IRM HQI 4.7 Release Notes

New improved features have now been released to your HQi content management system. If you would like more information about these features or would like to request a demo please contact

As well as the below we’ve also got some exciting news regarding a Newsroom App for iOS and Android. If you are interested in testing the app, please feel free to get in touch via

Keywords for Newsroom

We’ve introduced Keywords for Newsroom so now you can set specific keywords and then tailor how announcements that use that keyword in their title will be released.

For example, you may wish to set a keyword named “Presentation”, and send any announcements that use the keyword to go directly to the presentations page of your website, a specific subscriber group and social media channels.


Homepage Customisation

Homepage customisation is where you can make text and image changes to the home page of your site. We have now moved the link to the content management section in HQi and you’ll now see the link appear under this module.

Please note this may not appear on older website builds. To request this feature please contact


Cleaner URLS

Our new clear URL’s are much more easily read and do not contain any query strings or URL parameters unless completely necessary. Clean URLs are preferred by people, and it just so happens that search engines prefer them as well. Keywords in URLs are, often, used to identify the relevance of a page when a search for a particular keyword is performed. However, it is not generally recommended to stuff keywords in your URLs for SEO purposes.

Cleaner URL

Links to PDF documents on Social Media

Some pdf links were showing errors when shared on social media. We now have additional settings in place to change how these links are generated which will help resolve the issue. If you see that your announcements are not sharing nicely on social media please email with the details.

Improved Foreign Language Sites

We have improved behind the scene features which now makes our foreign language sites even more effective and user friendly. Please see the following samples:

– Australian domain:
– Japanese domain:
– China:

Option to make PDF Icons clickable

On Listed Pages, you will find it’s now simpler by opening PDF files by clicking on PDF Icons, if enabled in your content management system.

Clickable PDF

Improved Showcase Feature design/layouts and functionality

Displaying Showcase list pages now uses an improved view and provides you with the flexibility to sort these either in alphanumeric, alphabetic or showcase name order. It makes it easier for viewers to locate what they are after, check out the options in HQI as an example below:


Previous / Next links in list page archives

There is now a setting in the list page properties to determine whether to display “previous”, “next” link in page navigation. Previously we have only ever included pagination.


Newsroom WordPress Feeds can now use the featured image

WordPress blog posts can now use the featured image from the WordPress article. In the WordPress post this is typically added in the bottom left of the post editor, but this can now be displayed in an IRM list page, although please note the list page will need to use display type “E”.

Improved Boardroom.Media feed

The ability to display extra information such as images from API integration in Newsroom. Please note the list page type must use type “E” in the list page settings.

Display type E

Mustang’s New Website

A gemstone developer and producer, Mustang Resources Limited recently made the decision to improve its corporate website.  IRM was pleased to help the Mustang team through the process, which has resulted to a great looking site.

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, Mustang Resources Limited (ASX:MUS) is an emerging gemstone developer and producer focused on the near-term development of the highly prospective Montepuez Ruby Project in northern Mozambique. The Company is currently fast-tracking its work program on the Montepuez Ruby Project with high priority targets being identified and low-cost bulk sampling having commenced.

Mustang required combining information from their existing site and the Montepuez Ruby Project. They also wanted to be able to use the benefits of IRM Newsroom.

When this project started, Mustang website used the standard IRM template which allows stages of the project to be fast tracked. IRM performed the migration and combined content from the Mustang old website and up-to-date website information. The website adapted the latest modern look and feel with IRM HQi tools and services. Once the site was completed and live we provided training on the content management system also known as IRM HQI.

We’re very happy with the Mustang Resources corporate website and you can view the site here.

Congratulations Mustang!

We are delighted with your new website and we think it’s an excellent resource for your investors. Thanks for the opportunity to work together on the project!

Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a new investor centre or corporate web site, get in touch with Nikki Harris at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Nikki via email: or phone: +61 2 8233 6168, or see for more detail.

Keywords for Newsroom

We’ve introduced Keywords for Newsroom so now you can set specific keywords and then tailor how announcements that use that keyword in their title will be released.

For example, you may wish to set a keyword named “Presentation”, and send any announcements that use the keyword to go directly to the presentations page of your website, a specific subscriber group and social media channels.

How can I add keywords to my Newsroom?

1. Navigate to your Newsroom module and click settings.


2. Click on “Manage Keywords” at the bottom right of the page.

Manage Keywords

3. Click the “Add Keyword” button at the top left of the page.

Add Keyword

4. Fill in the text of the keyword that you’d like to add.

Keyword Edit

5. Once you have added a keyword you now need to add a new distribution source type.

6. Click on “Distribution channels” and click the “Add” button next to Source Type.

Distribution Channels Source Type

7. Select “Create New Type” from the dropdown and name your type and select “Add”.

Create New Type

8. You’ll be taken to the next step where you’ll now be able to select the keywords that you added earlier. Simply find the keywords you want to add to this distribution and select “Add” to the right of them.

Select Keywords

9. Once you have added all of the keywords click “Continue” to move to the final part of the setup.

Continue to finish

10. You’ll now decide where you want announcements that use this keyword to go. To enable channels simply click yes next to them, use the tabs to move between the channels.  More notes on setting up distribution channels can be found here.


How does this look in Newsroom?

In your distribution channels you’ll see an additional type on the left with additional settings to the right of them, these settings will only be followed when this keyword is found within the announcement title.

Final Look

IRM Newsroom by the numbers

Investors want the news. Now.

Investors progress through their investor journey, moving from stranger to advocate, based on decisions triggered mainly by news. When you have news, get it to investors wherever they are – websites, emails, social media, news distribution channels. Do it immediately using IRM Newsroom.

The infographic below shows the impact of Newsroom so far!

We wanted to provide an insight to show just how robust our Newsroom system really is. Every day our software works hard to ensure your important ASX announcements (and other types of news and media) are distributed to your dedicated subscribers across multiple channels as quickly as possible.

Here’s five ways IRM Newsroom allows you to enhance your communication of news to investors:

  1. Do it Now. Immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels.
  2. Automated, or not. Choice of automated or one click authorise process to publish news, immediately, based on the type of announcement.
  3. Tailor the message. Simple editing features to change messaging for each announcement and news channel
  4. Choose distribution. Flexible options to change distribution channels per announcement
  5. Expand Reach. Ability to add extra feeds such as Boardroom Media, Proactive Investors etc

IRM Newsroom also manages your email subscribers list, right there from your website. It integrates with any website and particularly well with WordPress and IRM HQi.


IRM Newsroom


IRM Newsroom

Your investors want the latest information as soon as it’s published.

Our flexible and robust communication tools give you the ability to grow your stakeholder database while keeping them informed with your latest announcements.

Benefits of

IRM Newsroom

  • Immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels.
  • Choice of automated or one click authorise process to release announcements.
  • Simple editing features to change messaging per announcement.
  • Flexible options to change distribution channels per announcement.
  • Add extra news from your company blog and various third party news sources.

Newsroom by

The Numbers



companies using IRM Newsroom

irm newsroom







ASX Announcements delivered per month

asx announcements



emails sent every month


Enjoying IRM Newsroom is easier and cheaper than you think.

To find out more about how IRM Newsroom can save you time, contact Martin Spry at or phone: 02 8233 6168.

For even more information about IRM Newsroom, feel free to view our IRM Newsroom FAQ’s here.

IRM HQi 4.6 Release Notes

A new release of our software has already been rolled out to all of our test sites and will be added to all of our live sites over the next week.

There are some changes in this release that you’ll notice and they’re explained in a bit more detail below.

A brand new editor

We have upgraded the editor that we use within the CMS. The new editor improves some of the ways that you can add, edit and remove various content to your site. In the past, adding and editing content was sometimes a two step process that we have wanted to eliminate for a little while. Now, things like adding a pdf link or an image can be done right from the editor on the page that you’re editing without the need to switch back and forth.

New Editor – Adding and resizing images

Images can now be added directly within the editor. This used to be a two step process but now we’ve improved the editor to be able to add an image without having to upload this to another area of the CMS first.

You simply click the image icon in the editor and select the image that you’d like to add from there.


Another great feature is that you can change the size of the image right there and then, within the editor. To do this you simply click the image and drag the corners to the required size.


New Editor – Tables

You can now add tables in a really simple way through our new editor. After clicking Table, Insert Table, to the right of this you can draw the table that you’d like to add.


You can then also resize the table within the editor by dragging and dropping to corners of the columns and rows.

New look add/edit pages – colours per category

We’ve added new shading to highlight the page hierarchy in add/edit pages. Now you can easily see the difference between the pages and sub-pages of your site.

Find and replace tool

We have a new find and replace tool if you know you need to edit words in a few places but not sure exactly where on the site may contain them, this tool makes it easy to update.

Twitter – Cashtags automatically added to your twitter update

As part of our Newsroom product you can auto update your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter feed.

We’ve included the function to auto add your Cashtag. What’s a cashtag? Read more about those here.

ABN Newswire integration with Newsroom

We’re pleased to announce that we now also support integration from ABN Newswire within Newsroom.

This means that your ABN Newswire updates can feed into Newsroom and be shared to your website, subscriber groups and social media channels – just like other input types.

Tailored Email Alert Templates

Using IRM Newsroom you can now tailor your email alert templates per input type. If you’ve read about the investor journey on our blog or website you’ll understand that there are many different touchpoints that make a buying decision.

Date formats on list pages

The date format is now completely flexible. To edit this you can click on the settings icon in the CMS and change the display settings under Date Display Format.

You can use any method to separate the day, month and year such as a dash (dd-MM-yyyy), a full stop (dd.MM.yyyy) or a forward slash (dd/MM/yyyyy).



Email Template Previews

You can now preview all email templates by clicking the preview button in the top right of the page when you’re looking at an email alert.

Intro text on Showcases

In the past, showcase pages would simply display the content of your showcase. But these lists usually need some kind of introduction or preface. Now you can add this via HQi by clicking on the Showcase page and then editing the Intro Text in the General Settings area.

Archiving/deleting a page

This release sees the improvement of being able to archive a page. A little bit of houskeeping on our side and an update in the behind the scenes process now makes this easier than ever.

If you’re not using a page anymore you can archive it. This means you can restore it later if necessary. It’s only once a page is archived that you can delete it completely. Careful though, if you do it’s gone for good.

Changing banner images and banner text/links

In our new builds we’ll be using the below settings if we are adding banner images, with text and descriptions to internal pages of the site. This means that you’ll be able to edit the image, text heading and description via the content management system.

Please be aware you may need to know the image size before you change this to avoid distortion.



Introducing the brand new website for InterRisk Insurance

After IRM completed the re-branding and rebuild of the AUB Group website in late 2015 ( ), IRM were approached to do the same for their secondary company InterRisk. InterRisk offers complete broking and claims services for Australian and International Businesses.
The company is not listed on the ASX, but a new website was required as part of their brand refresh, and for their day-today customers to retrieve quotes and information on the business.
New designs were provided by InterRisk’s brand agency, these included a new navigation, a new logo, colour palette and graphics. IRM built the new website from the ground-up, incorporating the bold new design and new features.  The website was built with an extremely fast turn around of a few weeks.

InterRisk Insurance desktop and mobile site

The client was also provided with detailed hands-on training on how to amend the website content and structure through our HQi Content Management system so they can update the site accordingly if required. And not forgetting that IRM support staff are always on hand to help if there are questions along the way.

Congratulations to InterRisk on their new website! We invite you to have a look here.

Did you know that IRM can build your website, even if you have pre-existing designs? Want to know more? Get in contact today, contact Danny Hunt, Client Relations Manager, on T: +61 2 8233 6168 or via