM. He’s been with IRM since 2012, and is a veteran in the corporate communications design area.

Matt’s team spends most of its time working with clients on print collateral and online versions of printed corporate resources. Annual reports, annual reviews, prospectuses, fact sheets, investor presentations, corporate collateral and a range of other print assets are produced through Matt’s art department – you’ve probably come across some of them in the market!

We took a few minutes to catch up with Matt to seek some tips on the importance of a well-designed and well-structured annual report. Later we’ll explore more key considerations with annual report creation.

Q: How important is a company’s annual report?

A: While an annual report is a compliance document, it can also be a critical marketing tool.  Properly structured, written and designed, an annual report can allow a company to:

  • Highlight the contribution and the impact of achievements on all people involved in delivering objectives across the period – both internal people and those external to organisations, like contractors and partners
  • Reassure existing investors and attract new ones
  • Provide an attractive, point-in-time marketing piece, which can be used for a period after it is published to communicate the company’s achievements and articulate milestones of interest to investors.
  • An annual report can be used as a significant summary of what you do.

Q: What is the most important consideration before companies embark upon the annual report creation process?

Planning is key to a successful outcome, properly managed costs, and to defining appropriate success metrics for the annual report. During the planning process, consider these points:

  • Set your timeframe early and make each milestone count
  • Prepare a list of inclusions based on the previous year’s report
  • If there is existing text you can reutilise, choose it early to make your job easier and ensure consistency in messaging
  • Work up a list of outcomes and nominate a staff member to obtain related images for possible inclusion within the annual report. If you don’t have photos on file, work with a photographer early to have some taken, which can also be used across your other collateral
  • Make sure images selected are at least 300dpi for print reproduction.

Q: Are online versions of annual reports important these days?

A: While there is certainly still a client base for the printed annual report, the online or electronic annual report is now used more frequently. When putting together an online annual report:

  • Ensure you provide an easy-to-navigate, accessible HTML annual report that is easy to read.
  • Annual reports are scanned quickly – often less than a few minutes at a time – so make sure your report has impact and relevance and can be viewed across a number of platforms such as tablets and mobile devices.

If you’re planning for a June 30 year end, get started today.

Whether you choose to print or to showcase your achievements online, start planning your next annual report today to get the most from what is an important piece of marketing collateral.

For more detail on IRM’s corporate design services, please click here.
In case you’d like to discuss your requirements, Matt White can be contacted via: email – or phone: 02 8233 6168.