Introducing the Newsroom App – Manage your investor communications while on the go

Newsroom App

You won’t be needing a desktop for this.

Nope. Not even a laptop.

Because you can now send investors ASX announcements or company news from your phone or tablet through the IRM Newsroom App.

Newsroom App enables you to instantly tap into Newsroom from your mobile devices. Perfect for staying connected with investors even when you’re on the move.

It’s a much quicker alternative than mobile web browsing for Newsroom. Since it only takes a second to launch this app. No need to launch a web browser, type in a URL and wait for the site to load.

Once you’ve accessed your Newsroom account, you’ll be able to update your website with latest news for stakeholders. You can even transmit emails to your subscribers and tweet or post in LinkedIn with the click of a button.

You’ll have control over which messages are relayed in the channels you choose – website, email or social media. You can decide by type of news or an individual news item.

This application is free with the Newsroom Premium plans under the Newsroom Corporate or Enterprise Plan. The plans’ features include:

  • Email Alerts service, such as on-site registration, uploading distribution lists and more
  • Use of any number of separate web pages for the website, automatically updated by Newsroom Distribution channels
  • Provision of custom mailshots, email subscriber groups, auto publishing on social media accounts
  • Integration with WordPress blogs as well as third-party news sources, such as Boardroom Media, Proactive Investors, ABN Newswire and FNN

Newsroom App is available on both iOS and Android. For iOS, just go to the App Store on your mobile and search for “IRM Newsroom.” You can also use this link to download the app. For Android, look for “IRM Newsroom” in the Play Store or click here to download it.


If you’re new to Newsroom, you can get a free trial through this page.

You can also click here to check out our ASX-listed clients using Newsroom.

If you wish to discuss how to get the Newsroom App, our account managers would love to hear from you. Call us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

Please visit our website through this link for more details.


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Communicate with Investors in 3 Quick Ways

Investors today are more connected and more tech-savvy. They expect you to communicate more company updates regularly. And without delay.

Thankfully, there are many online tools now to meet that need. In fact, with the right tools, communicating with investors can be such a breeze. Here are 3 quick ways to connect with them:

IRM Newsroom will help you communicate with investors
Your website, email and social media channels are some of the key tools in investor communications.

1. Communicate via website

This is a no-brainer. You’re making all your announcements available here, right? Your webpage should be easily updated to include all your current news. It should be mobile friendly too. Remember, your tech-savvy investors are always on their phones and tablets. If you’re having trouble with this, we can help you with a framework that can be managed conveniently. Even without the help of a web developer.

However, you can’t be too sure all your shareholders go to your site regularly, can you?

2. Communicate via email

So send your announcements via email too. How many subscribers do you have? Hundreds? Thousands? This way you’ll get your news to all their inboxes. Hopefully, you’re able to manage your subscribers list well so you don’t miss anyone.

Just to make sure all your bases are covered, do the next step.

3. Communicate via social media

Why not? The number of businesses using social media is on the rise nowadays. You see, more companies are seeing a great potential in these channels when they’re used in the right way. Tweeting or posting your updates in LinkedIn or Facebook will expand your investor audience too. We’ve mentioned this before when we’ve spoken about touchpoints! Make sure you’re communicating with investors where they are, more on that here.

IRM Newsroom helps you easily communicate with investors
The IRM Newsroom can help you do all 3 methods in a click of a button.


So there you have it.

You must leverage your website, email and social media channels to immediately connect with investors. Pretty simple when you think about it.

Wait. What if there’s a way to do all 3 in one easy step?

Consider IRM Newsroom. It’s a powerful news and media aggregation and distribution tool for any company wishing to effectively communicate with its investor community. With this system, you can control which news items are published to your investor website, sent to email subscribers and posted on social media.

A free trial version of IRM Newsroom is available now. How about giving it a go? See how it will help you more easily communicate with investors.


Start Free Trial


Want to get the IRM Newsroom trial version?

Call +61 2 8705 5444 (Sydney) to start your free trial version of IRM Newsroom or for a demo on how it works. You can also email us at or visit for more details.



IRM HQi Release Notes 5.0

Seen the new design of our upgraded HQi content management system? How about the advanced features we’ve added to help you more easily manage your webpage?

Read on to get details of several enhancements we’ve made. Or email if you’d like more information or would like to request a demo on these new features.

A New Look for HQi

We’ve revamped HQi’s design to give it a more contemporary yet corporate look. Click here to see the latest features that allow you to view your up-to-the-minute announcements, number of subscribers and users, among other upgrades.


Easier Manual Upload in Newsroom

You can now choose exactly where you’d like to publish your company news direct from the Manual Upload input screen. You can then publish from the Pending section after you’ve uploaded your announcement.
Manual upload

YouTube and Shopify Integration

Talk about expanding your market reach! Newsroom now allows you to share your YouTube videos to your subscriber groups. You can also update them on new products or blog posts in Shopify.

YouTube logo

Smoother Social Media Links

A preview of your post is now available when you share news in Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media channels. No need to double check how the update would appear in your selected channel.

Downloadable Showcase List

You can now export your Showcase entries from HQi. This helps facilitate a trouble-free way of sharing or managing your data.

Showcase list

Data Specifics in Showcase Addresses

Sometimes false results come up when you include addresses through longitude and latitude details. No worries! You can now use the free text method for clarity of data.

Spell Check in Editor

Did you know you can now spell check your posts in Editor? You’ll know you have a misspelling when the red line appears under incorrect words. Less stressful writing!

Spell check

Trackable Links on List Pages

All external links on list pages are now trackable, not just PDF links.

Smarter Custom Mail Section

We cleaned up the Custom Mail section to give you a more efficient method of handling your company announcements.

Desktop screenshot

Job Summary on Career Page

The Career Page now has a summary section where you can give a brief introduction of your specific job posting. This field can include a sentence or two of primary details about the vacancy.


Support Request Upgrades

You can now approve and edit proposed tasks from our Support team. It’s a great way to have us get started on the suggestions that will improve your website.

IRM Newsroom by the numbers

Investors want the news. Now.

Investors progress through their investor journey, moving from stranger to advocate, based on decisions triggered mainly by news. When you have news, get it to investors wherever they are – websites, emails, social media, news distribution channels. Do it immediately using IRM Newsroom.

The infographic below shows the impact of Newsroom so far!

We wanted to provide an insight to show just how robust our Newsroom system really is. Every day our software works hard to ensure your important ASX announcements (and other types of news and media) are distributed to your dedicated subscribers across multiple channels as quickly as possible.

Here’s five ways IRM Newsroom allows you to enhance your communication of news to investors:

  1. Do it Now. Immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels.
  2. Automated, or not. Choice of automated or one click authorise process to publish news, immediately, based on the type of announcement.
  3. Tailor the message. Simple editing features to change messaging for each announcement and news channel
  4. Choose distribution. Flexible options to change distribution channels per announcement
  5. Expand Reach. Ability to add extra feeds such as Boardroom Media, Proactive Investors etc

IRM Newsroom also manages your email subscribers list, right there from your website. It integrates with any website and particularly well with WordPress and IRM HQi.


IRM Newsroom


IRM Newsroom

Your investors want the latest information as soon as it’s published.

Our flexible and robust communication tools give you the ability to grow your stakeholder database while keeping them informed with your latest announcements.

Benefits of

IRM Newsroom

  • Immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels.
  • Choice of automated or one click authorise process to release announcements.
  • Simple editing features to change messaging per announcement.
  • Flexible options to change distribution channels per announcement.
  • Add extra news from your company blog and various third party news sources.

Newsroom by

The Numbers



companies using IRM Newsroom

irm newsroom







ASX Announcements delivered per month

asx announcements



emails sent every month


Enjoying IRM Newsroom is easier and cheaper than you think.

To find out more about how IRM Newsroom can save you time, contact Martin Spry at or phone: 02 8233 6168.

For even more information about IRM Newsroom, feel free to view our IRM Newsroom FAQ’s here.

IRM HQi 4.5 Release Notes

We’re happy to announce another new release of our software – HQi 4.5 is here. As usual we’ve been busy behind the scenes adding new features and improving the staples. If you have any questions regarding the new update or would like to arrange a demo, please feel free to get in touch.

Read on to discover what’s new and what’s changed…

Social Media Token Expiration Notifications

IRM Newsroom has the ability to publish your announcements and other news to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

The security and privacy settings at these companies require you to login again every 90 days, which means you’ll have to relink Newsroom to your account at the same time when this security token expires.

If you try to publish news to a social media account where you’ve been logged out, we’ll send you a friendly reminder email to let you know that you’ll just need to hop in and log on again to re-establish the connection.

Simple Form for Email Sign Ups

We now offer the ability for a simple sign up form that can be integrated almost anywhere on your site.

Sometimes visitors will not want to fill in lots of details as part of a sign up so this can allow them to simply add their email address to receive updates. We know that investors go through an investor journey before they decide to invest in your company and signing up for your email alerts is a crucial step – make sure it’s easy for them to do so.

Here’s a nice example from the new Thorn Group website:

email updates

IRM Newsroom Menu Items

We’ve moved some of the dashboard menu items together so that the elements regarding your ASX announcements can be found under the Newsroom module.

What’s changed?

All that has changed is that we’ve moved the Upload Historically and Edit Announcement options from their own section so they now sit within the IRM Newsroom module.

The functionality is the same, it’ just a bit of housekeeping on our side.

historical uploadIRM Newsroom

IRM Newsroom to handle multiple ticker codes

Newsroom can now run multiple ticker feeds and use different distribution channels for each.

Ideal for clients such as property trusts that deal with more than one listed fund. These can now be managed through one content management system, making it easier for the end user to control all of their announcements.

Add http & https dropdown in redirect page setting

On redirect pages, you can now choose from http or https from the dropdowns.


Image galleries – ability to add individual alt tags

Image alt tags are great for SEO. Now you can add and edit these more easily for each individual image via the content management system.

edit image

Ability to view list pages with unapproved content from HQi

When adding items to list pages you can now preview the list page itself with your unpublished item shown.

authorise content

We’re proud to introduce the IRM Newsroom Plugin for WordPress

We’re proud to introduce the IRM Newsroom Plugin for WordPress

If you use WordPress as your main corporate site this plugin makes it easy to share your ASX announcements to your WordPress website as well as your email subscribers and social media followers. It’s full integration between IRM Newsroom and WordPress!

IRM Newsroom Plugin


Publish and Distribute ASX Announcements direct from WordPress

You can now use the features of IRM Newsroom to display your ASX Announcements – and any other news – on your wordpress website on multiple web pages of your choice, recruit email subscribers, publish news to social media and much more.

If you have other sources of news, they are welcome as well. Collect and publish them through IRM Newsroom. Distribute to your WordPress website pages of your choice, email alerts, social media. And more.

IRM Distribution Channels


Integrate your WordPress blog

If you are using WordPress as a company blog, this plugin can also be used to feed your WordPress blog into the IRM Newsroom feed of your IRM corporate website or your wordpress corporate site. Blog posts and other news (eg ASX Announcements) can be integrated into one sensible news feed that investors will appreciate..

This will allow you to share your blog posts to your corporate site, email subscribers and social media channels – all from one place.

How does the plugin work?

The plugin is installed on your wordpress instance and a simple setup is required to allow your WordPress site to communicate with Newsroom, and vice versa.

Benefits of IRM Newsroom

  • Automated and immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels.
  • One click to release announcements
  • Simple editing features to change messaging per announcement
  • Flexible options to change distribution channels per announcement
  • Ability to add extra feeds such as Boardroom Media, Proactive Investors etc
  • Powerful and robust platform delivering over 500 ASX announcements and over 300,000 emails per month

But what if I don’t have an IRM or WordPress website? Can I still get the benefits of IRM Newsroom?

Of course. IRM Newsroom can be integrated into any website with a JSON feed that can deliver the benefits of IRM Newsroom to any website.

IRM Newsroom is now available for everybody.

What does this mean? It means that you still get the great benefits of using IRM Newsroom mentioned above including the automated and immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels.

To find out more about how IRM Newsroom can save you time, visit us at or contact Danny Hunt on +61 2 8233 6168 or

For even more information, feel free to view our IRM Newsroom FAQ’s here.

What’s New in IRM HQi 4.4?

Does a feature in HQi look different from the last time you used it? We are constantly working away in the background to add new features and improve the existing ones.

This article provides an overview of the changes that we’ve made along with links to the help centre to explain how they work so you can get the benefits of the new features.

As usual, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the updates or would like to make use of the new features and would like some guidance around setting them up.


WordPress Integration for Newsroom

IRM offers a WordPress plugin that automatically sends new and updated blog posts to IRM Newsroom. The plugin also allows the full blog to appear in the investor website with all the same navigation as the website, without additional or duplicate coding.

The IRM website is an example of integrating a WordPress Blog into an HQi website with IRM Newsroom. You will see that this site has a list of blog posts under a news heading in each section of the navigation. It also has the full blog integrated to the website under the IRMatters top level navigation. IRM can decide to distribute its blog news to different pages of the websites, to the Email Alerts list maintained in this website, or to social media, automatically and instantly, using the power of IRM Newsroom.

Moving Announcements Between Pages

After receiving feedback from one of our users that the current method to move announcements between pages was a little confusing we thought we would improve the procedure.

At the bottom of the list page in the cms, there’s now a Move option next to each article.

What’s new in IRM 4 - Google Docs

Separating Pending and Released Announcements in IRM Newsroom

For ease of use and to save any confusion we’ve split the pending and released announcements into their own pages.

Before this was found under one section named “Authorise”, but we feel it makes a bit more sense to split them into one section for Pending announcements and one for announcements that have already been released.


Ability to Change Homepage Elements

We’ve developed a new and improved way for you to be able to update areas of the homepage of your site. This may be text and smaller images or even the larger images and links that are part of your slider.

For older sites this may need a little bit of tweaking for us to set up, in which case you should speak to your Account Manager or lodge a support request through HQi or here.

Option for Clients to List Their ASX Ticker on Announcement Pages

Along with the additions to show file size or file type on list pages, you can now also choose to show your ticker code.

This will be particularly useful for sites that are showcasing announcements for multiple ticker codes.

Here it is in full swing at the IRM site:


Custom Image Icons on List Pages

Now that you are able to include different file types on list pages, you’re also able to set different icons to use as defaults for those varying file types.


Intranets and Secure Site Improvements

We’ve added new directories to our secure sites to make it easier to maintain important documents.


We’ve also fixed a few bugs and improved the following features:

  • Write privileges bug fixes.
  • User Group roles bug fixes.
  • Role security can now be applied to sub-directories through checkbox settings.

More information about an IRM secure site or intranet can be found here.

Showcase Module Improvements

The showcase module previously allowed you to filter by location where now you are able to also able to filter by categories.

We make use of this great feature on the new IRM website for our Client Showcase.


Newsroom distribution icons now clickable

Within the Newsroom Pending and Distribution Channels pages, the icons are now clickable and will take you through to where you can edit those particular settings.


Even More Flexibility Through the New Customisation Module

Sometimes we’re asked to code custom features for client websites which can involve some complex coding. Another requirement of the custom feature is that the client will need to update the feature too which can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky.

We’ve developed a module named “Customisation” which is useful for when client’s need to amend particular content on features that would usually require a developer to update.

It works by using a more intricate version of find and replace. It means that we can hardcode a value, give you an area where you can set a new value and the find and replace operation takes care of the rest.

A good example is home page image sliders that we mentioned earlier.


IRM HQi upgraded to Release 4.3

The IRM team is pleased to announce the release of version 4.3 of IRM HQi. The new release includes the third major set of improvements to IRM HQi and Newsroom for 2015. We think this release is our best one for the year!

In each of our releases we enhance our features list with new ways to save you time and help you be more productive when it comes to your IR efforts.

IRM HQi Release 4.3 was rolled out to all client sites for both website and IRM Newsroom clients in early December 2015. Here’s the main summary of what’s new:

There are three new major features, each of which is described in a separate blog post covering that subject:

There are numerous smaller features in the release, many of which are discussed briefly below.

  • Context sensitive help
  • Spell checking using the HQi Editor
  • Adding custom text above list pages (eg ASX Announcements)
  • Individual user uploads
  • Gallery Container pages
  • Uploading multiple images to galleries
  • Changing your internal page image banners through HQi
  • Directories in secure sites (Beta)

Context sensitive help

We have made our help resources more intuitive to enable you to find the detail you need more easily.

Previously in HQi the various help buttons took you to the home page of the IRM help centre at Now they will take you directly to the page that is relevant to the context of the current location – so you will get more quickly to the help for that part of HQi or Newsroom.

Spell check in Content Editor

You’ve made your updates, you’ve approved the changes and you’ve gone back to read through the new changes to your site only to find that you’ve misspelled something. Not any more – it’s now possible to spell-check your content before sending it live using the content editor in HQi.


Adding custom text above list pages

We’ve had requests in the past to add introductory text to our list pages (the ones that show your announcements or releases) and now you have the power to do this through HQi.

Find out how to do this over at our help centre:

Individual user uploads

You could previously add multiple users but there was no clear way to add a single new user to your site. Now it’s easy with the new “Create new user” button underneath the Manage Users module in HQi.


Gallery Container pages

For those who want to show a range of galleries on one web site page we’ve introduced Gallery Container Pages. Previously you could add as many single gallery website pages as you wanted, but there was no way to add a web page to your site that displayed all of your galleries.

When you add a page to the CMS you’ll be asked which type of page you would like to add, now you can simply select a gallery container page as shown below, and the system will step you through the rest of the set up.

For more information on these container pages, visit our help centre article here:

Upload multiple images to a gallery at once

Now, instead of uploading images one by one you can upload multiple images to galleries.

To do this, while uploading images simply select Ctrl on your keyboard and you’ll be able to upload multiple images. Find out more about how to use image galleries here:

Change your internal page image banners through HQi

Up until now, the banner images on the internal pages of your site have been coded by us but we’ve added options in the CMS so that you can now update these images as and when you choose to do so.


To find out how to do this, follow the article on our help centre here:

Directories in secure sites

Confidential file sharing is being increasingly used by businesses to increase productivity and team efficiency. It is important to know that if you’re sharing files, you’re able to keep the sensitive information secure.

This release contains a beta version of support for file directories to our secure sites. These can now include a full directory structure of files, to allow you to create, edit and remove folders as well as upload/edit/move and remove files while controlling the read and write access at the same time. Excellent for Intranet applications, data rooms, Board documentation and internal working groups, where secure access to lists of documents is needed. Its in beta because we have some improvements in mind for a more fulsome roll out in the next release.

You can find more detail on each of the features noted here in the IRM Help Centre at

If you have any ideas for new features that you would like to see or feedback on our existing features library, we would like to hear from you. Feel free to send ideas, feedback, thoughts and comments across to

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Enhanced Support Services for IRM HQi and IRM Newsroom

Enhanced Support Services for IRM HQi and IRM Newsroom

Release 4.3 of IRM HQi – for IRM website and Newsroom clients – was released in December 2015. It provides users of the HQi content management system the ability to request and track support requests through HQi.

cms-logo newsroom_logo_colour

Once logged in to HQi, a user can “Create New Support Request”. It can include a descriptive title, a priority, an optional link to the affected web page, an optional link to a shared Dropbox folder of any attached files, and a free form text description of the request.

The support request is logged in real time to IRM’s support team with a status of “Not Started”. As the request progresses, you will be able to monitor the changing status as evidence of progress.



Also available is a list of all of the previously logged support requests, filtered by currently open /all requests. This is a list of all support requests submitted by any HQi user for this company, so you can see what others have requested if there are multiple people involved.

From the list, the user can select an individual request and see the current status of the request, the expected completion date, and any comments made by IRM support people.


IRM prides itself on its high quality and quick support service. The HQi support request capability is just another way for clients to request support – and naturally we are still available on the phone and by email as usual!

Finally, if you’d like to view previous support requests not submitted through HQi, e.g. your recent phone or email support requests, ask us to attach them to the list.

Find out more about how this works in the IRM Help Centre at:

Please let us know if you have comments or suggestions about this new initiative, we’re always looking to improve!

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Responsive design – why it’s important

We live in a mobile, web enabled world. By the day, the number of people who are accessing websites using smart phones or tablets is increasing.  Watching this trend, good web developers sought to deliver a better experience for people using mobile devices, and “responsive web design” was born as a result.

So what is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is the process of creating websites (and all other online material, eg email messages and newsletters) that provide an optimal user experience regardless of the type of device used to access the site. The desired outcome is an easy reading and navigation experience across all devices with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

When applied properly, responsive sites work automatically across a wide range of devices – including traditional website views on desktop computer monitors and laptops through to mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

What does a responsive site look like?

Responsive sites work well when being viewed either in landscape or portrait mode.  In the image below (thanks to Google Australia), we show the difference between a site that has been created responsively, and one that uses an older, non-responsive and therefore non-mobile friendly design.

Responsive sites are important for business as we become more and more dependent upon smart phones and tablet devices
Image courtesy of Google Australia

Why is it important?

Responsive web design is important to provide visitors to your website or investor centre with a usable web experience.

IRM’s statistics of investor website views over the last two years clearly show the rising trend towards mobile website access. Investors are on the move! We’re doing some specific research on the numbers and will publish them in a later blog.

Now the stakes are getting higher. A few weeks back, Google updated its search algorithm to favour sites which are mobile-friendly.  Now, when a Google user searches for a term, Google notes whether the sites that land in the search results are “mobile-friendly” or not. So unfriendly sites will rank lower in Google searches.

IRM’s approach to responsive design

For the last 18 months or so, all new or redesigned IRM websites have responsive design. It’s just part of what we do at IRM.

For most existing clients, we’ve changed them over to responsive. Those who aren’t changed over yet, we know who you are! Its been a challenge for us to make sure our 170 client websites have kept up. But that’s why clients are with IRM, to leave these problems to us.

We’ve included a few examples below. website on an iphone site on an ipad


To see how the sites look on your own phone or device, pull out your phone or tablet and have a look at these sample IRM sites – try landscape and portrait:


IRM improves client support capability

We’ve always been proud of our personal service and quick response to support requests. To continue to improve our support, we’ve grown our team.

We have grown the IRM team
We have grown the IRM team!

We have two new client support team members, another web developer and expanded our marketing team. Jeff, Mischelle and Raanz already have several months of IRM experience and are now delivering good results for you behind the scenes. And we’ve just recruited Rosanna (you can call her Sanna) who will be helping us with marketing.

We’ve also recently implemented SugarCRM as our key support tool. It contains all the latest information, support requests and work in progress for every client, and is accessible real time by all of our team.

Now, anyone at IRM can assist with any query, so you don’t need to rely on tracking down your account manager.

Email enquiries and support requests can still be directed to the individuals you know in IRM – there’s no need to change. Alternatively you can email Either way, a member of the support team will pick up the request, and the best person will action it quickly.

Still personalised, now backed by a bigger team with better systems, and more improvements to come, our support service will hopefully just keep getting better.

Introducing our new online Help Centre!

We are proud to introduce the new IRM Help Centre which provides helpful guides and how to’s for the various features of the IRM HQi content management system. Here you can read about how to update content on website pages, and how to establish news distribution channels for IRM Newsroom, send emails to subscriber groups and the full set of other features.



Each time we update our software with a new release, we’ll also update the Help Centre to keep you up to date on the latest features and provide support so that you can use these capabilities effectively.

If you’re not already an HQi user, you may wish to browse this to understand the features offered by HQi.

You can also use the contact form to provide feedback on our products and services and let us know of features that you would like to see developed in the future.

Visit the IRM Help Centre here:

For more detail on how you can use IRM HQi to run your investor communications, or on how we can help with your corporate and IR-focused web or print requirements, please contact Danny Hunt, Client Relations Manager, on T: +61 2 8233 6168 or via