Introducing the Newsroom App – Manage your investor communications while on the go

Newsroom App

You won’t be needing a desktop for this.

Nope. Not even a laptop.

Because you can now send investors ASX announcements or company news from your phone or tablet through the IRM Newsroom App.

Newsroom App enables you to instantly tap into Newsroom from your mobile devices. Perfect for staying connected with investors even when you’re on the move.

It’s a much quicker alternative than mobile web browsing for Newsroom. Since it only takes a second to launch this app. No need to launch a web browser, type in a URL and wait for the site to load.

Once you’ve accessed your Newsroom account, you’ll be able to update your website with latest news for stakeholders. You can even transmit emails to your subscribers and tweet or post in LinkedIn with the click of a button.

You’ll have control over which messages are relayed in the channels you choose – website, email or social media. You can decide by type of news or an individual news item.

This application is free with the Newsroom Premium plans under the Newsroom Corporate or Enterprise Plan. The plans’ features include:

  • Email Alerts service, such as on-site registration, uploading distribution lists and more
  • Use of any number of separate web pages for the website, automatically updated by Newsroom Distribution channels
  • Provision of custom mailshots, email subscriber groups, auto publishing on social media accounts
  • Integration with WordPress blogs as well as third-party news sources, such as Boardroom Media, Proactive Investors, ABN Newswire and FNN

Newsroom App is available on both iOS and Android. For iOS, just go to the App Store on your mobile and search for “IRM Newsroom.” You can also use this link to download the app. For Android, look for “IRM Newsroom” in the Play Store or click here to download it.


If you’re new to Newsroom, you can get a free trial through this page.

You can also click here to check out our ASX-listed clients using Newsroom.

If you wish to discuss how to get the Newsroom App, our account managers would love to hear from you. Call us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

Please visit our website through this link for more details.


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3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Social Media Accounts

It’s all about engaging your investor audience with valuable content. You probably already know this or have heard it a few times before.

That’s why you’ve made your debut into social media, just like other socially savvy businesses. You’ve started your company’s Twitter account or LinkedIn page. Maybe even Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Social media channels
Promoting your social media channels can help expand your investor audience.


Whatever platforms you’ve selected, you’ve determined they’re the right ones to best communicate with your investor community.

You understand being on social media can boost your investor relations. You see how it can amplify your efforts to reach a wider audience and grow your business.

You value how social media can push your brand as well as your products and services. You recognise how it can attract new investors and build stronger relationships with existing ones.

Now, how to promote your social media accounts so that investors know you are active on these channels? How to have stakeholders follow you so you can keep them connected and informed?

In this article, you’ll discover 3 simple ways to promote your social media accounts to your following.

1. Add your social media icons to your home page.

Place your social media buttons in the header or footer of your website. Those areas will surely be seen by your audience. And they’ll enable your social media icons to stand out so they’re quickly accessible.

Once readers are led to your profiles, following your accounts will be a cinch. They won’t have to search for your official social media channels because the links have taken them there.

Plus, linking your website and social media platforms may increase traffic to your site. It can help to generate brand exposure and awareness of your business.

2. Include links to your social media accounts in your email alerts.

When you send emails to your subscribers, don’t forget to put links to your social media profiles or build these into all email templates that you use. These will direct subscribers to your company pages or accounts where they’ll find more info about your business.

Use your tweets or posts to offer facts and figures usually given in other formats, such as formal reporting and press releases. As your audience follows your accounts, they’ll be able to interact with you, ask questions and engage in your business.

3. Set links of your social media profiles in your other accounts.

Having different social media platforms to serve varying purposes is brilliant! Just make sure your followers will be able to identify all your accounts. This makes your brand cohesive and strengthens its visibility.

For instance, if you have a YouTube account, you can insert links to your other social media channels in your descriptions. See our example below. As mentioned in the previous step, this will allow your audience access to more details about your business.

IRM social media accounts

That’s a wrap

Social media can enlarge your audience reach. And it can potentially help investors shape their investment decisions on your company. A way to promote your profiles is by adding your social media icons to your home page. It would also be advantageous to include links of your accounts in your email alerts and in your other social media platforms.

Next stop

Have you just ventured into social media and still making your way around it? We can help.

IRM can provide you with ideas on basic digital media strategies. And we can facilitate setting up your social media accounts and company pages.

We also have tools to instantly send news to your email subscribers and via social media. IRM Newsroom makes it easy for ASX-listed companies to have a basic presence on Twitter around their ASX Announcements and other news. Click here to get a free trial.

Prefer to chat? Please call us at +61 2 8705 5444 or email You can also visit for more details.


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How to Improve Your Website Navigation for Investors

(This blog post is part of a series discussing 10 Success Factors for Online Investor Relations. Read the previous related post — “How to Appeal to Investors through Your Website” — here.)

Your website navigation is like the road map of your investor audience to various sections in your site.


Hard to imagine life without handy GPS navigation devices. Don’t you agree?

Google Maps. Car GPS screens. They’re just some tools that make things easier when you’re getting around a new place. They save time. And enable you to reach your destination as quickly as possible.

It’s the same principle with websites. The navigation system within your site is like the road map of your investor audience to various sections in your webpage. It helps them track down information they need without much effort.

That’s why it’s important that your navigation is well organized and easy-to-follow. This will encourage your stakeholders to quickly reach vital segments in your site, like your Investor Centre or Annual Reports page.

Remember, the two-click rule applies in navigation. After your audience makes the first click, you’re not entitled to the next one. You have to sell the second click. (Btw, a “scroll down” is considered a click too.) So be sure you have clear messages in your site to sell the next click.

And as investors smoothly engage in your pages, their overall user-experience will be enhanced. They’ll linger to discover further details regarding your business. Eventually, this would lead them to make a decision on your company.

Check out these 3 areas where you can improve on your website navigation:

1. Organise your main navigation bar

Your main navigation bar contains all the links to the different pages in your site. It’s ideal to have this on the top or left side of your website. This way investors can easily locate it and use it for exploring your site.

Have clear categories in your main navigation bar for stakeholders to quickly obtain facts and figures. Avoid cluttering it, especially when you have many sections and pages.

It’s wise to include a navigation bar on your home page, on every internal page as well as in your sub-pages. For sub-pages, you can simply expand the navigation when moused over.

2. Provide internal page navigation

You wouldn’t want your audience to get lost within your website. It’s best to add full navigation in every internal page through a left-hand navigation column.

A right-hand navigation is not as easy to notice. And when investors won’t find things in your site, they usually won’t stay long. So keep it simple and obvious. This way they won’t have to click as much before they pick up the info they need.

3. Utilise promo boxes

Most investors don’t usually read everything on websites. They mostly scan the pages. That’s why you need to present data in an engaging format.

One way to do this is through promotional boxes with icons or images that catch investors’ attention. These boxes will have links that lead to the relevant messages you want to highlight. Like your latest AGM video, share price charts or email subscription.

Put these promo boxes on your home page, the investor welcome page and other key sections they frequently visit.

kaboompics_Woman working on a computer
As investors smoothly engage in your pages, they’ll linger to discover further details about your company.


In conclusion, there’s no point in having a corporate website if your investors will have a hard time searching for information they need there. Strengthen your navigation to ensure they effortlessly access essential pages. You can do this by properly equipping your site with a main navigation bar, internal page navigation and promo boxes. As investors linger in your site, they’re more likely to stay engaged and on board.

Next step

Maybe a full website review would be timely for you? We can help you check for any gaps or areas that need reinforcement in your site.

We’ve been assisting ASX-listed companies with their online investor relations strategies since 2002. You can click here if you want to check out our clients.

Feel free to also visit our IRM website through this link.

If you’d like to chat with one of our account managers, please call +61 2 8705 5444 or email We look forward to hearing from you.


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How Companies Use Social Media to Reach Investors

Social media is making an impact on Australian investment decisions.

Information ASX-listed companies relay through social media can “unintentionally influence” investor decisions, according to a recent study by Victoria University’s Dr. Maria Prokofieva.

In fact, more Australian businesses are now tapping into social media, Dr. Prokofieva noted in an ABC News article. Companies are catching the attention of stakeholders through this digital space. And as investors are engaged, companies are able to direct them to making positive investment decisions.

Social media for investors
More Australian businesses are now adopting social media to connect with investors.


Smaller companies stand to gain the most benefits in social media use, Dr. Prokofieva added. These businesses could draw on platforms such as Twitter to connect with investors. Helping make up for their lack of analyst and media coverage, unlike their larger counterparts.

Read on for some practical ideas on using social media, as your ASX-listed peers do…

1. Choose the social media channel that fits your business

Not all social media platforms are alike. Each has a specific design for relaying information. That’s why it’s important to get the right ones that serve your investor relations needs.

For instance, Twitter is often utilised to share financial results and corporate news. This info is the kind that companies usually distribute in traditional formats, like formal reporting and press releases.

Want to see how some companies are doing it? Check out the following screenshots from our clients’ social media accounts:

Horizon Oil tweets
Horizon Oil’s tweet about their investor presentation and operations update.


LNG tweet
LNG’s tweet about an executive’s video interview on certain projects.


As we’ve previously discussed, Twitter has been an active touchpoint for investors in the country, and for overseas investors in Australian companies. Some brokers, journalists and news services have started using $cashtags to track stocks and companies.

LinkedIn is popularly tapped for staff recruitment. But just like Facebook, LinkedIn can also be employed for company updates and industry developments.

Of course, there are many other platforms you can take up, like YouTube and Instagram. Ultimately, it would be best to pick the ones that match your communication needs. YouTube feeds can now also be integrated in your Newsroom setup as an input channel, making it easier to instantly notify investors when you upload your new videos.

2. Select the news you want to share on social media

Investors put great importance on annual reports and other news companies provide. And they see corporate websites as the most valuable information source for these announcements.

So, it’s a good idea to share a line or two about your news, then include the link to the main source that’s posted on your website. That way investors could find your site and read your announcements there and you drive more traffic back to your site where a whole wealth of information about your company lives.

What are companies like yours tweeting or posting? A wide range of updates that would be of interest to stakeholders. Quarterly and annual reports. Appointments to the board or executive team. Developments on operations or projects. Industry regulations or advancements. Just to name a few.

Rent's LinkedIn post
Rent’s LinkedIn post shared current trends related to their sector.


4. Engage with your investors on social media

As you’re tweeting or posting updates, be prepared to engage with your audience. Followers may like your post, comment on it, or even share it with others. This is ideal as it facilitates growth in your investment community.

Don’t forget to add links in your posts to lead investors to your website. Once directed there, provide them sign-ups for subscription to your email alerts, or to register to your upcoming AGM. Perhaps you can point them to your Investor Centre for more facts and figures. Or to present a video of your latest exploration. Take advantage of these possibilities to connect and showcase who you are and what you do.

These exchanges could help give you an idea on how investors see your brand. It could boost traffic to your site too.

Admedus Facebook post
Admedus shared recent AGM photos on Facebook.


In conclusion, companies like yours are adopting social media to help investors stay informed. How to start using it? First, you need to determine the appropriate platforms to utilise. Next, you have to relay the right messages. Then, engage with investors as they connect with you.

Want to discuss further?

We’d be happy to chat with you about basic social media strategies. We can even help set up your social media accounts and company pages.

We also have tools to easily publish news to social media. IRM Newsroom makes it easy for companies like yours to have a basic presence on Twitter around ASX Announcements and other news. Click here to try it for free.

Let us know how we can help. Call us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

You can go to for more information too.



AuKing Mining website transforms to new brand

Auking Mining website on tablet
AuKing Mining worked with IRM to update its webpage in line with the development.


Things change. Yes, even business names.

It’s a healthy sign of dynamism as the company heads into a new direction.

That’s why it’s great to have a content management system that’s supportive of your website and company’s progress.

Just like when Chinalco Yunnan Copper Resources Limited recently rebranded as AuKing Mining Limited (ASX:AKN). The resource exploration and development company worked with IRM to update its webpage in line with the development.

AuKing Mining’s new logo, name and ASX ticker is now reflected in the site by simple changes to the CMS, which powers the site. Of course, the new brand came with a redesign of its website. With new images and revised pages, according to the company’s preferences.

Among its features, the investor-focused site provides the company’s business overview and a summary of its board and management. Information on projects with corresponding maps and details are also found in the site.

In its Investor Centre, AuKing Mining stakeholders can quickly access key facts and figures, such as its investor fact sheet, share price information and top 20 shareholders. ASX announcements and annual reports can be viewed there as well. And these news items can be readily sent out to subscribers through the site’s sophisticated distribution capability to subscribers and social media.

Another unique feature of the website is its version in the Chinese language. Stakeholders can just select their language preference at the top right corner of the site. It’s a convenient way of expanding the company’s investor audience, both current and potential ones.

Auking Mining website on mobile phone
Stakeholders can quickly access key facts and figures in AuKing Mining ‘s Investor Centre.


The AuKing Mining website is delivered using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with AuKing Mining on this exciting refreshing of their investor communications capability.

Please visit our IRM website for more information by clicking here.

If you would like to check out some of our other ASX-listed clients, please tap this link.

If you would like to chat with one of our account managers, please call on +61 2 8705 5444 (Sydney) or email



Communicate with Investors in 3 Quick Ways

Investors today are more connected and more tech-savvy. They expect you to communicate more company updates regularly. And without delay.

Thankfully, there are many online tools now to meet that need. In fact, with the right tools, communicating with investors can be such a breeze. Here are 3 quick ways to connect with them:

IRM Newsroom will help you communicate with investors
Your website, email and social media channels are some of the key tools in investor communications.

1. Communicate via website

This is a no-brainer. You’re making all your announcements available here, right? Your webpage should be easily updated to include all your current news. It should be mobile friendly too. Remember, your tech-savvy investors are always on their phones and tablets. If you’re having trouble with this, we can help you with a framework that can be managed conveniently. Even without the help of a web developer.

However, you can’t be too sure all your shareholders go to your site regularly, can you?

2. Communicate via email

So send your announcements via email too. How many subscribers do you have? Hundreds? Thousands? This way you’ll get your news to all their inboxes. Hopefully, you’re able to manage your subscribers list well so you don’t miss anyone.

Just to make sure all your bases are covered, do the next step.

3. Communicate via social media

Why not? The number of businesses using social media is on the rise nowadays. You see, more companies are seeing a great potential in these channels when they’re used in the right way. Tweeting or posting your updates in LinkedIn or Facebook will expand your investor audience too. We’ve mentioned this before when we’ve spoken about touchpoints! Make sure you’re communicating with investors where they are, more on that here.

IRM Newsroom helps you easily communicate with investors
The IRM Newsroom can help you do all 3 methods in a click of a button.


So there you have it.

You must leverage your website, email and social media channels to immediately connect with investors. Pretty simple when you think about it.

Wait. What if there’s a way to do all 3 in one easy step?

Consider IRM Newsroom. It’s a powerful news and media aggregation and distribution tool for any company wishing to effectively communicate with its investor community. With this system, you can control which news items are published to your investor website, sent to email subscribers and posted on social media.

A free trial version of IRM Newsroom is available now. How about giving it a go? See how it will help you more easily communicate with investors.


Start Free Trial


Want to get the IRM Newsroom trial version?

Call +61 2 8705 5444 (Sydney) to start your free trial version of IRM Newsroom or for a demo on how it works. You can also email us at or visit for more details.



How to Appeal to Investors through Your Website

(This blog post is part of a series discussing 10 Success Factors for Online Investor Relations. Read the previous post — “How to Attract Investors to Your Website” — here.)

kaboompics_Young Entrepreneur Working from a Modern Cafe
Learn about three elements that could help make your website more appealing to investors.


When was the last time you bought a mobile phone or laptop? Remember going through a decision-making process before buying it?

Like most consumers, you didn’t immediately buy the first thing you saw, right? You must’ve Googled the product several times to study its features. Compared it to peers. Or maybe checked reviews. What were others saying about it?

In the same way, investors go through different stages before making an investment decision. Maybe not exactly as you would buy an iPhone. But in some ways similar.

Before becoming committed shareholders, investors first identify their “need” for the investment. They move through discovery and evaluation phases. On to a buy decision. And later to hold and sell.

This engagement process — what we call the investor journey — is personal and each is different.

In fact, a considerable part of investor decisions to move forward in their journey are based on emotions and impressions. Not based on facts and logic. That’s why the emotional appeal of your website must be just as good as the information you provide there.

Here are three elements that could help make your website more appealing to investors:


1. Appeal through your site design

How does your website look? Outdated? Amateurish? This won’t give a favourable impression to your audience.

Your home page should reflect a modern corporate design. And this fresh clean look on the introductory page of your site should flow through all your other web pages.


2. Appeal through your hero images and tag lines

Hero images provide an instant impression of your company’s values, products and services. Images like these on your home page would sure catch the eye of investors.

To support these images, add tag lines or simple statements that are relevant. These would make your home page more engaging and informative.

Then carry through your theme of hero images and tag lines to the banner images in each section of your website to make it cohesive.


3. Appeal through your home page features

An attractive home page layout would invite investors to click on more of your web pages. Include promotional boxes that offer company info. And don’t forget navigation or links to key parts of your site.

You might also want to promote your latest news or corporate video on your home page to make it up-to-date and interesting.

kaboompics_Businesswoman uses her mobile phone at her desk
IRM can assist you with a full website review to help your site become more appealing.


To sum things up, we’ve discussed three important website elements that would add appeal to investors. Now it’s time to review your site design, hero images and tag lines, as well as home page features. With these elements fine-tuned, you’ll have more engagement with your investor audience. A potential expansion of your investor team!


Where to go from here

Perhaps we can assist you with a full website review? We’ve been able to help out numerous ASX-listed companies with their online investor relations strategies.

Chat with us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email for more details.



Australian Potash’s new website gears up for investors

Australian Potash Limited (ASX:APC) rolled out a brand-new website to enhance its online investor presence.

The minerals exploration company picked out its colours, content and images for the full website powered by HQi, IRM’s proprietary content management system. Essential info about the company, its board and management team are well presented in the site. Its many projects are detailed, with vibrant photos laid out in an image gallery.

Australian Potash's website
IRM’s HQi content management system runs Australian Potash’s investor-focused website.


Australian Potash used its home page to display a corporate video and management update discussing its latest news. A share price promo box is also on the same page for easy access to the company’s investor audience. To encourage engagement, a contact information form, email alerts facility and Twitter link are available throughout the site.

When investors click on its Investor Centre, a welcome page offers Australian Potash’s ASX announcements, presentations and projects. The company’s share price information and capital structure can also be viewed in this section. These are helpful elements for investors, both current and potential ones!

Meanwhile, its News page highlights reports, researches, videos and media coverages. And with IRM Newsroom integrated in HQi, Australian Potash can easily decide which announcements are sent through its website, email or Twitter account. It’s a trouble-free way of communicating with its stakeholders.

Discover the effortless fluidity of Australian Potash’s website design and Investor Centre through the links.

Australian Potash website on mobile
Australian Potash’s website looks good on desktop and mobile devices.


Setting up a new corporate website?

Perhaps we can be of help! You’d be in good company with our 170 ASX-listed clients. Choose a plan and price that would suit your business. Or enquire for a quote on your proposed site.

Our IRM Client Relations Team would be happy to chat with you too. Call us today at +61 2 8233 6168 (Sydney) or email More details at



Plus Connect Website Finds Perfect Match in IRM HQi

Plus Connect website
Plus Connect used IRM’s proprietary CMS to set up its website with selected colours, images and content, in a bid to support investor relations.


Are you on the hunt for the right content management system for your website? Read on to see how Plus Connect Limited’s site just found its perfect match in IRM’s HQi proprietary CMS.

IRM and Plus Connect (ASX:ACU) worked together to launch the latest webpage of the Australian company that offers online betting and social gaming products. The online gaming company hand-picked its colours, images and content for the website that aims to support investor relations. Through the well-designed site, the company highlighted a wide range of key information about its business, its board of directors, management team and partners, among other things.

What’s more, the practical webpage hosts an Investor Centre, where shareholders are received with a welcome page and given up-to-date share price information. It skilfully features the company’s ASX announcements as well as annual, half-yearly and quarterly reports, which feed automatically onto the website through HQi.

This automatic feed is possible through HQi’s integration with IRM Newsroom, enabling Plus Connect to communicate with investors with ease. Through this news aggregation and delivery tool, the company can conveniently share announcements through its site and simultaneously send them to subscribers via email or LinkedIn. Email alerts sign-ups are also available on the webpage for investors to subscribe to. That way they don’t miss any news from the company.

Click the links to experience the smooth functionality of Plus Connect’s website and Investor Centre.

Plus Connect mobile
Plus Connect’s website is easily accessible on desktop and mobile devices.


Interested to get a new CMS for your website?

Allow us to assist you today! We’ve created webpages for numerous ASX-listed companies. If you’d like to get a quote on your planned site, tap here. Or pick out a plan and price for your business through this link.

If you’d prefer to chat about your plans, call us at +61 2 8233 6168 (Sydney) or email

Visit for more details.


How to Attract Investors to Your Website

(This blog post is part of a series discussing 10 Success Factors for Online Investor Relations. Read the next related post — “How to Appeal to Investors through Your Website” — here.)

So you have your website all set up and running. All the necessary elements are there — design, imagery, style and key messages. All the facts about your company and who’s running it. Your business summary and your investor proposition are in place. Got your latest news and reports. The works.

Attract investors to your website in three easy steps
Setting up your website wisely is key to attracting investors.

Now how to attract investors to visit your site? You’d want them to access all these info, right? That’s the first step. You’d want to draw in the right traffic to your website to get them on board.

Here are three suggestions to become better at attracting investors:

1. Smarten up your overall search

Most investors will search your site by your company name, website URL or ticker code. You’d want to make sure every variation of your name, including your ticker code or domain, get top ranks in Google search. You’d want the names of your senior executives and company projects to rank well too.

Next, review how investors search for your site. Do this regularly. Just think about the words they use when they Google up your company. This way you can update your content to respond to their searches. Then measure your search results and continuously improve.

Also, some investors get to your webpage through a related site. That’s why it’s good practice to publish links in your industry websites or those of your partner or broker. You can even add links in ASX Announcements and shareholder communications.

2. Offer unique and authoritative content

Talk about your company’s expertise in your website. Write in a way that’s unique and authoritative, yet reader-friendly. This will allow you to rank higher in search results. You see, Google search will give higher ranking for content that’s not easily found elsewhere in the internet. As long as its guidelines in form and style are met, of course.

3. Use the right keywords

What are the words or phrases investors use to search for your company on the web? If you put these same keywords in your content, chances are you’ll rank higher in search. So it’s ideal to develop a list of keywords, other than your company name and ticker code. Then use these keywords consistently throughout your site.

Your website setup is important in attracting investors
Investors will likely land on your website if you rank well in search results.

And there you have it! Three effective ways to attract more investors to your website. When you brush up on your overall search, content and keywords, investors are more likely to land on your site. This means more opportunities to get them on your team!

What should you do next?

How about a full website review from us? We regularly help ASX-listed companies with assessing the gaps in their online investor relations strategies.

If you’d like to chat more on this topic, please call us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email We’d be happy to assist you!



IRM Builds Investor-friendly Websites for Seymour Whyte

Seymour Whyte website
IRM used its HQi proprietary content management system to develop three websites for Seymour Whyte group.


IRM unveiled investor-focused websites for Seymour Whyte Limited (ASX:SWL) and its two divisions. The infrastructure, engineering and construction firm holds a group portfolio that consists of Seymour Whyte Constructions and Rob Carr Pty Ltd, its civil and utilities infrastructure divisions, respectively.

IRM developed each of the websites using its proprietary content management system, called HQi. Through HQi, the progressive sites provide details about the company, its divisions as well as its board and executive team. The group’s various projects are also distinctly described and clearly located through interactive maps in the web pages.

In addition, HQi features the IRM Newsroom, allowing the group’s news to be sent out speedily through its websites, email or social media platforms. An Investor Centre is likewise included in the parent company’s site to keep shareholders abreast on ASX Announcements, share price information and financial reports and presentations.


Seymour Whyte mobile website
Seymour Whyte group’s websites are fully functional on mobile devices, such as phones or tablets.


To facilitate a smooth access for investors, the websites are fully functional on mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. Seymour Whyte can also refresh data on the sites effortlessly as HQi enables content and pages to be edited or added, among other capabilities.

Kudos on your innovative websites, Seymour Whyte! Tap the links to visit the sites of Seymour Whyte Limited, Seymour Whyte Constructions and Rob Carr Pty Ltd. Click here to visit the Investor Centre.


Time to raise the bar on your corporate webpage?

Allow us to assist you today! You can choose a plan and price that’s best suited for your business. Or enquire for a quote on your intended site here.

Better yet, get in touch with our IRM Client Relations Team at +61 2 8233 6168 (Sydney) or to chat about your proposed webpage.

You can also survey our actual work on satisfied clients here. Or go to for more details.

How to Write a Blog Post via IRM Newsroom

When was the last time you connected with your investors? Communicating with shareholders is undeniably a vital element of a well-managed ASX-listed company. And a corporate blog is a simple yet direct channel you can use to meet this communication need.

A company blog is a user-friendly platform that empowers a business to engage with the investor community, including current and potential stockholders. Think of it as a short thoughtful letter that contains timely and relevant information to your stakeholders. It’s also a reliable source of data where venture capitalists and angel investors can consider a prospective investment in your business.

Corporate blog
A corporate blog is a simple yet direct channel you can use to communicate with investors.


In addition, your blog would bring more traffic to your website and more links necessary for SEO, especially if you include social media sharing in your site. This significant traffic will result in an increased awareness amongst your investor audience.

So how do you write a blog post? Here are 3 quick steps on writing one and promptly sharing it hassle-free through the IRM Newsroom.

Step #1: Strategize your blog post

Before you begin writing, understand your target audience, that is, your existing shareholders and possible investors. Intentionally set them in mind as you organise your thoughts and compose your write-up. Imagine speaking to them through your blog post.

Next, select a topic and a working title for your post, then make an outline of what you’ll be talking about. In your outline, don’t forget to give an intro that would grab the reader’s attention and state the purpose of your piece.

Blog post via IRM Newsroom
IRM Newsroom is integrated with popular blog app WordPress to facilitate a smooth blogging experience on your website.


Step #2: Write your blog post

With your outline as a guide, write in a reader-friendly style to ensure investment or industry-specific topics are easy to understand. Include links, photos, videos or presentations to support your subject matter and enhance your article. A call-to-action section at the end of your blog post would be helpful to indicate what you want your audience to do after reading it, such as checking out your company’s products or reaching out to your team. Remember to edit or proofread your article and adjust your formatting. Finalise your title to one your subscribers can’t miss as well.

Newbie at blogging? No worries! WordPress and IRM Newsroom can help. Our proprietary tool is a powerful news and media aggregation and distribution application. It is integrated with popular blog app WordPress to facilitate a smooth blogging experience on your website. This combined capability allows you to simply layout your post, schedule when you want it published, leverage SEO features and distribute to your audience using IRM Newsroom.

Step #3: Share your blog post via IRM Newsroom

Once you’re ready to share your blog post, simply utilise the IRM Newsroom to instantly publish your piece in your website. At the same time, you can use IRM Newsroom to simultaneously send the post via email to subscribers or as a link in your social media channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Such a time-saving means to communicate to stakeholders with ease!

Moreover, if you want your audience to get used to checking your website for new blog posts, regularly schedule your posts; whether it be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Sharing your write-ups through social media helps alert them about your latest news too.

Writing a blog post with IRM Newsroom
IRM Newsroom can instantly share your blog post via website, email and social media channels.


Considering a blog to connect with investors?

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IRM innovates AUB Group website with new look, features

AUB Group website
AUB Group’s home page now contains a live share price chart and ASX updates, among other modifications.


IRM recently revitalised the website of AUB Group Limited (ASX:AUB) as part of efforts to reinforce the company’s investor relations. AUB Group is a leading equity-based risk management, advice and solutions provider in Australasia.

Under the direction of AUB Group, IRM implemented a fresh design for the site’s home page that includes a live share price chart and ASX updates, among other modifications. Powered by IRM’s HQi content management system, the webpage likewise carries a visual timeline to showcase the company’s rich corporate history.

For AUB Group’s Investor Centre, IRM enhanced the segment with a welcome page as well as sections highlighting its dividends, top 20 shareholders, interactive annual reports and corporate calendar. In fact, the company’s 2017 online annual report is now accessible to shareholders through the webpage. An investor fact sheet was included in the site to provide a handy one-page company summary that can easily be printed or downloaded, just like the annual report.

Moreover, AUB Group’s website was expanded with a News Centre, containing media announcements and press releases. IRM also utilised its IRM Newsroom to bolster the way AUB Group’s corporate blog consolidates into the site.

Bravo, AUB Group! Here’s to stronger investor communications for your company through your upgraded webpage.

Click the links to experience AUB Group’s new website, Investor Centre and News Centre.

AUB Group investor centre
AUB Group’s Investor Centre includes sections highlighting its dividends, top 20 shareholders, annual reports and corporate calendar.


Recognising a need to revamp your corporate website?

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IRM firms up Melbana Energy corporate website

Melbana Energy website
Melbana Energy’s website is powered by IRM’s HQi content management system.


Melbana Energy (ASX:MAY) partnered with IRM to launch a robust website in a bid to expand the company’s online presence. Presently, the oil and gas enterprise has a portfolio of exploration, appraisal and development stage opportunities in Cuba, New Zealand, Ashmore Cartier and Bonaparte Gulf regions in Australia.

Melbana Energy’s latest site exhibits a simple yet modern aesthetic and is powered by IRM’s HQi content management system. HQi showcases various details about the company, its board and management team in the web pages. Unique elements of the site include a printable investor fact sheet and an interactive map of current projects. There’s a section dedicated for Spanish-speaking subscribers as well.

Melbana Energy website on mobile
Melbana Energy’s website works well on desktops and mobile devices.


The website additionally features an Investor Centre where stakeholders can access ASX announcements, share price information, annual and quarterly reports, among other data. The IRM Newsroom was also set up for Melbana Energy to quickly relay announcements to subscribers. Its company news can readily be distributed through the website, email or specific social media channels such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

Congratulations on your new internet site, Melbana Energy! Click the links to appreciate the company’s latest webpage and Investor Centre.

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Laneway Resources chooses IRM to build corporate website

IRM is pleased to announce the latest investor-focused website of Laneway Resources (ASX:LNY). Laneway is an Australian exploration company with assets in gold and coal.

IRM initially created an ultramodern look with a corporate appeal for the new site. Then its HQi content management system was deployed to keenly showcase Laneway’s business in the web pages.

Laneway Resources website

The purposeful site contains an Investor Centre to highlight ASX announcements, share price information, as well as annual and half-year reports. It’s also equipped with the IRM Newsroom to instantly distribute company news via website, email or social media.

Laneway’s brand-new site is fully responsive in different devices such as mobile phones and tablets. And the company can easily update content or modify pages any time through HQi’s user-friendly dashboard.

Hats off to Laneway on its contemporary webpage! Tap the links to explore the company’s innovative site and investor centre.

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SEO 101: A guide for beginners

As you may already know, search engine optimisation, or SEO, “is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results,” according to Wikipedia.

How does it affect your business? SEO can direct more significant traffic to your website, resulting in increased awareness amongst the investor audience.

Google search

IRM follows many best practices in developing your website so your company will be easy to find online. In addition, there are other ways you can enhance your site’s ability to stand out in search engines, such as Google, and increase visitors to your webpages. Here are 10 website elements to check for improving your SEO capabilities.

  1. Title Tags

Title tags are vital to search rankings as they communicate what the page is all about to Google or other search engines. These tags show the page title in search-engine results (see example below) and in a browser’s toolbar. So, you’ll want keywords in your title tags for search engines to determine the relevance of your web page and help your site top search results. Just make sure to keep your title tags 70 characters or less as most search engines will truncate them to this limit. Don’t forget to include your company or brand name and keywords related to that page.

Title tag

  1. Meta Description

A meta description should be a short and accurate summary of your web page content. Like title tags, this element displays in search results and leveraging keywords here will boost up your rankings as well. You’ll also want to fix your character count within 160 characters as most search engines will maintain meta descriptions in this maximum.

Meta description

  1. Keywords

Keywords are the relevant words users utilise to search Google and these words eventually direct them to your website. You’d want to apply these keywords in your site’s intended topic and make them appear in a natural sounding and grammatically correct copy. Be careful not to put too much keywords though or Google might consider your content as spam or junk. You’ll want to focus on quality and helpful content that would provide user satisfaction. Below is a sample keyword cloud specifying keywords used in IRM’s site.

Keyword cloud

  1. Heading Tags

Heading tags will support how search engines define the topics of your page. These headings allow search engines to establish a hierarchy for the data on your page, beginning with your H1 tag, moving down in importance to H2, H3 and so on.

H1 headings are HTML tags that should include your keywords and directly connect with your title tag. In fact, the H1 tag will usually be like your title tag. Meanwhile, H2 and other headings will help determine the sub-topics your page and should contain similar keywords as your H1 tag.

Heading tag

  1. Sitemap

A sitemap relays data to search engines so they can easily find all your web pages that are available for crawling. It is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL, like when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site.


  1. Image Alt Tag

Alt tags on images in your web pages improve your site’s accessibility as these reinforce what your page conveys to search engines. You see, search engines cannot really see the images and can only index them by searching the alt tag. So, using keywords and human-readable captions in image alt tags is a good SEO practice. Also, if an image cannot be displayed due to a wrong source or slow connection, the alt tag provides alternative information.

Image alt text sample

  1. Responsive Design

A responsive design will enable your site to automatically adapt to a user’s desktop, tablet or mobile phone while maintaining the same HTML and URL structure. Media query techniques allow different content to be optimized depending on the output device and this is a must nowadays to make sure your website looks good on all devices and platforms.

Responsive design

  1. Robots.txt File

A robots.txt file is a simple text file placed on the root folder of your website to control which pages search engines can crawl and index. Search engines send out tiny programs, called spiders or robots, to seek your site and bring information back so that your pages can be indexed in search results.

However, there are two important considerations when using a robots.txt file. Since the file is publicly available, anyone can see the sections in your server that you don’t want robots to find. Also, robots can ignore your robots.txt files, especially malware robots that scan the web for security vulnerabilities.

Working links

  1. Working Links

Users expect content to be available when they follow links to or from your website. Google uses crawlers to go through your web pages through these links. If your site has broken links on pages, these will stop the crawler from being able to index the site accurately. Make sure you update any broken links to optimise user experience.

  1. Social Media Activity

Integrating social media channels into your website will establish an appealing identity for your company and naturally attract visitors to your site. That’s why we equipped our IRM Newsroom with features that allow you to easily manage your webpage and social channels in just one platform. Click these links to connect your Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts to your website via our IRM Newsroom.

Social media activity

Got all those website elements in place?

Then you’re all set for the starting points of a strong SEO strategy that will ultimately make you easier to find for investors!

IRM can help you evaluate your SEO abilities through a simple test to ensure all these elements are strongly supporting your plan. You can also read about IRM’s 10 Success Factors for Online IR, starting with drawing the right traffic to your website.

Need further assistance? Call our IRM Client Relations Team today at +61 2 8233 6168 (Sydney) or email us at Let’s get started on a more pro-active SEO strategy for your business!

Tesserent engages IRM’s market-leading Newsroom

IRM teamed up with Tesserent (ASX:TNT) to integrate the IRM Newsroom in the cyber security company’s website. Tesserent offers businesses world-class perimeter protection, internal monitoring and alerts, secure internet connectivity and co-location.

Tesserent website

With the IRM Newsroom incorporated in Tesserent’s site, the company will be able to quickly communicate ASX announcements, share prices and reports to investors throughout Australia and around the globe.

IRM Newsroom functions with HQi, IRM’s proprietary content management system. Through these tools, Tesserent can view all the company’s news and manage its subscriber database, among other capabilities. The company can also select which announcements to post on their website or social media accounts and email to stakeholders, all at the same time.

Kudos to Tesserent on their Newsroom functionality! Explore their website here.

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IRM kicks off investor-friendly website for Tap Oil

IRM launched a state-of-the-art web page of Tap Oil Limited (ASX:TAP), an independent oil and gas exploration and production company. TAP is based in Perth and has interests in South East Asia and Australia.

IRM implemented its scalable HQi content management system to develop and power the site based on TAP’s desired layout and colour theme. Though the web page is now live, HQi still gives TAP the option to modify the site’s content, images and navigation as needed.

Tap Oil website

IRM equiped TAP with hands-on training on how to revise the website content and structure. Likewise, IRM’s support staff members are available to assist should the company need any help with the pages.

TAP’s website also highlights a unique investor centre, which includes ASX announcements, company reports and share prices. This distinctive section enables TAP to distribute news and communicate to stakeholders with ease. You see, HQi integrates with IRM’s ASX announcement platform, called IRM Newsroom, to instantly email shareholders or update a company’s social media channels.

Tap Oil website in mobile

Congratulations to TAP on their new website! View the new website here and access the company’s investor centre through this link.

In the market for a cutting-edge website that relates to investors?

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IRM enhances Atlas Iron site to boost investor relations

IRM recently updated Atlas Iron Limited’s website to help strengthen the iron-ore company’s investor relations. Atlas (ASX:AGO) mines and exports direct shipping ore from its operations in the Northern Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Atlas Iron website

Atlas is one of IRM’s many ASX-listed clients that use HQi, IRM’s proprietary content management system. The companies worked on upgrading Atlas’ online investor presence through a new custom design and a range of other features.

Atlas’ website now includes full share prices and charts in its investor centre to provide stakeholders easier access of the data. An interactive map of the company’s projects in Western Australia is highlighted in the site as well. The webpage also contains a historical timeline of Atlas’ achievements through the years, beginning with its ASX listing in 2004.

In addition, Atlas’ website showcases animation on its home page and an image gallery of its projects. The company will soon provide a Google earth fly-over video, which IRM will include in the home page.

Way to go, Atlas! Browse through the company’s upgraded site here.

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Phoenix Eagle’s versatile website now live

IRM kicked off a new website for Phoenix Eagle, a biopharmaceutical research and development company headquartered in Australia.

IRM utilised its HQi content management system to build and run the site in collaboration with Phoenix Eagle. The biopharmaceutical company selected the content, colours and images to come up with its preferred look for the web pages. IRM’s adaptable template also facilitated a larger footer for the site to make way for quick links and contact information.

Phoenix Eagle website

Aside from updating content, HQi enables Phoenix Eagle to create new sections or rename pages within its website navigation. The new site can also be easily accessed through any device, such as PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Take a look at Phoenix Eagle’s latest website here.

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Bioxyne’s new website designed for consumers, investors

Bioxyne Limited (ASX:BXN) engaged IRM to launch a consumer-focused website for the Australian life sciences and health products company.

IRM created the webpage with bright images and colours to connect with Bioxyne’s wide base of global clients. A Shopify store was also integrated in the site to facilitate online purchases for customers.

Bioxyne website

In addition, Bioxyne’s website has a unique feature intended for stakeholders — its corporate investor centre. IRM’s HQi content management system enables Bioxyne to communicate to shareholders via email or selected social media through the IRM Newsroom, among other capabilities.

Tap the links to check out Bioxyne’s new website and Shopify store. The company’s investor centre can be found here.

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Metminco teams up with IRM to upgrade website

IRM developed a new design with added functionality for the website of Metminco (ASX:MNC), an exploration and mining company incorporated in Australia.

MNC is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. The company’s strong portfolio of exploration projects in Colombia, Peru and Chile is primarily focused on gold.

Metminco website

IRM created a fresh look with structural changes for MNC’s home page and internal pages to make the site fully responsive. The upgrade aims to result in lower future maintenance costs and an improvement in the auto site map and Google search results for MNC, among other advancements.

IRM’s proprietary content management system, HQi, powers MNC’s website and allows the company to easily control content, images and navigation. HQi also integrates with IRM Newsroom, IRM’s ASX announcement platform, helping MNC to simultaneously post or send out news to selected channels — website, email or social media — in real time.

Discover MNC’s enhanced new website here.

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IRM unveils Ferrum Crescent’s investor-focused website

IRM is pleased to announce the latest webpage of Ferrum Crescent Limited, a European lead-zinc exploration company based out of Australia. More commonly known as FCR, the company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Ferrum Crescent website

FCR partnered with IRM to utilize IRM’s HQi content management system for the interactive website that details FCR’s most recent company information and current exploration work. The user-friendly site also contains investor-focused data, such as share registry and capital structure, to address its global shareholders.

Among various elements, IRM’s HQi features the IRM Newsroom, which enables ASX listed companies to manage their website, email and social media. This tool allows prompt and trouble-free communications with investors and stakeholders with just a click of a button — no web developers needed! And though FCR can control the web page content on their own, IRM’s continued assistance will still be available for the company whenever necessary.

Explore FCR’s new web page here.

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Dawson Insurance taps IRM for new website

IRM and Dawson Insurance collaborated to launch an innovative website for the New Zealand-based insurance and risk specialist.

Dawson Insurance provides specially tailored business and personal insurance, as well as coverage for specialist industries. The insurer engaged IRM’s HQi content management system to create easy-to-navigate pages that offer a wide range of risk management options for clients’ personal or business protection.

Dawson Insurance website

With the simple yet functional design of the site, clients can likewise get a quote for their specific needs and insurance brokers are able to reach them to recommend coverage based on their requirements.

IRM also equipped Dawson Insurance with training on how to manage the website on their own, without the help of a web developer. However, should there be a need for more assistance, the insurer is assured of the continued support of the IRM team.

Click here to view the clean aesthetic design of Dawson Insurance’s new user-friendly web page.

Considering your own hassle-free website?

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NVOI goes live with a New Fresh Look

IRM is pleased to showcase the new website for NVOI. NVOI provides an on-demand skills exchange that directly connects skilled professionals with the hiring managers who need their skills. The company reduces the search process time down to hours with a platform that is easy to use and eliminates the pain of the recruitment process.


The website was built quickly to meet a short deadline, to help us meet this turnaround NVOI provided a new clear site map for the site navigation, their colour palette and their graphics for us to use, as well as their content.

Now that it is built the NVOI site features many of IRM’s specialised investor tools including integration of IRM’s Newsroom to keep shareholders and potential investors up to date on the companies news and ASX announcements. The new investor centre also uses responsive design so that it formats to mobile or tablet depending on the device used to view. NVOI also has the ability to access our HQi Content Management System which they can update the site accordingly if required.

Congratulations to the NVOI group on their new website, we are extremely excited with your new investor presence and hope that it helps you communicate with your investors in an effective way.

NVOI Group’s new website can be viewed here.

Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a refresher, new investor centre or corporate web site, get in touch with Nikki Harris at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Nikki via email: or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see for more detail.


Being social is important, especially in a crisis.

In today’s IRMatters post, Director of Platform Communications, Kirsty Danby explores the role of social media in crisis management situations and provides some excellent, practical guidelines for communications practitioners.


Earlier this month, researchers from the Queensland University of Technology released results of a three year study into how social media is being used during crisis communications.

It found that while platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were recognised as increasingly important in the dissemination of information during crisis events, they were not always used well.

“The official use of social media for crisis communications within emergency management organisations is still relatively new and ad hoc, rather than being systematically embedded within or effectively coordinated across agencies,” the report reads.

Statistics support using SM channels as part of your communications mix

Latest statistics out of the United States i show a steady increase in the number of people using social media – with Instagram now the most popular and fastest-growing platform.

It’s a little different in Australia with the latest Sensis report (published May 2015) showing Facebook still out in front with 93 per cent of social networkers maintaining a profile.

But visual sites like Instagram are also growing quickly with 5 million Australians logging on every month.

Based on this data, the importance of social media is clear. However, in Platform’s experience, many companies are risk averse when it comes to social media and prefer to leave it be rather than establish a presence. Aside from ignoring a potential audience, this strategy also reduces the communication opportunities available during a crisis.

Guiding principles

There are some key principles which companies can follow to enable a safe social media presence – such as having a defined strategy from the outset, designated social media managers and a framework for what content is suitable.

“Having clear guidelines becomes even more important when a crisis arises. Things get messy; people are emotional, facts are often unclear and confusion can hamper communication efforts.”


If a company has a plan for using social media during a crisis, the process will be much smoother.

One of the first steps is to make a public statement acknowledging that an incident has occurred. Social media is the ideal platform for these announcements (and successive updates) given its real-time nature.

BHP Billiton has worked to this strategy in the aftermath of the Samarco disaster with various announcements and videos, posted numerous times per day.


In the week following the incident in Brazil, Samarco was referred to close to 35,000 times, as the graph below shows, which clearly demonstrates the importance of communicating to this online audience.


Announcements on social media should be transparent, consistent and factual.

It’s also important to hand the social media responsibility over to someone who understands the company and corporate communications so as to ensure accurate messages that work in line with reputation management strategies.

In order to help emergency organisations improve social media use during crises, the Queensland University of Technology has recommended a national framework be established. Read the full list of recommendations here.

But this shouldn’t be restricted to emergency organisations – as we’ve seen with the Samarco incident resources companies also need to be prepared.

Getting started

Need some help planning how your company might use social media in a crisis? Contact Kirsty Danby, Director at Platform Communications, at +61 8 6467 7640, or contact Platform, here.

IRM Newsroom can publish your ASX Announcements, blog posts and other news items to a variety of channels, including social media. Ask IRM how it fits your strategy. Visit and follow us below:

Think you’re not on Twitter? Think again…

Some time back, following the trend set by #stocktwits, #twitter introduced a $cashtag.  For those daunted by the concept of Twitter (let alone the $cashtag) we take a moment here to demystify the cashtag feature and provide some simple tips on how to be more across what’s being said about your company on twitter, because despite whether you’re participating in social media conversation about your company, it’s most likely occurring anyway.

Many ASX listed clients of IRM are already actively engaging with investors through Twitter, using IRM Newsroom to publish their announcements there.

However, even if you “don’t  use Twitter” – you most likely are already on the forum. This is because if you’re a publicly listed company, with interested shareholders or under the scrutiny of media, you’re probably already being discussed.


Checking Twitter conversations

One way to find references where your company is being discussed is to look for a Cashtag, – a little symbol, where a ticker code is preceded by a $ sign. In the case of IRM client, Primary Healthcare, their cashtag would look like this: $PRY. The cashtag is like the conventional hashtag, where users insert a hash, or pound symbol: # in front of an important term or phrase – eg. #primaryhealthcare or #investorrelations, and the cashtag is used to specifically highlight news about particular stocks.

Many financial users are now routinely tweeting using cashtags. For example, Commsec tweets several times a day and every time they mention a stock they give it a cashtag. So almost certainly, a search of an ASX listed company’s cashtag on Twitter will reveal a number of posts. In the pic below, we searched Twitter using the code $PRY and found a list of references to Primary Healthcare, including one from Commsec, where they’ve used the cashtag to highlight and categorise their post:

Note how the top two posts actually relate to a company called Prysmian SpA, an Italian entity with the same ticker? This is a relatively common problem, where duplicate tickers are used across multiple exchanges. One easy way to differentiate between companies listed on different exchanges is to use the exchange convention when posting your cashtag. For example, here the posters could have used $PRY.AX to indicate that they were referring to Primary Healthcare, listed on the ASX.

If you are posting about your own company, and know that your ticker is shared with other companies on different exchanges, we’d recommend applying the .AX extension after your ticker – so it reads $XYZ.AX.


Why use cashtags?

Twitter introduced this functionality in July 2012 as a means of tracking investor- focused updates and it has since been used by the investor community online to save time when searching for updates regarding specific listed companies. This is what Twitter said when announcing the use of “cashtags”:

“When you’re talking about a publicly-traded company on Twitter, make sure you remember to use their new clickable stock tag. It’s also being called a “cashtag,” by some Twitter users. Whatever you call it, Twitter’s new hashtag functionality for stock symbols means that users can view streams of tweets about certain companies’ stock with ease. The cashtags work like hashtags in that they are highlighted blue and clickable. Instead of the “#” that precedes normal hashtags, “$” precedes the cashtags.”


Cashtag fast facts

  • Cashtags were created so that users could more easily categorise and find stock news for a specific company or ticker symbol
  • Cashtag tweets can be used to derive new insights about stocks and companies if we know how to mine the data correctly.

Essentially, cashtags are a distinct way of listing updates regarding news and financial data for a specific company and making these posts easily searchable for quick review.  You can search for and click on ticker symbols like $BHP or $BHP.AX within Twitter, to see search results about stocks and companies of interest.


Want to include cashtags in your Twitter posts?

Here are some suggestions on how you can do so:

  1. Set up or activate your Twitter account
  2. Choose a cashtag to use – eg. $PRY for Primary.
  3. Set up IRM Newsroom to post your (selected) ASX Announcements to your Twitter account using your cashtag
  4. In tandem, suggest to your contacts (such as analysts / reporters), who might be tweeting about you that they use the cashtag.
  5. Take a look at your cashtag every so often to see what your overall voice looks like on Twitter.
    You may also like to consider encouraging investors to use your cashtag by noting it within your ASX announcements and other investor materials

Including cashtags to your Twitter posts as a default is something IRM can quickly and easily assist with via settings in our Newsroom product.


Get started today

Need a hand getting started?  Get in touch with our Client Relations Team via email: or phone: +61 2 8705 5444. Or visit for more detail.